Editing EPS vector Images

Here are some tips and tricks that can help with editing vector files:
Clipping paths:
Clipping paths are available on some, but not all, vector images. In most cases an image’s description above the preview image will state if the clipping path is available.
To release clipping paths: Click on the graphic on the artboard, right click, and it will say, “Release Clipping Mask.”
To change the color mode: Go to File>Document Color Mode, select CMYK Color or RGB Color.
To change color: Go to Window>Color to display the Color Palette; then, using the Selection Tool, click on an element and choose different colors from the palette.
To see layers: If you open a vector file in Adobe Illustrator and do not see layers, please go to the "Layer" window and unlock any "locked" layer(s).
To un-group objects: If you can't edit an object without editing others, those objects are probably grouped. Using the Selection Tool, click on the object and right click/Ctrl click to Object/Ungroup or Group
If you need more help on using vectors, visit the Adobe Illustrator support page.

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