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Exterior of yurt in trees daytime
The interior of a Mongolian ger yurt.
traditional yurt housing in Uzbekistan
Isolated yurt. Ancient dwelling of a nomad. Traditional ornaments of ancient nomads.
Yurt with snow with trees in winter
A YURT on a wooden deck in a forest camp ground.
Beautiful mountain landscape with the white Yurt, decorated with a red ornament, Kyrgyzstan.
Traditional Mongolian Yurt. This type of shelter is often used as holiday accommodation in Europe
Traditional Yurts (gers) tent home of Mongolian nomads
Traditional yurt in the Alaj valley with the Transalai mountains in the background. The Pamir Mountains. Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan
Fairy Stone State Park / Virginia - May 17, 2019: The rustic strong-back tent accommodation known as a yurt in Fairy Stone State Park, Virginia.
Yurts in the Altai Mountains
Kyrgyz yurts on the Nomadic World Show during the 2019 King Abdulaziz Camel Festival
Sunset over Mongolian valley
cozy yurt camping interior with fireplace inside. Authentic glamping territory.
Interior Of Empty Holiday Yurt
Yurt at sunrise
Kazakh house yurt. Vector.
Yurt icon. Trendy Yurt logo concept on white background from sauna collection. Suitable for use on web apps, mobile apps and print media.
Yurt vector icon isolated on transparent background, Yurt logo concept
Mongolian Yurt in the snow mountain
The image of Kazakh and Kyrgyz and Mongolian yurts, the nomadic house of Asian peoples
Yurt. National ancient house of the peoples of Kazakhstan and Asian countries. National Housing. Yurts on the background of a green meadow and highlands.
TURKESTAN, KAZAKHSTAN - AUGUST 29, 2015: Interior of a nomadic yurt in the city of Turkestan, in Kazakhstan.
Yurt icon vector isolated on white background, Yurt transparent sign , line or linear sign, element design in outline style
Beautiful yurt camps at Lake Song Kol, Kyrgyzstan
Ethnic nomadic house yurt interior with table of national food at Nauryz celebration
Glamping and Camping Types. Vector Line Icon Set.
Yurts by the Song Kol Lake, Kyrgystan
Yurt is a traditional Buryat and Mongolian dwelling. On the shore of Lake Baikal. Siberia, Russia.
Yurt of nomads Illustration Icon Mongolian tent.
Vector illustration. Yurt-a traditional dwelling of nomads, a mobile home, with a set of ornaments
Sketch on the topic of life in Central Asia, vector illustration
yurt in central idaho during sunrise
Glamping on the Pacific coast in an ecologically clean place in Russia. Kamchatka. Selective focus
Ethnic nomad yurt Central Asia vector illustration
Nomad yurt in the mountain valley of Central Asia
Group Of Mature Female Friends Walking Along Path Through Yurt Campsite
mongolian ger under the milkyway
3 yurts in clearing on a sunny day
Sati, Kazakhstan – September 07, 2016: Kazakh men putting up a yurt, Sati village, Tien Shan Mountains, Kazakhstan
Sketch on the topic of life in Central Asia, nomads life, yurts in the mountains, yurts in vector
White yurts in the Altai mountains, large panorama
Outoor lifestyle in a yurt
stupa of stone with prying flag, and some yurt  in the grassland of Mongolia
The interior of a Mongolian yurt.
Yurt of nomads Portable frame dwelling with door Mongolian tent covering building icon black color vector illustration flat style image icon black color
Two chairs by a campsite fire pit looking out across a sunrise with multiple yurts visible in the distance.
The landscape of  meadow steppe of the Wulanbutong.The Wulanbutong  grassland of summer.
Traditional buildings of different countries set, houses from around the world vector Illustrations on a white background
Teepee in the forest at night. A lighted teepee in a dark forest. National Indian housing. Winter overnight in the forest. Fire near the home of the Indians. Yurt, trees and moon.The light in the tent
Fairbanks, AK / USA - 01/03/2018: Alaskan Yurt
Yurt or ger in winter at mongolia
Mongolian yurt called a ger on grassy steppe of northern Mongolia

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Yurts/tents at sunset at coastline/ocean in Big Sur, California
Yurt icon. Trendy Yurt logo concept on white background from sauna collection. Suitable for use on web apps, mobile apps and print media.
