Shutterstock partners with companies around the world to help you work smarter.


The Shutterstock API helps power Facebook’s native ad creation platform, allowing businesses on Facebook to add professional images to their ads at no additional cost.


Google selected Shutterstock's API to test high-quality imagery paired with text across their ad products. Google recognizes the growing importance of visuals in digital advertising.


Shutterstock has an integration with Microsoft PowerPoint, where users can try images in their decks for free, browse the image collection, and insert images directly into their slides.


Amazon is making it easy for shoppers to pick the perfect wall art for their space. By teaming with Shutterstock, Amazon has created a storefront with thousands of professional images in various categories, ready to be customized and printed right through the Amazon platform.


Through an integration with Shutterstock, Wix can give its users access to a premium library of images as they're building the websites in their editor tool. SMBs and Enterprises alike can search, preview, and license professional images for their websites without leaving the Wix editor and looking for images elsewhere.


Snapchat uses the Shutterstock API for their Sponsored Filters. Using an internal-facing integration, Snapchat's in-house team can now design custom filters for branded campaigns using hi-res, professional images from Shutterstock.


Customers choose Salesforce Social Studio to centralize their social media activity and connect social to their marketing, sales and service efforts. Marketers can log into their existing Shutterstock accounts within Social Studio to seamlessly add images to their posts.


Through an integration with Shuttestock, Constant Contact gives its users access to high-performing, professional images so that they can create compelling and effective email campaigns.


CafePress, a leading online retailer of user-customized merchandise, allows its shoppers to customize their products - be it a t-shirt, mug, hat, and so on - with professional images via the Bigstock API.


With access to the Shutterstock Collection, is able to curate themed images for various products on their site. Customers can customize their framed prints, canvases, and other products with beautiful Shutterstock photos. then handles the fulfillment.


Zazzle uses hi-res images from Bigstock to offer trendy merchandise for its customers through its retail site. From customized invitations and phone cases, to patterned clothing and holiday-themed offerings — Bigstock provides Zazzle with relevant content that can fit all shopping occasions throughout the year.


Moovly, a video creation tool, allows users to create and customize compelling animated content. The integration of Shutterstock’s API empowers users to quickly and easily search and license millions of images, video, and music tracks, without leaving the Moovly Studio platform.
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Through Percolate’s integration of the Shutterstock API, each Percolate customer gets automatic access to a certain amount of Shutterstock images per month to facilitate the creation of multi-channel marketing campaigns.


Using the Shutterstock API, PR Newswire has automated the image recommendation feature, allowing their publishers to add images that are relevant to their press releases. PR Newswire scans the uploaded release for dominant keywords and conducts a search with the API on behalf of the user, delivering smart recommendations for publishers.


HubSpot customers can access over 50,000 high-quality images directly within HubSpot's File Manager for use across the HubSpot ecosystem.


With the Shutterstock API, Biteable offers access to over 80,000 premium footage clips as part of their video creation platform. These clips are available at no additional fee to the end user.


AOL writers and editors can search, preview, and license Shutterstock images directly within AOL’s internal content management system.

With a native API integration into Stackadapt's ad builder, Shutterstock is giving Stackadapt users (large brands) access to premium content to help them accelerate customer engagement and acquisition.