How can I change my Billing information?

Reviewing and editing your billing information can be done by visiting your Billing page. Make sure you are logged in to your Shutterstock account, navigate to My account page and you will see several categories in the menu on the left side of the page. 

Managing Payment Methods

Clicking on Billing will enable you to manage your payment methods and billing address. 

  • To add a payment method, select Add a Payment Method

  • To set a default payment method, open your payment option and select Make default payment method. All renewals will be processed with this payment method.

  • To delete a payment method, open your payment option and select Delete

Managing Billing Address

You can add a default Billing address for your purchase records. This address will be used in the assessment of tax. 

  • To add a billing address and your Tax Information, select Add billing address

  • To update your billing address and Tax Information, click Edit to the right of your address and modify your information. 

For additional information on Shutterstock Tax Collection in the US click here, for Shutterstock Tax Collection (non-US) purchases click here.
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