Can I use images for web or print templates?

When incorporating Shutterstock images into your web or print templates, be sure to select our Enhanced License. The Enhanced License comes with other perks as well, like unlimited print runs and very strong legal indemnification. Please click here for comprehensive information on our Enhanced License.

What are templates?

When you prepare a creative project with Shutterstock images and make that project available to your customers to further customize, you’ve just created a template. A template is a design intended to be sold to multiple parties who would then modify it for their specific use. If you intend to use images within a template, you’ll need to obtain these Shutterstock images with an Enhanced License.

As an example, if your project is to create a single website for a dentist’s office, the images you use for that website require the Standard License for unlimited web use. If you create a project for several dentist’s offices to customize their own websites based on your pre-set page designs, this would be considered template use, and require that you license under the Enhanced License.

Any time you plan for your finished creative design to be customized by others down the road, think Enhanced License. It is also important to know that the transferring of images is prohibited by the Shutterstock license. If you're the licensed user of an image used within a template, giving your clients access to the original image files is not permitted.

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