Downloading Your Design

The Shutterstock image editor opens up a world of design possibilities. You can create nearly any design and draw from a library that contains millions of photos, vectors, and illustrations. All of these options are part of the reason Shutterstock editor is the graphic design tool of choice for design professionals and hobbyists alike. Another reason to love it is the convenience of its basic functions, like your ability to easily download your work.
1. Save and name your work first
The first step to exporting your graphic is to save and name it. Much like downloading, this is a simple maneuver, and it can be completed by first navigating to the top menu. From the top menu, you can select the drop down menu titled File and select Save As. Enter the name of the design, save, and the image editor will then store the graphic in your Designs panel. If you want to retrieve and download prior designs, making sure that they get saved like this is essential. The Designs panel offers a convenient and accessible cache of all the designs you’ve created in the Shutterstock image editor.
2. Navigate to the download option
Now that you have given your work a name and ensured that it is saved in the Designs panel, you are ready to download it and display it wherever you like. To do so, you should navigate to the upper right hand corner of the editor and click the red Download link. If you decide you want to keep working on it before downloading your work, you can easily click the X at the top right corner of the dialogue box, and you will be directed back to the canvas.
3. Choose the plan that’s right for you
If you decide to proceed with the download, you will have the option of choosing a Shutterstock plan that is right for your needs. If you utilize any of the millions of photos and illustrations offered in the Shutterstock library, you will be able to view plans and price options for licensing and downloading the work. Once you complete this step, you will be able to download the graphics you’ve created.
4. Download, share, and enjoy!
Downloading is the key to unleashing the full potential of your work. When you take your designs from the canvas to your computer, you can upload them to social media, use them on your web site or enjoy any number of uses that great graphic design offers. With versatile tools and a range of plans available, the Shutterstock editor is the tool you need for all of your graphic design projects. Envision, create, design, and download to see what you can make with Shutterstock!

Note: Editor Basic users can download 2 designs monthly, after which any additional designs will include a "Made with Shutterstock Editor" badge in the lower right corner. Allotment resets 30 days after the initial unbadged download.

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