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Soldier reading a book
World War 1. American gun crew from the 23rd Infantry, firing a French 37mm cannon in World War I action in Belleau Wood. June 3, 1918
World War One Soldiers Silhouettes Below Cloudy Skyline At Dusk or Dawn
World War 1: Battle of Verdun. French soldiers crawling through their own barbed wire entanglements as they begin an attack on enemy trenches. April-June, 1916.
Bandaged British World War 1 soldiers in a battlefield trench, 1915-1918.
World War 1. Somme Offensive. Canadian soldiers fighting at Courcellette, Sept. 15, 1916, around the sugar refinery. Men lobbed bombs from behind the cover of parts of the destroyed refinery. The batt
WW1 British Army Soldier from France 1918, isolated on white background
Barbed Wire Cut - Early 1900's WWI postcard depicting Americans going through cut barbed wire with bags of grenades toward Germans.
British WW1 machine gun crew in a front line trench. 1914-18.
World War 1. British forces in Bapaume, France, site of a battle from August 21 through Sept. 3, 1918. Building on the victory of Battle of Amiens, the Allied counter offensive would drive the Germans
Vector Poster Gas Mask World War 1 Soldier War Propaganda Banner Obey Style
Soldiers on the Western Front.
Silhouette of US soldiers on a world war one battlefield. Original illustration.
American soldiers in front line trench during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, France, World War1. They are about 1200 yards from the German line on Oct. 3, 1918 as they occupy a camouflaged trench abando
The lone soldier
World War 1. British soldiers celebrating their capture of German trenches at St. Eloi, near Ypres, Belgium. A massive 95,600 pound mine placed in a tunnel under the enemy trenches aided their success
World War 1. Smiling British soldiers enter Lille, France. Photo was possibly taken in Oct. 1918, when British Forces liberated the town after four years of German Occupation.
World War One German soldiers firing from a trench
Picture posed by U.S. Army Engineer Corps, to illustrate effects of phosgene gas. Photo was taken in France, near front line trenches. WWI. 1918.
FRANCE - CIRCA 1900: Yanks in Front Line Trench - Early 1900 postcard depicting Yanks in front line trench watching ‘No Man’s Land’ during WWI in France, circa 1914-1918.
A statue of a British WW1 soldier, wearing a Brody helmet and carrying an SMLE (Lee Enfield) .303 rifle with pattern 1907 bayonet fixed.
WW1 British Army Soldier from France 1918, isolated on white background
African American WW1 heroes with French medals, Croix de Guerre. 1919. They were awarded for gallantry in Action.
Wounded American WWI Veterans. They are surgical patients at the Base Hospital of Camp Joseph E. Johnston, Florida. Ca. 1918.
Military PTSD
Soldiers fighting at war
A German Charge, Fixed Bayonet - Early 1900's WWI postcard depicting American soldiers on front lines charging Germans with bayonets while in France.
Wild red poppy
The famous Trenches of Death at Diksmuide, Belgium.
American soldiers firing a French 37 mm artillery gun in second-line trench. This WWI cannon had a maximum range of a mile and a half. Dieffmatten, Germany. June 26, 1918.
Tankdrome' was a muster zone for tank squadrons on the Western Front. Within easy reach of battle-area tank crews are camped with repair workshops are close at hand. Ca. 1917.
Soldier in Uniform with Cannon
American Army troops parading in Perth, Scotland. WWI. 1918.
World War 1. United States Infantryman when fully equipped for field service. Ca. 1917.
A World War One U.S. Army Doughboy Soldier's Steel Combat Helmet, isolated on white
an American World War 1 soldier. 1917-18.
American Soldier from WWI
British World War 1 soldiers in a front Line trench. 1915-18.
Dead soldier on the Western Front.
Uniforms of nations allied with France in World War 1. 1914-18. Countries include United State, Romania, Britain, Portugal, and Italy.
M. and Mme. Baloux of Brieulles-sur-Bar, France, endured German occupation for four years, greeting American soldiers in the last days of WWI. Nov. 6, 1918.
World war one us marine soldier vector illustration freehand clip-art
an American World War 1 soldier attack. 1917-18
A French assault on German positions (in foreground trench). As the moving attackers, the French troops are very vulnerable to shots from the entrenched Germans. Champagne, France. WWI. 1917.
WWI. U.S. recruiting poster shows troops with bayonets rushing over a hill and reads, 'Make the world safe--Enlist now and go with your friends'. 1917.
World War 1 victory parade passing a Triumphal Arch, in New York City, Sept. 10, 1919. The First Division of American Expeditionary Forces wearing trench helmets and full combat gear, marched down Fif
WWI. Serbia trench position at the crest of a hill. Ca. 1914-18.
King George V inspects new recruits of the British Army who will soon be sent to the Western Front in France. At right is the Secretary of War, Field Marshal Horatio Kitchener. Ca. 1914-1916.
Philadelphia celebrating the armistice ending WWI. Thousands massed on all sides of the replica of the Statue of Liberty on Broad Street on Nov. 11, 1918.
WW2 US Soldier With Face In Shadow
An Australian soldier carrying a wounded comrade during the WWI, Dardanelles Campaign. 1915.
