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Businessman having problems with paperwork and workload
Accounting planning budget concept : Business woman offices working for arranging documents unfinished stack of document papers with pen, calculator, clip papers on busy office desk
Multitasking Workload Of Happy Busy Man Worker In Office
Exhausted female worker sit at office desk take off glasses feel unwell having dizziness or blurry vision, tired woman employee suffer from migraine or headache unable to work. Health problem concept
Laptop, notes and office stationery in mess on desk. Overwhelmed with work
Vector business illustration concept of businesswoman practicing meditation. Girl with many arms sits in the Yoga lotus position and doing many tasks at the same time. Multitasking. Time management.
Business office paperwork documents and paper blanks businessman and workload vector stress and overworking desk and chair folder and printer stress tiredness and exhaustion computer and rubbish bin
Businessman heavy workload sleep at office desk with finance sheet calculator and coffee.(concept for overworked)
Stack of documents with binder clips and pen on wooden table, closeup view
Multitasking busy mom at home concept, vector illustration tiny female person concept. A woman managing the balance between family life, house work and business career. Overloaded person in pressure.
Overhead View Of A Businesswoman Doing Multitasking Work On Electronic Devices
Black female employee unhappy with excessive work
Procrastination - A full To Do tray and an empty Done tray - Overwhelmed - Isolated on white background
Tired Busy Worker Multitasking. Man Doing Multitask Work
Chalkboard drawing of increasing business graph with up arrow and inscription workload.
Tired and exasperated office worker is grabbed his head among piles of papers and documents. Stress in the office. Rush work. Modern vector illustration.
An Employee with Bombs Around Representing Stressed Out at Work From Deadlines, Heavy Workload, Pressure from Boss and Peers and the Work Demands that Cannot be Handled
High workload, deadline office worker, conscientious worker, hard task, woman working in the office, non-compliant flat cartoon vector illustration
Multitasking work and private life as combine many job duties and tasks tiny person concept. Workload efficiency under pressure or stress management vector illustration. Chaos and workaholic lifestyle
Hierarchical system of business and organization management. Improving work efficiency and even distribution of workload among managers and superiors. Leadership, teamwork. Cooperation, collaboration.
Desperate businessman working in the office late at night and overloaded with work, his desktop is covered with paperwork: business management and deadlines concept
Businessman needs help under a lot of documents and holding a HELP placard, in office.
Conceptual photo illustrating burnout syndrome at work
Pile of unfinished documents on office desk, Stack of business paper
Employee efficiency concept. Business staff management for a productive day. Quality and timeliness, work optimization. Human resources management. Isolated flat vector illustration
Attractive young asian man drinking coffee sitting on desk table looking at laptop computer in dark late night working feeling serious thinking and determinated at home office in work hard concept.
Businessman having problems with paperwork and workload
Workload doubling while salary stays the same. Concept business working and finance vector illustration
Busy Mom with young baby multitasking her housework and business, colored flat vector illustration. Overloaded person concept
Young stressed secretary in the office overwhelmed by work and desk full of files, her boss is bringing more paperwork to her
Multitasking businesswoman. Professional competence concept. Multi-tasking office worker. Vector illustration on white background.
Flat stressful busy young man workload at work. Concept blockage tired employee, workplace with paper. Vector illustration.
Multitasking businesswoman. Office manager administrator doing professional tasking. Effective management vector concept. Lady multitasking business busy, businesswoman manager illustration
Stacks of paperwork and files in the office: work overload, files management and administration concept
Busy workload and deadline causing exhaustion and burnout, overload or overworked office routine concept, tired businessman carrying heavy documents paperwork with alarm clock deadline on top.
One person is answering question.He is thinking how effectively is he to manage his workload.
Cloud Computing Digital Information Data Center Technology. Computer Information Storage. Cybersecurity 3d Illustration
Content manager at work hand drawn illustration. Female multitasking skill concept. Young girl managing SMM strategy processes cartoon character. Freelance worker busy with email marketing analysis.
Exhausted businessman sit at desk fall asleep struggle with workload. Tired male employee or worker sleep at workplace, meet deadline. Overwork and overload. Job burnout. Vector illustration.
Businessman needs help under a lot of bills, in the office and requests for help. Can not pay bills, having financial troubles. Planning budget concep. Flat vector illustration.
