How To Edit a Photoshop Action

Photoshop actions are powerful tools that can improve both the efficiency and quality of your image processing. By executing a specific set of commands in the right order, an action can give you reliable results with a single click. There are numerous actions integrated into the Photoshop software and more that you can download from various sources. You can edit a Photoshop action to make these it even more effective.

Reasons To Change an Action 
If an action is designed to give reliable results, why would you need to edit it? There could be several reasons. Maybe you want the action to resize an image to a different aspect. You may want to edit an action to add a step that first creates a backup file. Or, you could change the order of commands to achieve a better result.
Ways To Edit an Action
Actions in Photoshop are sorted into action sets, which are similar to file folders. You may want to make a copy of the action you are modifying and put it into a new folder so you can go back to the original if you need to.
To change an action, select the one you want in the Action panel. You'll see a list of all the steps in the action. You can drag steps up or down to change their order or move a step to the trash icon to delete it. If you want to add a step, you can use the Record function. Click Record, perform your commands, then click Stop Recording. You may add the new step to the beginning, middle, or end, or use the drag and drop option to move it to the right location. Holding down the Alt key while you drag a step to a new location will place a copy of the step there without moving the original.
How To Test the Modified Action
You can play your action to test it and make sure it's giving you the right results. If you want to see each command as it happens, you can use the Pause For or Step by Step commands. Step by Step includes a short stop between each task, while Pause For lets you select how long you want to wait between commands.
You can edit a Photoshop action to customize it, enabling you to get the exact results you want in a very efficient workflow. Take control of the process by adding steps, changing their order, or removing unnecessary tasks.

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