Can I use Images on Facebook and other social sites?

Many of our Shutterstock customers visit our website already knowing how and where they intend to use their purchases. It is important, however, to understand our policies with regards to photo downloads to ensure the photos are being used correctly.
Social Media Usage 
Most forms of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs and newsletters typically ask users to agree to their respective Terms of Service. These terms usually state that images uploaded to the social media sites may be published globally and in perpetuity.  Our standard Shutterstock does allow for this.
What’s Not Allowed
There are several things that are not allowed when using Shutterstock images on social media.  These include:
  • Using Shutterstock content on any website that claims to own the content.
  • Displaying Shutterstock images at a greater size than a device’s intended resolution.
  • Using Shutterstock content in any way that is contradictory to the terms stated in the Shutterstock Terms of Service.
How to Share on Social Media
Once you have purchased and downloaded images from Shutterstock, you can decide where to store them.  Some customers have a dedicated folder on their desktop while others prefer to keep images on a hard drive. All you need to know, in order to share the image on a social media site is where you stored it!  Then it is as simple as clicking on the “insert photo” option on the website and selecting the photo from where you stored it.
Image Quality Considerations
Because you want your Shutterstock photos to look their best, it is important to keep image quality in mind when sharing via social media.  Basically, making a photo larger than the original download size results in graininess and fuzziness. A better option is to log back into your Shutterstock account. Once there, you’ll need to find the image thumbnail in your license history, then click on that to get to the image’s detail page. From here, you will be able to download a larger image size at no additional cost. 
Available Image Sizes
Each of our Shutterstock images can be downloaded in a small, medium or large file size. The original file size that came from the contributor is the large size (L). We recommend downloading this size of file for large prints or digital use. The Medium file size (M) is recommended for smaller prints and can also be used digitally while the Small size (S) is only recommended for digital use and has the shortest download time. We generally recommend downloading the large size file and then rescaling it to a smaller size when needed.

At Shutterstock, we want you to fully enjoy sharing the images purchased from our site. We also like to think the images will get rave reviews when appropriately shared on social media websites.

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