Downloading Your New Design To Google Drive

One of the great things about Shutterstock Editor is the ease with which you can save, share, and export your finished designs. It can be hard to save designs created in a conventional image editor; there are matters of file compatibility and other constraints to worry about. Anyone working as part of a team developing coordinated design projects has to spend a lot of time creating and managing easy methods of file sharing and online collaboration. Simply setting up a system can take a long time, and even after it’s “done” the system may take weeks or even months to perfect.
Shutterstock Editor is an online design app that lets you easily share your design with friends, family, coworkers, and fellow designers. We have included a Share feature in our app that lets you instantly export your finished or in-progress design to many different popular destinations, including Google Drive. This online storage folder is an ideal tool for many applications, including personal and collaborative design projects.
Saving to Your Google Account
Google Drive is a convenient storage solution that is included with any Gmail account. Signing up takes only minutes and can be done through Google’s home page. You receive a generous amount of free storage that can be used to organize documents, spreadsheets, photos, design projects, video files, audio files, and much more.
For convenience, it is best to have already logged into your Google or Gmail account in another tab or window. Next, click the Share button inside of Editor and select the option to share to Google Drive (you may be prompted to verify your password). Simply click the buttons on the generated prompts and your file will appear inside your Google Drive account in just a few seconds. Large files may take a few moments to fully upload, so avoid closing the window or tabs during this process.
Once a file is present in Drive, it can be emailed to friends or co-workers, downloaded to a home or work computer, or uploaded again to Editor as a single image that can be further manipulated and changed with the app’s own tools.
Saving Your Image In Editor
Editor gives you the freedom of saving your in-progress work within Editor when you log in with your Shutterstock account. While both Shutterstock Editor and Shutterstock user accounts are free to use, download credits will need to be purchased before they can be saved. Once you’ve saved your finished designs to your computer, you can upload them to:

  • Your personal Facebook account

  • Your branded Twitter account

  • A personal or company blog

  • A personal photo album

  • Any website you manage

Purchasing a bundle of credits is the most cost-effective way of ensuring that everything will proceed smoothly. Your download credits can also be used for the sharing function found in Editor. To explore this option, select the Share button found on the right side of the menu across the top of the app. As you can see, your finished design can also be sent directly to the cloud storage associated your Google user account.
Sharing your images is a fast and easy way of improving collaboration and streamlining communication between team members. Try experimenting with these features today.

Note: Saving designs to Dropbox and Google Drive is available only to Editor Pro users.

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