How can I find stock content for television?

If you’re working on a video project for television, one tool that could help you make your story even better is to use stock footage. There are many different reasons why video editors and producers may need to use stock content on television. The key to making stock footage work for you is finding a good source of stock content and using it legally. If you don’t get the right licenses and permissions, you could end up in hot water. Here is some advice for finding and using stock footage for television projects.

The Basics of Stock Footage  
Stock content on television is any footage used in a video project that wasn’t shot during its production. This type of content is used in movies, television and more. Some examples of stock content include old news reports, clips from television shows or movies, video shots of cities and interviews. Editors and producers usually want to use stock footage if their shooting budget doesn’t allow for certain shots. In many cases, it’s much cheaper to consider stock content instead of putting time and money into hours of filming something for a quick clip. Even the biggest-budget television shows and movies are known to use stock content.

Public Domain Stock Footage
In some cases, you can obtain stock footage for free. Free stock content is usually considered part of the public domain. Public domain content doesn’t have any copyrights attached and is a great option for video and television projects with a limited budget. There are many different sources of public domain footage. But, you have to be careful when looking at a source online because some sites charge for public domain stock content. There are a variety of government agencies that allow site visitors to download free public domain footage.

Copyrighted Stock Footage
If you need a specific clip that isn’t in the public domain, chances are you’ll have to pay some sort of licensing fee. Other stock content is most likely copyrighted, and you’ll have to acquire permission or a license to use the footage in your project. There are numerous sources of high-quality stock footage online that video producers can use for projects. In most cases, you’re allowed to download a free sample to see how it fits with your project. If you decide you like the footage, you can purchase the license or rights to the content and get the full version for your video piece.
Using stock content for your next video project may be a great way to tell a compelling story. Shutterstock is your source for tips and tricks to getting the perfect stock footage clip that helps your project come together.

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