Can I sell products with Shutterstock Images on them?

Purchasing from Shutterstock’s supply of over 212 million royalty-free images enables our customers to own the rights to these photos. Some customers choose to purchase simply because they love our vast selection of photos and intend to make prints to hang in either a home or business location. Other customers purchase our stock photos to use for a business-related reason, whether they are to be included in print advertising, on a web page or as part of a company video. But what about customers who are interested in selling products that have a Shutterstock image on them?
Shutterstock’s Standard License
A Shutterstock standard license is the default option for all available images. With this option, once you purchase a print, you own it and can redownload it at any time. You can use it on websites, in software, in mobile apps and even in e-books. There are, however, limits of up to 500,000 when you use the image in print runs such as magazines, posters and books.  The standard license even allows the image to be used on out-of-home advertising with the same 500,000 limit. However, a standard license does not allow for use of the image with any merchandise.
Shutterstock’s Enhanced License
When customers purchase an image with an enhanced license, they can use the image an unlimited number of times whether digitally, in print runs, in out-of-home advertising, on TV, online video or film.  Additionally, they gain the right to sell products with Shutterstock images on even give those products away as promotional products. There are no limits on the number of times you can use the image. Some Shutterstock customers who have purchased this type of license have used the image on:
  • Calendars
  • T-shirts
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Hats
  • Posters that include some type of graphic/design element along with the purchased image.
Shutterstock Pricing Plans

If you are searching for just a few images, music tracks or video footage clips, there is a Shutterstock pricing plan that is sure to work for you. And if you need to download a lot from our amazing stock, we have plans for that too.  Download as few as 2 images and as many as 750 images per month. Our value-priced plans and prepaid image packs mean that every customer can find exactly the right option. We also offer plans for multiple users to share, so that your team can collaborate easily while enjoying the additional benefit of our Shutterstock Editor Pro tool.  Take a look at our easy options today and find out why so many love what Shutterstock has to offer.

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Check out our Enhanced License plans, which expand usage rights from our Standard License.
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