Can I use images for web or print templates?

The Shutterstock Enhanced License allows you to use images for both print and digital template products as long as the image is inaccessible on its own. For examples, see the detailed descriptions below. This type of use is not allowed with our Standard License.

Note that redistribution of images is prohibited by the Shutterstock license. If you're the licensed user of an image (the owner of a template maker, for example), giving your clients access to the original image files used in a template is not allowed. The images must be protected so they can't be repurposed/reused by clients.

Digital and Web Templates
Images may be incorporated into digital template services, such as those for making and selling website designs, e-cards, etc. Users can browse the images and download their final product, but the original image must be inaccessible on its own. For example, a mobile ad creation tool that exports a flattened image with the Shutterstock image incorporated.

Print Templates
Images may be incorporated into print template services, such as flyer/brochure, wedding invitation, and business card creation tools. As with digital templates, the original image should not be accessible to end users. For example, if a flyer is the final product, the Shutterstock image should be part of a flattened PDF.

For both types of template uses: if a customer can extract the original image the final product, this violates the Shutterstock license. For example, an original Shutterstock image should not be packaged with a downloadable or zipped file.

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