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We Can Do It!' World War 2 poster boosting morale of American women contributing to the war effort. It was created by J. Howard Miller for Westinghouse Company in 1942.
1945 World War 2 Victory Day Propaganda Poster Set, Retro Soviet Placards Stylization, Red Army Panzer, Cannon, Rocket Launcher
World War 2 Victory Day Poster Set, Retro Soviet Propaganda Placard Style, Tank, Multiple Rocket Launcher Truck, Red Army Soldiers
Soldiers fighting at war
Buy War Bonds.' World War 2 poster of Uncle Sam. He holds a U.S. flag and points his finger as fighting troops, with airplanes flying overhead, advance from a cloud of smoke. 1942.
Soldiers fighting at war
Soldiers at war silhouette
World War 1. First in France--U.S. Marines. 1917 recruiting poster showing a Marine carrying a mortar into combat. A symbolic group of Marines arrived in France in July 1917, but most American soldier
Air force attack poster (old planes, World war II design)
Vector Poster Gas Mask World War 1 Soldier War Propaganda Banner Obey Style
Retro Soviet Victory Day Postage Stamps Stylization. World War 2 Victory Day 1945 - 2020 Postmarks
Air force attack poster (old planes design, World war II illustration)
WWI. American recruiting poster showing marines storming a beach. Text reads, 'Democracy's vanguard' and 'Join now and test your courage - Real fighting with real fighters'. 1917.
French WW1 poster for 2nd National Defense Loan in 1916. The poster, showing soldier with gun in one hand, and the other raised urging his comrades on, French poster produced during the war.
American WW2 poster. 'Her America must stay free! Buy war bonds,' reads a poster showing a daydreaming teenage girl about to write in her diary. Ca. 1943.
The Liberation Loan. Subscribe', reads a French WW1 poster of 1918. French and allied soldiers are in battle posture, below of a winged figure of Marianne pouring out money from a cornucopia. 1918.
Veterans day poster. Veterans day vintage style greeting card. Soldier icon.
British women invited to work in factories
Let's go get 'em! U.S. Marines.' American WW2 recruiting poster showing Marines bearing rifles with bayonets and flags in a jungle. 1942.
World War One recruitment poster. British solider silhouette. Original computer illustration.
WWI. U.S. recruiting poster shows troops with bayonets rushing over a hill and reads, 'Make the world safe--Enlist now and go with your friends'. 1917.
Anzac day, Silhouette illustration of a group of soldiers fighting at war
Remembrance/ ANZAC Day 100 years card in vector format.
FIGHT OR BUY BONDS--THIRD LIBERTY LOAN. American World War 1 poster by Howard Chandler Christy 1917
World War II, 'Soldiers without guns' poster, c, 1942.
Vintage propaganda poster and elements. Retro Clip art of a feminist voice against power. Isolated artwork object. Suitable for and any print media need.
American 1918 WW1 poster of a soldier embracing a woman and child. Poster reads, 'For home and country - Victory Liberty Loan'.
WWI. 1915 British recruitment poster appealing to men's pride and need for their future family's esteem and approval.
Uncle Sam, 'I Want You' US Army recruiting poster by James Montgomery Flagg, 1917
American 1918 WW1 poster of a soldier clutching an American flag. Poster reads Over the top for you - Buy U.S. gov't bonds, Third Liberty Loan.
Holocaust Remembrance Day stamp, label sticker
World war 2 bomber aircraft. Vector illustration.
World War 1 poster for the 2nd Liberty Loan of 1917. Poster reads, 'Women! Help America's sons win the war--Buy U.S. Government Bonds.'
World War II warplanes in vector silhouette line illustrations
British poster showing a German soldier under by a monumental coin. 1915. It's caption reads, 'Lend your five shillings to your country and crush the Germans.'
World War II 1939-1945 black and white vector illustration. Battlefield scene monochrome icon.
Symbol illustration of a helmet with decorative letter A and stars.
Silhouette group of soldiers in battlefield with Japanese flag as a background. All objects are grouped.
World War 2 Victory Day Propaganda Poster
Image of newspapers on a brick wall with graffiti
British poster instructing soldiers in use of WW1 gas masks. 1915. It reads, 'Learn to adjust your respirator correct and quick...,' soldier on the battlefield, collapsing and clutching his throat.'
Kamikaze suicide bomber poster, vector
World War II. 'This is your air raid protection Get it now'. Poster encouraging civilians to be properly prepared for air raids. Color silkscreen, ca. 1942
Recruiting Poster for the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps. The WAAC was formed in 1942 at the urging of First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt.
STEP INTO YOUR PLACE, reads a British World War 1 recruiting poster, 1915. A column of soldiers marches into the distance, are joined by men in civilian attire that identifies their various occupation
British WW2 poster. 'Back Them Up!' reads a poster depicting warships and seaplanes. Ca. 1939-45.
Poster by Charles Buckles, World War I soldier about to play a record, titled 'Now for some music', by Charles Buckles, ca 1917.
soldier salute poster with war plane background
WWI. U.S. Navy recruiting poster reads, 'He is keeping the world safe for democracy. Enlist and help him.' Ca. 1916-1918.
Classic World War II poster flexing her arm muscles against a yellow background. Includes clipping path
WWI. German recruiting poster depicting a German soldier, holding a grenade and a rifle; in background is a barbed wire fence and flames. 'Your Fatherland is in danger, register!' 1918
World War I, German Poster shows a wounded veteran holding tools in one hand and a crutch in the other, lithograph by Ludwig Hohlwein, 1914-1918.
