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World War 1: Battle of Verdun. French soldiers crawling through their own barbed wire entanglements as they begin an attack on enemy trenches. April-June, 1916.
British World War 1 soldiers in a front Line trench. 1915-18.
World War One Soldiers Silhouettes Below Cloudy Skyline At Dusk or Dawn
British WW1 machine gun crew in a front line trench. 1914-18.
World War 1. Somme Offensive. Scottish Highland regiment advancing under fire during the taking of Longueval, July 28, 1916. The Battle for Longueval and Delville Wood was fought from July 14, through
Silhouette of allied soldier of World War 1.  British, American, Australian... 1914 - 1918. Original digital illustration.
WWI. Western front battleground has been churned up by shell explosions so that it bears no resemblance to its peacetime appearance. Allied soldiers are in the background. Ca. 1915-18.
Canadian casualties on the Western Front.
Soldiers wearing WW1 gas masks. L-R: American, British. French, German. 1917-18.
World War 1. British forces in Bapaume, France, site of a battle from August 21 through Sept. 3, 1918. Building on the victory of Battle of Amiens, the Allied counter offensive would drive the Germans
Silhouette of a bronze life sized figure of a WW1 soldier in full marching order resting against his gun as the sun goes down behind the statue casting a soft halo effect backdropped by an evening sky
World War 1. British soldiers celebrating their capture of German trenches at St. Eloi, near Ypres, Belgium. A massive 95,600 pound mine placed in a tunnel under the enemy trenches aided their success
World War 1. American gun crew from the 23rd Infantry, firing a French 37mm cannon in World War I action in Belleau Wood. June 3, 1918
Dead soldier on the Western Front.
Bandaged British World War 1 soldiers in a battlefield trench, 1915-1918.
The lone soldier
Blandford, Dorset, UK - September 5, 2015: A re-created Ford Model T Ambulance that was used by the British Army 1st Aid Nursing Yeomanry Corps in WW1 pictured at the Great Dorset Steam Fair 2015
WW1 British Army Soldier from France 1918, isolated on white background
American soldiers WW1 soldiers advancing through barbed wire with rifles and fixed bayonets. 1918 charcoal drawing by American artist, Wladyslaw T. Benda
German soldiers marching through the Serbian town of Paracin in 1915, during World War I.
Historical trench from the First World War. Photographed in Austria where they fought against Italy in a bloody war in the Alps
World War 1. Somme Offensive. Canadian soldiers fighting at Courcellette, Sept. 15, 1916, around the sugar refinery. Men lobbed bombs from behind the cover of parts of the destroyed refinery. The batt
World War 1. Women and children who had been hiding in the cellars of Chateau-Thierry, France, emerging after the Allies liberated the city in July 1918.
WW1 British Army Soldier from France 1918, isolated on white background
Canadian troops going, over the top, during training near St. Pol, France. WWI. October 1916.
An Australian soldier carrying a wounded comrade during the WWI, Dardanelles Campaign. 1915.
Dead American soldiers laid out in the churchyard at Kilchoman, Islay, Scotland during WW1. They were aboard the troopship, SS OTRANTO, which broke up and sunk after a collision during a storm on Oct.
World War 1. Smiling British soldiers enter Lille, France. Photo was possibly taken in Oct. 1918, when British Forces liberated the town after four years of German Occupation.
U.S. Army soldier, probably in training in 1917-18 near Washington, D.C.
WW1 British soldiers silhouette. White background.
German fortifications, First World War, France
World War One Soldier looks on in field
Russian primitive type of gas mask used in WW1. 1917. The rubber mask covers the face and the soldier breaths through a hole on top of the tin which is filled with charcoal and chemicals.
Poppies flowering Latin papaver rhoeas with the light behind in Italy in Springtime a remembrance flower for war dead and veterans November 11, Anzac Day, April 25, VE day, VJ day and remembrance days
Anzac Day, Silhouette of soldier paying respect at the grave, vector
British POWs of the Dardanelles campaign in Turkish custody. Some are bandaged, as they occupy sleeping quarters in a tent. 1915-1916, during WW1
World War 1. United States Infantryman when fully equipped for field service. Ca. 1917.
Women grinding barrels of 45 caliber automatics at Colt's Patent Fire Arms Plant, Hartford, Connecticut, between 1914 and 1918.
