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Can I edit the content I license?

Shutterstock content is great for bringing your projects to life. Learn about how you can edit and incorporate content into your work:

Images and Vectors
Both images and vectors can be edited extensively, with few limits on the edits made. Two important limitations do exist:

  • Images market “Editorial Use Only” may be edited only in minor ways, and should not alter the content represented in a significant way. For example, an image of a celebrity may be cropped, but it should not impact how the subject is represented in the image.
  • Vectors can be edited extensively and used within your creative projects. However, Shutterstock’s Standard and Enhanced Licenses do not allow images to be used as trademarks or logos - this includes incorporating elements of a vector as a part of a logo. Use of images as a logo (or part of a logo) requires an exclusive license.

Footage clips can be incorporated into video productions in any way, shape or form.

You can make basic edits to music, such a starts/stops, fades, etc., but mashups, remixes, and incorporation into other songs is not permitted.


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