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How can I see more images from the same artist?

When you find an image you love, it’s natural to want to see more from the artist. Shutterstock has a couple ways you can do this: 

Search Results Page
From the search results page, hover over the image thumbnail and click the “More from this artist” icon.

This will take you to the artist’s portfolio with filtered results using the same search term. From here, you can further refine your search or view the artist’s whole portfolio by clicking the “Images” tab label.

Image Detail Page
When viewing an image’s detail page, you can click the artist’s name, which is located just below the image preview. This will take you to the main page of the artist’s portfolio. From here, you can refine your search as needed.

You can also scroll down on an image’s detail page to see listings of similar images from the same artist or from other artists. Clicking on “See all” will take you to their portfolio.

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