Do JPEG images have clipping paths?

A JPEG does have the capability of having a clipping path associated with the file. Many contributors submit jpeg images that have clipping paths.

To use this clipping path, download the Large size of the image. The Large size is the original file, which is the only one that would maintain the clipping path in the file. Open the file in Photoshop, find the Path menu, and you should see and be able to use the included path.

If you don’t see a path included, here’s what could be happening:

  • Make sure you’re using Photoshop; this is in industry standard for advanced photo editing
  • ​Be sure that you downloaded the Large size from Shutterstock’s site
  • Sometimes, the original submission or download process can corrupt a file and strip the path away from the file. If this is the case, unfortunately there’s no way to recover it.
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