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How can I use editorial content?

Images and Footage marked as "Editorial Use Only" are made for use in stories or articles about newsworthy events or items of public interest. This type of content can not be used for any kind of commercial purpose. These guidelines apply even if your organization is non-profit.

Editorial content can be used in:

  • News articles

  • Non-fiction books

  • Documentaries

  • Other newsworthy purposes

Editorial content can not be used in:

  • Advertisements

  • Merchandise

  • Product packaging

  • Any other commercial/promotional use 

Finding non-Editorial Images:
Just click "More" next to the search filters. Checking the "Editorial" or "Non-Editorial" box will filter images according to your needs.

Finding non-Editorial Footage:
First, you'll need to perform a search. On the search results page, you'll be able to click "Editorial" or "Non-editorial" in the menu on the left side of the screen. This will filter clips according to your needs.

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