Can I use Images on my packaging?

There are many reasons Shutterstock customers visit our website, browse millions of stunning, royalty-free images and eventually narrow their group of favorites down to the images they are ready to purchase for download.
Personal Use
Many of our customers begin this process simply because they are looking for images that help to express what they are feeling, tell something about their personality or interest, or simply want to make a print for their home or apartment that they will love looking at each day. All of the images on Shutterstock are set for the default standard license, which should be perfect for those who are downloading photos for personal use.
Digital Use
Other customers come to the Shutterstock website because they need to find images for digital use. This means they are looking for an image or a set of images to use on a website, in a mobile app or ebook or in a software application. Once again, the Shutterstock Standard license allows for unlimited use of images in digital use.

Print Use
Though photos purchased for personal or digital use can be used an unlimited number of times, customers who purchase images with the intention of using them on posters or in books or magazines should take time to review how many times they will need to use the image. The Shutterstock Standard License allows the image to be used up to 500,000 times.  Those who are planning to use the image more than that should make sure they forgo the default standard license and instead purchase the image with a Shutterstock Enhanced License.
Out-of-Home Advertising Use 
There is also a limit of up to 500,000 gross impressions when Shutterstock images are used on any type of out-of-home advertising. Keep in mind – this number is counting the views, not the viewers.  This type of advertising can be classified as billboards, subway ads, and things like tradeshow and conference signage. In order to get the legal right to use images for an unlimited number of views, customers should once again be sure to purchase the image with a Shutterstock Enhanced License.
Commercial Use
Customers who plan to use stock photos for commercial use such as incorporation into a product, product packaging, or in a service or ad campaign need to make sure the image qualifies for commercial use. To do this, customers can simply click on the preview thumbnail of a photo If the words “Editorial Use Only”. These are photos which cannot be used for any commercial use.

Making sure to purchase the Shutterstock Enhanced License on images that can be used for commercial use entitles our customers to use them for almost any commercial use.  For complete license information, please view our Terms of Service. 

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