WWI. Dramatic illustration of a British bayonet charge through poison gas. On April 22, 1915, German forces introduced the use of lethal chlorine gas at Ypres, Belgium.
Picture posed by U.S. Army Engineer Corps, to illustrate effects of phosgene gas. Photo was taken in France, near front line trenches. WWI. 1918.
War scene silhouette with a fiery background of smoke and clouds. Barded wire is on the battlefield.
Tankdrome' was a muster zone for tank squadrons on the Western Front. Within easy reach of battle-area tank crews are camped with repair workshops are close at hand. Ca. 1917.
Mata Hari, exotic dancer, was executed in 1917 as a WW1 German Spy. Profile portrait said to depict the dancer in 1910.
World War 1. Somme Offensive. French Red Cross station on the front. There are several soldiers on stretchers in the foreground. Ca. Sept.-Nov. 1916.
Blandford, Dorset, UK - September 5, 2015: A re-created Ford Model T Ambulance that was used by the British Army 1st Aid Nursing Yeomanry Corps in WW 1 pictured at the Great Dorset Steam Fair 2015
STEP INTO YOUR PLACE, reads a British World War 1 recruiting poster, 1915. A column of soldiers marches into the distance, are joined by men in civilian attire that identifies their various occupation
Australian WWI troops charging near a Turkish trench. When they got there, the Turks had retreated. Dardanelles Campaign, WWI. 1915.
Canadian casualties on the Western Front.
Male actor in the form of an ordinary soldier of the Russian army during the First World War posing against a white background in the studio
Greek soldiers escorting Bulgarian prisoners in 1918 during WW1. Greece entered the war against the Central Powers in 1917. This image is possibly of the Battle of Skra-di-Legen, the Greeks defeated B
WWI. Serbia trench position at the crest of a hill. Ca. 1914-18.
Kaiser Wilhelm II inspecting German soldiers in the field during World War 1. Wilhelms WW 1 command role was mostly that of a figurehead, with most power in the hands of Hindenburg and Ludendorff
YORK, YORKSHIRE, UK - MARCH 14, 2010:  Panorama view of medieval stone arches in Deans Park which hold a war memorial plaque to the 2nd British Division in WW1 and WW2
Yanks and Tommies (British soldiers) celebrate the armistice ending WWI. Nov. 11, 1918.
A just wounded American soldier, receiving first-aid treatment from a comrade. WWI. Varennes-en-Argonne, France. Sept. 26, 1918
Illustration illustration of a WW1 British cavalryman on horseback isolated on white background
British two-seater monoplane fires on a WW1 German Taube fighter. 1914-15. A rifle is used to shoot the pilot of the German plane.
First World War Map of the Middle East. When defeated Turkey lost its Ottoman Empire, Britain and France implemented the Sykes-Picot Agreement and divided the Ottoman Empire into Nation-States.

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WW1 Abstract Background with Poppies
WWI. German soldiers smoking, reading, and writing in their trench. In the background one soldier maintains a battle position. Western Front, ca. 1914-15.
British invaders advancing through flooded Mesopotamia in 1916. They met strong Turkish resistance, but finally entered Baghdad on March 17, 1917.
Silhouette of allied soldier of World War 1.  British, American, Australian... 1914 - 1918. Original digital illustration.
World War 1. German soldiers marching toward Albert, France during the German Offensive of Spring 1918.
World War 1. Somme Offensive. These French soldiers were bombing (throwing hand grenades) at the German trenches near Maurepas from a range of fifteen yards. They would follow with a bayonet charge to
Historic planes dogfight on the sky.Vintage style photography. WW1 scene. All planes are homemade radio control models.
King George V inspects new recruits of the British Army who will soon be sent to the Western Front in France. At right is the Secretary of War, Field Marshal Horatio Kitchener. Ca. 1914-1916.
Anzac Day, Australian or New Zealand soldiers of World War 1 marching on a ridge line
British poster instructing soldiers in use of WW1 gas masks. 1915. It reads, 'Learn to adjust your respirator correct and quick...,' soldier on the battlefield, collapsing and clutching his throat.'
WWI. The costly British invasion from the 'River Clyde' at Seddul Bahr, Gallipoli. 2,000 invasion soldiers attempted to land under the machine gun fire of Turkish defenders on April 25, 1915.
