Downloading your design to Dropbox

When you create an awesome design, one of the first things you probably want to do is share it with people you know. Sure, you can do this via social media or email, but when you use the Shutterstock image editor, you can easily share designs by using Dropbox. Dropbox allows you to download and upload hi-res versions of your work, making it the best option when quality is of the utmost importance. To earn how to effectively utilize Dropbox for easy image sharing, consider the following tips.
1. Create, name and save your work
Before you can download or upload your designs to Dropbox, you have to create using the image editor canvas, and then name and save your work. With millions of photos, vectors, and illustrations to choose from—not to mention design resources such as filters and shape creators—creating a design is easy. You can name whatever design you create by navigating to the top menu and clicking the field at the right that says “Untitled design.” Once you have done this, you can rename your work, and navigate to the File dropdown menu and select Save As.
2. Choose the right plan for your needs
Once you have created, named, and saved your work, you will have a number of options for proceeding. You can search for and add Shutterstock images to your design, then seamlessly license them when ready. The plans include simple pricing and straightforward benefits, so you can know exactly what you are getting.
3. Download and upload
Selecting a plan will allow you to download or upload your design to whichever platform you choose. In addition to social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, you can save your designs to Dropbox, too. Saving to Dropbox gives you the freedom to choose your image’s resolution and file format. Once you have made your specifications, you can download the design, log in to your Dropbox account, and share the creations you have made in the Shutterstock graphic design tool. Dropbox also gives you the ability to both download and upload designs so you never need to worry about accessibility.
4. Share with your audience
The best part of creating a design with the graphic design tool is proudly sharing it with your family, friends, or whatever other audience you have in mind. Utilizing Dropbox makes it easier than ever to do this, because it allows you to upload designs that are available for others to download. If you want to share a hi-resolution version of your work, for example, you can save it to Dropbox send a link your audience where they can download it. This freedom lets you maximize the accessibility of your work or simply share it with a select few people.
No matter what your plans are, Dropbox and Shutterstock offer all the resources you need to achieve them.

Note: Saving designs to Dropbox and Google Drive is available only to Editor Pro users.

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