Can I use Images on products ordered on demand?

With over 2 million royalty-free images, music tracks and stock video clips, the Shutterstock website truly has just what everyone is looking for.  For most, the hardest part is that there are so many beautiful, creative and unique options on the website that is simply difficult to stop looking and make a selection.
Image Usage Rights
Once our customers have figured out a way to narrow down their favorite images to only the ones they plan to purchase, the next step should always be to consider how they plan to use those images. Shutterstock offers varying levels of licensing and with each level, different options and usages are allowed.  When customers intend to use an image for commercial use, they should opt for an Enhanced License instead of the default Standard License.
Editorial Use Only
Another consideration when selecting photos for purchase it that some available images will be labeled as “Editorial Use Only”. This means that these images cannot be licensed for commercial purposes. Instead, they may only be used to illustrate news-related stories. This stipulation means that the image cannot be used on most websites unless they are strictly news sites.
Commercial Use Defined
The easiest way to explain commercial use is that it is anything that helps to promote or sell a product or concept. Some examples of commercial use include websites, billboards, brochures, social media advertisements and television commercials. Images that are placed on products that are sold on demand, such as shirts and publications are also considered as commercial use.
The Right License
Because Shutterstock has several types of licenses, we encourage our customers to review the permissions granted with each type of license to ensure they purchase the correct type. Our at-a-glance Shutterstock license comparison chart is easy to understand and may help our customers find exactly what they are looking for. For instance, customers who are interested in using an image in books in fewer than 500K books, advertising posters or magazines will quickly find that the Standard license will work well for them. Customers who are needing to use images in promotional distribution or merchandise will also see that the Enhanced license is the one they need to purchase.
And if there is ever a need to get into the fine print, or the nitty-gritty of Shutterstock legalities, our customers are always welcome to peruse our Terms of Service for more answers. Our friendly customer service associates are always available as well, both over email and telephone, 24/7, so don’t hesitate to reach out for answers to any of your Shutterstock questions.

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