Does Shutterstock offer reverse image search?

At its core, Shutterstock is a tech company. In our continued effort to innovate and create a better customer experience, we've introduced reverse image search to help you find the perfect image faster. 

Reverse Image Search
Our team worked tirelessly to build computer logic that could use pixels to identify image content and find similar images. Simply click the camera icon in the image search bar, upload an image that fits within the criteria listed, and the system will return a list of visually similar images. This technology is not based on keywords or metatags; it “sees” the image and dynamically searches for others that are similar.

The reverse image search tool accepts images up to 5mb and up to 4000px on each side. If your image is a bit too large, you can reduce the image using this online tool. To learn more about image sizes and resolution, check out this article.

Shutterstock uses your uploaded content solely for the purpose of analyzing your content through the reverse image search tool and to make similar image recommendations to you. Shutterstock will not sell, license or distribute content uploaded by you for purposes of reverse image search.

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