How To Create Shareable Content for Twitter

You probably already know that sharing images on social media platforms like Twitter is a fantastic way of creating engagement for your brand, but you may not know exactly how to go about it. That’s OK! Shutterstock Editor makes it easy for you to create customized, shareable Twitter images.
Start With a Preset Size or a Complete Template
To start from scratch with a canvas perfectly sized for Twitter, choose the Twitter Post preset. This will give you a 1,024-pixel by 512-pixel space to work with. The other Twitter preset option in Shutterstock’s design tool is Twitter Header, which you’d use to create a header on your own Twitter profile page. Make sure you’re working with the Post preset.
If you need a little more inspiration to get you started, scroll down the canvas toolbar (on the left side) and click on the Templates option. Select the Twitter Post size, and you’ll see some complete images that you can use as a starting point. Choose one you like and then change the details to fit your needs.
Incorporate Your Branding
Whether you decide to add a watermark, use your own background image, or include your company’s name in your design, be sure to incorporate your branding in some way. Doing this helps you in two ways. First, it connects the content with your brand in the viewer’s mind. Second, it creates a trail back to you if the image later gets shared without your original copy or caption.
Think Globally
When you use an image editor to create a social media post, be prepared for the fact that your image will likely be shared beyond your immediate circle of influence and local geographic area. With this idea in mind, review your text for clarity and detail. For example, for an event invite, copy like “this Saturday at 123 Main Street” isn’t detailed enough. Add the date (including the year), city, and state of your event.
Use Hashtags Wisely
Using hashtags is a great way to get your content noticed on Twitter, but there is an art to it. You may be tempted to turn every word of your caption into a hashtag, but that’s not a good approach. Look for keywords that make sense for your intended audience and turn those into hashtags. For example, if you’re promoting a live event, tag your city. If you’re advertising an online class, tag the topic. The key is relevance.
Be Personable
To be effective in using Twitter to spread your brand’s message, you have to remember that social media is called “social” for a reason. Don’t treat Twitter like a free press-release service – that’s not how it works. Twitter is an extended global conversation. Join in and reach out to accounts that interest you. Be human. Share others’ announcements and images, and they will likely reciprocate.
Shutterstock Editor is the design tool that can help you create memorable, shareable images for Twitter and other social media sites. Use your own images or license some of Shutterstock’s, and see what you can create today!

Note: Editor Basic users will always see a "Made with Shutterstock Editor" badge in the lower right of any designs shared to social media.

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