How To Create Pinnable Images With Shutterstock Editor

Pinterest is a visual marketer’s playground. It’s a fantastic source of inspiration in any category you can think of, and individuals and brands are curating and organizing ideas by all sorts of criteria, making it easy to get a feel for trends as they arise. It also gives you an audience that’s already thirsty for great visual content. To make the best of the unique opportunity Pinterest presents to you as a marketer, use Shutterstock’s design tool, Editor.
Begin With the Perfect Canvas
When you open Shutterstock Editor, you’ll see a canvas on the right of your screen and a menu called the canvas-level menu on the left. Navigate to the Preset Sizes icon (it looks like a standard cropping icon) and scroll down to select the Pinterest Post size. Your canvas will then be resized to 736 pixels by 1,128 pixels, the optimum size for Pinterest.
If you feel a little intimidated by a blank canvas, you’re not alone! This is a common creative problem. You can find customizable templates by scrolling down to the Templates option in the canvas-level menu and selecting Pinterest Post. Each element of the template is editable, so start with any one you like and start changing things around.
State Your Purpose
Some people use Pinterest as kind of a snapshot album, collecting images they like regardless of the original poster’s intent. Keep in mind, too, that each person who repins something to a board can change the text that goes with that pin, possibly obscuring the original message. To keep this from weakening your campaign, be sure to use an image editor to add text directly to your images.
Create a catchy, meaningful headline for your pin, and incorporate relevant keywords. For example, if you’re creating a Pinterest link to a how-to article you’ve written, use Editor’s text function to overlay the headline (or a condensed version of the headline) right on top of your background image. If your link is pointed at your company’s home page and you sell, for example, party supplies from a brick-and-mortar store in Anytown, Pennsylvania, include the keywords “party supplies,” “Anytown,” and “Pennsylvania” on your image and in the caption. You should also include your web address as text on the image.
Make It Pretty
Pinterest is, first and foremost, a way to organize visual ideas. If the pin you create is less than gorgeous, its chances of being repinned are very small, no matter how good your product or service is. But if you create a beautiful pin, it may be pinned, shared, and repinned by people who don’t fit your customer profile but just like the look of the pin. That’s fine, and it’s good for your business. The more impressions your image gets, the better chance it has of getting in front of your ideal customer. A collection of beautiful pins may also help you develop a following and become an influencer in your category.
Shutterstock Editor has everything you need to create beautiful, shareable pins on Pinterest and other social media platforms. Whether you license some of Shutterstock’s breathtaking images or upload your own for free, Editor can help you create professional-quality social media postings and visual marketing images.

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