World War 1. Somme Offensive. A few Allied soldiers (probably French) soldiers occupy entrenchments and dugout bunkers in the shell blasted wood called Des Fermes in the Somme. Ca. 1916.
WWI. U.S. recruiting poster shows troops with bayonets rushing over a hill and reads, 'Make the world safe--Enlist now and go with your friends'. 1917.
World War 1. The bursting of a Jack Johnson 40 cm shell just beyond a Canadian field dressing station on the Western Front. Jack Johnson was the African American World Champion boxer. 1918
World War 1: American Red Cross First-Aid station in French town on the Western Front. Badly wounded soldiers have just been brought in from the battlefield on stretchers, while others, slightly wound
German WW1 soldiers with machine gun 40 meters from the British trenches. 1916. A soldier with the metal helmet is ready to throw a hand grenade.
World War 1: Battle of Verdun. French officers working on their maps and reports in a heated dugout near Verdun on the Western Front. Ca. 1915-17.
WWI. German troops holding a first-line trench on the river bank. Possibly during the Aisne Offensive, in May 27-June 4th, as part of 1918 German drive when they came within 56 kilometers of Paris.
American 1918 WW1 poster of a soldier embracing a woman and child. Poster reads, 'For home and country - Victory Liberty Loan'.
Wounded British soldiers on the battlefield near Ginchy, France, during World War 1 Somme Offensive, Sept. 1916. Irish volunteers of the 16th Division wait for evacuation by horse-drawn ambulance
Spanish Influenza in American Army hospitals. Masks and cubicles were used at Fort Porter, where patients' beds are reversed, so breath of one will not be directed toward another. Nov. 19, 1918.
Walter Reed Hospital flu ward during the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918-19, in Washington DC. The pandemic killed an estimated 25,000,000 persons throughout the world.
Washington, DC, celebration of the Armistice ending World War 1, Nov. 1918. An overloaded car of eleven happy men and women wave American flags
Trench of death world war 1 belgium flanders fields
World War 1: Second Battle of the Marne. U.S. troops passing through a just captured town in their advance from the Marne to the Vesle, 75 miles northeast of Paris. Ca. July 15 -Aug. 2, 1918.
American machine gun set up in railroad shop. Ninth Machine Gun Battalion at Chateau Thierry, France. WWI. June 7, 1918.
1918 WW1 poster, with classic Uncle Sam character by James M. Flagg. Poster read, 'I am telling you--On June 28th I expect you to enlist in the army of war savers to back up my army of fighters'.
German U boat's torpedo passes the stern of a British vessel. WW1. 1914-18.
American 1918 WW1 poster of a soldier clutching an American flag. Poster reads Over the top for you - Buy U.S. gov't bonds, Third Liberty Loan.
WWI. No Man's Land - once a forest in 'Flanders's Fields' after four years as a battleground in WWI. Photo ca. 1919 by F.J. Lamphere.
Anti-aircraft machine gun of 101st Field Artillery firing on a German observation plane at Plateau Chemin des Dames, France. WWI. March 5, 1918.
German soldiers observing No Man's Land from their trench. World War 1. 1914-15.
Vimy Ridge, Arras, France: Nov 19, 2012: The Canadian National Memorial of Vimy Ridge commemorates over 11,000 men of the Canadian Expeditionary Force killed in WW1 in France & have no known grave.
Colchester,Essex/England - 07 05 2014:WWI soldiers with rifles
U.S. runners passing along a written message during a battle in WW1. 1917-18. Communications lines were often destroyed in battle making human messengers essential. 1927 lithograph by Lucian Jonas.
World War 1. U.S. Marines recruiting poster showing marines in a landing party and described as 'Soldiers of the sea'. 1917-18.
WW1 British Death Plaque also sometimes referred to as the ‘dead man’s penny’. These were sent, along with a certificate from the King, to the next of kin of service personnel who died in WW1
Mohawk Indians serving with the Canadian Corps on the Western Front in WW1. 1914-18.
WW1 British Army Soldier from France 1918, isolated on white background
World War 1. First in France--U.S. Marines. 1917 recruiting poster showing a Marine carrying a mortar into combat. A symbolic group of Marines arrived in France in July 1917, but most American soldier
German Soldier with field telephone in Northern France during World War 1, 1918
WW1 British Army Soldier from France 1918, isolated on white background
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