From ideation and storyboarding, to talent casting and creative consultation—we’ve got you covered. Using data-driven insights, we have an edge in creating high-performing, quality content at scale.


Blending our tech solutions with the human touch of a dedicated Producer, our mission is to provide white glove service with exceptional deliverables tailored to your needs.


With experts working 24/7 and over 1 million contributors across the world, we specialize in capturing cultural nuances and aesthetics, speaking to every market with authenticity.



We worked with GMC’s agency of record to produce visuals of their latest line of vehicles in vast and rugged landscapes. Production took place in picturesque locations all across Canada. Case study coming soon.

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White Claw

The number one selling hard seltzer took the F&B world by storm in 2020. To stay competitive as more established brands tried to emulate that success, they tapped Shutterstock Studios to create content for their latest 360 campaign.

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NAD Electronics

A global leader in high-fidelity audio, NAD was seeking to target 84 different audiences around the world. Rather than invest in sending video production teams to each geographic market, they leveraged Shutterstock’s global contributor community.



A charity that focuses on helping children, UnLtd needed visuals featuring minors to help advertise the work they do. Shutterstock Studios was able to obtain licensing rights and multiply their library of evergreen content by a factor of 10, creating incredible efficiencies for future campaigns.

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OCBC Bank, the longest-running bank in Singapore, needed to highlight its presence in China. Unable to send their team due to the pandemic, they relied on Shutterstock for on-site photography—organizing all aspects of the shoot and creating highly localized, custom visuals.

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