How To Install Shockwave Flash Plugin

Shockwave Flash plugin is a downloadable program that allows you to view interactive content on your web browser. It’s free and available to any internet user. It’s also easy to install, but you need to make sure you download it from the right source to avoid putting your computer at risk.

Shockwave Flash is frequently used to view online advertisements, business presentations and video for entertainment purposes. If you create content with Adobe Director, you can use the Shockwave Player to view your content.

Wondering how to install Shockwave Flash plug in? Follow these steps. 

Visit Adobe’s Website
To make sure you’re downloading a valid plugin and not a harmful file, go directly to Adobe’s website. Don’t download Shockwave from any other website. If you receive a pop-up on your computer or a website saying your version of Shockwave Flash is outdated and you need to update it, don’t click on it. There are many viruses posing as security or plugin updates, and they usually appear as pop-ups. 

Download Shockwave 
Once you’re at Adobe’s official website, type “Shockwave” into the search bar. Next, click on “Download Adobe Shockwave Player.” You’ll receive several installation options, so choose the one that matches your operating system and language preference. 

Follow Instructions 
Once you begin the Shockwave Flash downloading process, you’ll receive installation instructions. Follow the instructions until Shockwave is fully installed. You’ll most likely need to close out of all open applications and restart your computer to finalize the installation process. 

Enable Shockwave in Your Browser 
If you have problems downloading Shockwave Flash plug in, you may need to enable the Shockwave Player in your browser. Fortunately, Adobe makes it easy to do this by providing convenient links for enabling Shockwave in your browser. You can find these links directly on their download page for Internet Explorer and Firefox. 

Verify Installation 
Adobe makes it easy to verify that your Shockwave Player has been successfully installed. If the installation verification animation doesn’t appear after you complete all the installation steps, refresh your installation webpage until you see the animation. If you still have problems, adobe has online forums where you can get expert help and advice.
Start Enjoying Online Content Today 
With the help of Adobe Shockwave, you can start enjoying all sorts of interactive content online, including high-quality marketing images and videos. If you’re currently having problems viewing or using Shutterstock images and footage, make sure you have the latest version of Shockwave installed on your computer. 

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