What Is 4K Resolution in Video Cameras?

Also known as Ultra High Definition or Ultra HD, 4K video offers a huge increase in pixels over the previous HD standard. While HD video uses 1920 x 1080 pixels, 4K video offers a spectacular 4096 x 2160 pixels. That’s almost four times the color information available! Are 4K video cameras worth it?

Advantages of 4K Video Compared to HD 1080p

Professional video cameras capable of shooting in 4K video often carry a significant price tag compared to 1080p models. Here’s why they’re worth every penny:

  • Extreme clarity: Ultra HD video is amazingly clear, with precise lines and lush color. Each frame of video looks like photographic art.

  • Greater display size: Films shot at 1080p are beautiful on computer screens and televisions up to approximately 65 inches. Beyond that size, the audience may notice pixelation or grainy areas. In contrast, 4K video looks gorgeous even on the largest screens, making the home cinema experience more incredible.

  • More visual detail: Even at smaller screen sizes, 4K films highlight rich colors and details that other settings can’t compare to. Ultra HD brings a jaw-dropping total of over 8,500,000 pixels! This sizable amount of color information means expressive shadows, subtle contrasts and especially vibrant hues.

Other Important Factors To Consider

Before purchasing a video camera that advertises 4K video recording, it’s important to check the fine print to make sure it fits your needs.

  • FPS: For Hollywood-quality video, you need to record at a minimum of 24 frames per second. Make sure that video cameras can hit 24 fps at 4K, not just at 1080p.

  • File size: If you switch from shooting in 1080p resolution to 4K, you should know that video files will increase exponentially. Arrive on set equipped with numerous memory cards or an external hard drive.

Enjoy Picture-Perfect 4K Video Anytime

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