Public service poster, bare-foot children with wheelbarrow full of vegetables, 'Helping Hoover in our U.S. school garden.' Future President Herbert Hoover was the U.S. food administrator during WW 1.
WORLD WAR I, recruitment poster, soldier standing defiant as a woman and child flee a burning village: 'Remember Belgium Enlist Today', print by London Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, ca 1915.
Now--all together'. 7th War Loan poster showing U.S. Marines flag raising on Iwo Jima. Artist C.C. Beall based his painting on Joe Rosenthal's iconic photo.
World War I American Marines recuiting poster by James Montgomery Flagg, 1918
United we are strong, United we can win'. 1943 American WW2 poster showing cannons, each with the flag of an Allied nation, blasting into the sky.
Vintage explosion poster on a grunge background.
World War I American war savings stamps poster by James Montgomery Flagg, 1918
British poster map of the Allied aerial bombing of Germany up to January 1941.
British WW2 poster. 'Look before you sleep: All windows and inner doors open? Water in buckets? Sand in buckets? Gas mask, clothes and torch handy? Good night!' Ca. 1939-45.
World War II 1939-1945 black and white vector illustration. Paratrooper landing in night monochrome icon.
WWI. 1915 British recruitment poster depicting a 'happy and satisfied' soldier. Replacements were needed for over 500,000 British casualties (killed, missing, or wounded) first 16 months of WWI.
Retro vector poster "No war. Save the world".
Vintage style Union Jack to commemorate the Centenary of World War One, 1914 - 2014
Help Russian war relief! American WW2 poster depicting Soviet soldiers, with bayonets raised, and quotation by Gen. Douglas MacArthur.
World War I American poster depicting the unity of war workers and the military by James Montgomery Flagg, 1918
Recruiting Poster for the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps. It reads, ' This is My War Too!' 1943.
German WW2 poster. 'Harte Zeiten; Harte Pflichten; Harte Herzen' translates to 'Hard times; Hard duties; Hard hearts'. 1943 poster depicts men carrying Nazi banner going off to fight.
World War I, Soldiers and sailors using semaphore to signal with flags. Semaphores were visual codes that allowed information to be communicated instantaneously over considerable distances. 1917
World War II 1939-1945 black and white vector illustration. Battlefield scene monochrome icon.
Vector illustration of a bright poppy flower. Remembrance day symbol. Lest we forget lettering.
Smiling Uncle Sam (removable text)
German Anti-Semitic poster. 'Der ist Schuld am Kriege!' translates to 'The war is his fault!'. 1943 WW2 poster depicts a finger pointing accusingly at a man wearing a top hat and with a yellow star.
WWI. American Army recruiting poster showing soldiers with rifles charging. It reads, Men Wanted for the Army.' 1914.
WILL YOU HAVE A PART IN VICTORY/ EVERY GARDEN IS A MUNITIONS PLANT. American World War 1 poster of Liberty sowing seeds, by James Montgomery Flagg, 1918
Gone are the bad old days! Dad earns money in Germany,' reads this posted in English. German WW2 occupation political poster. 1943.
World War II 1939-1945 black and white vector illustration. Air force aircraft night scene monochrome icon.
Poster showing titled 'Loan for liberty'. A Russian soldier holds a red flag. After the beginning of the Russian Revolution in Feb. 1917.
Set of brochure, poster templates in veterans day style. Beautiful design and layout
Retro poster Say no to war
ANZAC (Australia New Zealand Army Corps) Day card in vector format.

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World War I, American war bonds poster, ca. 1917
Uncle Sam, 'First Call' US Navy recruiting poster by James Montgomery Flagg, 1917
World War I American recuiting poster by Howard Chandler Christy, 1917
German WW2 poster. 'Deutschlands Sieg, Europas Freiheit' translates to 'Germany's Victory, Europe's Freedom'. 1941 poster depicts German soldier using two lightning bolts to vanquish a red dragon.
World War II. 'Join now The office of civilian defense needs you for decontamination squads' Color poster, 1941
Retro font printed on the paper. Scratched type. Upper case letters.
WWI. British recruiting poster issued by the War Office in 1915. It compares the battlefield to a sport field and encourages young men to 'Join the Football Battalion.'
World War 1 poster urging immigrants to by Liberty Bonds in 1917. Poster reads, 'Remember! The flag of liberty--Support it! Buy U.S. government bonds, 3rd Liberty Loan.'
World War I, Poster showing men loading crates onto a boxcar, text reads: 'Fill 'em up to the top, the nation is counting on you', poster by Ernest Hamlin Baker, 1917.
World War Two poster - vector graphics and typography t-shirt design for apparel.
Silhouette of soldier blowing trumpet with soldier standing guard at War Memorial Museum as a background
Kamikaze suicide bomber poster, vector
World War I American poster by James Montgomery Flagg, 1918
Poster with text on black splatter. Say no to war.
World War I, soldiers smoking outside a damaged church, 'Sailors' & Soldiers' Tobacco Fund. Designed by Frank Brangwyn, illustration, 1915.
WWI. Recruiting poster for the United States Tank Corps. Poster shows a black cat with fangs and claws leaping above a battlefield with tanks. 1917.
World War I American war savings poster by James Montgomery Flagg, 1918
Silhouette of soldiers in the battlefield
World War II 1939-1945 black and white vector illustration. Night battlefield scene monochrome icon.
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