Under the bright Milky Way, Mongolia yurts on the grassland are scattered.
Traditional Yurt interior. Glamping with fire place for rest and company.
Asian steppe yurt. Mongolian ger. Vector.
Glamping camping site with yurt and tepees at a British summer music festival. Glamorous camp sites like this have become increasingly popular around the United Kingdom.
Anatomy of a yurt in aconometric projection. The figure shows all the details, frames, ropes, yurt belts. Made strictly according to the drawing.
Painting: oil, canvas. Nomad near the yurt against the backdrop of a mountain village in Kazakhstan. Author: Nikolay Sivenkov.
ALMATY, KAZAKHSTAN - JUNE 10: Interior of the yurt, nomadic movable house typical of central Asia. July 2016
Set of 4 flat traditional houses line art of different nations Canada Siberia Asia North America calling wigwam yurt igloo yaranga isolated on white background/ vector eps 8
Beautiful and colored yurt (Mongolia, Asia)
Yurt of nomads.
Cabin and Tent line icons
Yurt in the summer pasture, vector illustration landscape
Yurt camp in Kyzylkum desert, Uzbekistan
A traditional Yurt in Kyrgyzstan
Traditional carpet, rug and pillow treatment details in the interior of a nomadic yurt
View of Mongolia. Yurts (gers) traditional Mongolian dwellings in Mongolian steppe. Mountains on background. Travel sketch. Brush pen graphic art. Hand drawn vintage book illustration, postcard. Vector
Kazakh, Kyrgyz and Mongolian yurt vector flat icon, nomadic house of Asian peoples
Vector Yurt Cartoon Illustration. House of Asian nomads. Mongolia home. Roof Hill. Historical Islamic warm housing. Kyrgyzstan tent. Kazakhstan building. Isolated on white background
Traditional buildings and small houses of world different nations. Vector yurt and wigwam, tribal tepee and different shelter illustration
Yurt. National ancient home of Asian countries. National housing. Yurts on the background of a green meadow and mountains. View of the nomads' yurts. Traditional yurts
Dry Mongolian landscapes in the Altai Mountains, wide landscape
Stars over a nomadic yurt at lake Songkul, Kyrgystan 2018
Yurt in the spring pasture, vector illustration landscape
Illuminated yurt in twilight by Song Kul lake, Kyrgyzstan
Yurt/tent under starlit sky in the woods, Big Sur, California
White Yurt, housing of Kazakh nomadic tribes isolated on white background
Mountain landscape with yurts, meadow, trees, nomad life, summer pasture vector illustration
Traditional Mongolian Yurta in Orkhon region mountains landscape
Central Asia's Nomadic Scene with Yurts, Mountains, summer landscape and riders Kyrgyz National competition Kok-Boru vector illustration
Mongolian yurts on green steppes background.
Yurt is a circular tent of felt or skins on a collapsible framework, used by nomads in Mongolia, Siberia, and Turkey.
goats around a yurt in Western Mongolia
Shanyrak is a wooden crown of a yurt. The yurt is a portable, curved residential building traditionally used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia as a home.
Mongolian Yurt icon vector Illustration isolated on white background.
Kazakh yurt in the city
A Luxury Yurt in the forest close to National Park Torres del Paine
Mongol Empire. The capital of the Golden Horde - Sarai Batu.Traditional mongolian Dwelling-yurt. (Reconstruction)
Set of yurts in the spring pasture, vector illustration landscape
Cross Country Skiing Near Lander Wyoming to Yurt
Homes from the world
Glamping accomodation line icon set with native indian tepee and treehouse, villa and yurt, lodges and huts. Flat line style glamping travel collection. Vector illustration.
Stylized image of white yurt on a light grey background. Vector illustration.
Tourist Yurt Camp at Song Kol Lake, Central Kyryzstan
Utah, United States-October 18, 2021:  Off-grid yurt interior with dome and loft.  Light shining through yurt dome with architectural details.
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