Soldiers fighting at war
World War 1: Battle of Verdun. One of the subsurface chambers in fortified Verdun was used as a hospital. The little dog in the foreground refused to be separated from his wounded master. Ca. 1916.
American WW1 soldier eating from his mess kit. 1917-18.
WWI. Western front battleground has been churned up by shell explosions so that it bears no resemblance to its peacetime appearance. Allied soldiers are in the background. Ca. 1915-18.
Americans Front Line Trench - Early 1900's WWI postcard depicting Americans in a front line trench in France with gas masks on.
Soldiers wearing WW1 gas masks. L-R: American, British. French, German. 1917-18.
Vector illustration of a bright poppy flower. Remembrance day symbol. Remembrance day lettering.

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WWI. Dramatic illustration of a British bayonet charge through poison gas. On April 22, 1915, German forces introduced the use of lethal chlorine gas at Ypres, Belgium.
an American World War 1 soldier. 1917-18.
Several items displayed from a World War 2 soldier
KOLOVRAT, SLOVENIA, 09.17.2017: The staging of the Battle of Kolovrat from the First World War. Kolovrat, Slovenia on 09.17.2017
Cartoon soldiers of countries participating in the First World War, set of vector images
World War 1. The fire of a Russian field battery directed by officers kneeling in the rear of their squads. Probably during either the 1914 or 1916 Russian invasion of East Prussia.
Canadian troops going, over the top, during training near St. Pol, France. WWI. October 1916.
first world war british soldiers in a re-enactment
WWI. An Austrian invading column marching through the flat country of Eastern Europe. Ca. 1914-17.
Vintage world war one biplanes and Zeppelin. World War I panzer
United States Marine Corp War memorial depicting flag planting on Iwo Jima in WWII in Arlington, Virginia, USA on 13 May 2019
American troops ride on WWI tanks going forward to the battle line in the Forest of Argonne, France. Sept. 26, 1918.
WW1 British soldiers silhouette. Battlefield.
Silhouette of allied soldier of World War 1.  British, American, Australian... 1914 - 1918. Original digital illustration.
WW1 - Stone Of Remembrance With Helmet
Silhouette of a British - United Kingdom soldier of World War 1. On the battlefield in 1914 - 1918. Original digital illustration.
Anti-aircraft machine gun of 101st Field Artillery firing on a German observation plane at Plateau Chemin des Dames, France. WWI. March 5, 1918.
World War 1. British horse sunk to his haunches in the clinging mud of Flanders, during one of the five Battles of Ypres. This coastal region became a mud quagmire in each Fall. In 1914, 1917, and 191
American Field Artillery on the Lorraine front in Beaumont, France. An ejected shell case flies through the air as a new shell is put into the breech in the same a second. WWI. Sept. 12, 1918.
WW1 British Army Soldier from France 1918, isolated on white background
World War II era soldier in a cross fire
World War 1. The beaten German Army, retreating back to Germany after the final failure of the 1918 offensives. Sept-Oct. 1918.
German Soldiers at a camouflaged Howitzer during World War 1. 1914-15. Artillery was the major weapon of WW1, accounting for 60% of casualties.
Smiling WW2 American Soldier
Silhouette group of soldiers in battlefield with Japanese flag as a background. All objects are grouped.
Canadian casualties on the Western Front.
World War 1. German machine guns in a trench near Darkehmen in East Prussia. A wounded soldier receives medical attention. Possibly during either the 1914 or 1916 Russian invasion of East Prussia.
Kaiser Wilhelm II inspecting German soldiers in the field during World War 1. Wilhelms WW 1 command role was mostly that of a figurehead, with most power in the hands of Hindenburg and Ludendorff
Trenches of world war one sandbags in Belgium
German soldiers observing No Man's Land from their trench. World War 1. 1914-15.
WW1 British Army Soldier from France 1918, isolated on white background
Anzac Day, Australian or New Zealand soldiers of World War 1 marching on a ridge line
World War 1. British Empire forces grouping near Arras to attack German defenses. The infantry going to the communication trenches, the artillery and a tank are coming into action, the cavalry in the
World war one soldiers 1914
WWI. Charge of the Ninth Lancers during the 'Great Retreat' from Mons to Cambrai attacking a German battery of eleven guns. August 25, 1914.
British and French artillery observers during World War 1. Soldiers use binoculars and one is on a field telephone to communicate with artillery. Ca. 1914-18.
German WW1 soldiers with machine gun 40 meters from the British trenches. 1916. A soldier with the metal helmet is ready to throw a hand grenade.
World War 1. Somme Offensive. Scottish Highland regiment advancing under fire during the taking of Longueval, July 28, 1916. The Battle for Longueval and Delville Wood was fought from July 14, through
Australian WWI troops charging near a Turkish trench. When they got there, the Turks had retreated. Dardanelles Campaign, WWI. 1915.
Red Poppy Flowers for Remembrance Day / Sunday
WWI. 1915 British recruitment poster depicting a 'happy and satisfied' soldier. Replacements were needed for over 500,000 British casualties (killed, missing, or wounded) first 16 months of WWI.
World War 1 Tanks. U.S. soldiers (107th Infantry, 27th Division) advancing toward the Hindenburg Line from behind the shelter of a British tank. 1918
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