Cloud Workload Security and Cloud Workload Protection Concept - CWS and CWP - The Practice of Protecting Workloads Run on Cloud Resources - 3D Illustration
Workload deadline disasters project managers work related stress and burnout symbols cartoon icons collection isolated vector illustration
Business colleagues discussing future priorities
Workload and aggressive deadline causing exhaustion and burnout, overload or overworked office routine concept, tired businessman carrying heavy documents and information
Stressed exhausted business executive in the office overloaded with work, he has stacks of paperwork on the desk
Stressed african businessman tired or difficult multitasking job covering face with hands avoiding annoying colleagues or clients, exhausted fatigued black worker suffers from stressful work concept
Happy Busy Boss In Office Multitasking. Workload At Workplace
A tired employee experiences a period of burnout at work.Physical and emotional exhaustion of an employee.Burnout concept.
Sad Men In Office With Tax Workload And Paper Files Holding Help Flag
Office Employees at Workplace, Happy Woman Rejoice Finishing Job, Overloaded Male Employee Character Holding Head Stressed of Deadline and Paper Bureaucracy to do, Cartoon Flat Vector Illustration
Businessman hands working in Stacks of paper files for searching information on work desk office, business report papers,piles of unfinished documents achieves with clips indoor,Business concept
Young Businessman Working At Office With Stack Of Folders On Desk
Frustrated overwhelmed executive working in the office and overloaded with paperwork, he is leaning on his arm and feeling depressed
Sad young woman sit at laptop broken after reading bad news online, upset girlfriend hurt receive breakup or split message from lover, desperate female get negative email losing hope or failure notice
Stress Curve with Levels Inactive, Laid Back, Fatigue, Exhaustion and Anxiety with Panic and Anger Breakdown. Underload, Optimum, Burnout Graph with Human Emotions Chart. Cartoon Vector Illustration
bundles bales of paper documents. stacks packs pile on the desk in the office
Set of exhausted office workers feel distressed overwhelmed with tasks and duties. Collection of unhappy unwell employees tired with workload. Overwork and fatigue. Vector illustration.
Meditating female manager concept in isometric vector illustration. Workload female businesswoman in yoga lotus pose. Web banner template.
Workload 2D vector web banner, poster. Stress from deadlines. Overworked corporate employee flat character on cartoon background. Burnout from job printable patch, colorful web element
Productivity and production capacity concept.  Industrial management in efficiency and efficient process. Lean cost and  productivity growth. Capacity planning and utilization. Touching on screen.
Stressed businessman feel anxious with phone and computer notifications. Unhappy worried man employee or worker distressed frustrated with workload online. Overwork concept. Vector illustration.
Male office workers holding and writing documents on office desk with light fair, Stack of business overload paper.
Stress at work, exhausted from overworked and too many problems or frustrated and paranoia office worker concept, hopelessness frustrated businessman employee with anxiety busy line over his head.
Woman Carry Huge Pile of Paper Documents or Wastepaper to Throw Garbage to Recycle Litter Bin. Environmental Protection Concept. Waste Sort, Recycle and Segregation. Cartoon Flat Vector Illustration
Tired overworked Indian employee feeling fatigue and burnout after working at laptop from home, suffering from head ache, eye sight vision problem, meditating for stress relief. Mental health concept
Exhausted overwhelmed by work young female employee stays late at work in the office. Tired by workload woman with a lot of paperwork, additional tasks vector illustration.
Tired young woman stressed overwhelmed with office work or studying. Exhausted girl feel fatigue or burnout, need sleep and relaxation. Overwork, workload concept. Flat vector illustration.
Exhausted businesswoman carry on back word letter Job struggle with overload in office. Tired unwell woman employee suffer overwhelmed with workload. Overwork concept. Vector illustration.
Unrecognizable service provider activates cloud containers to respond to point-in-time demand. IT concept for microservices, containerization, service architecture, scalability, orchestration system.
Stressed male employee with stack of paperwork overwhelmed with workload in company. Exhausted man worker tired with paper documents job. Bureaucracy, overwork. Vector illustration.
Multitasking. Vector business illustration. An African-American woman sits in a lotus position with a laptop and performs many tasks at the same time.A business woman practices meditation.
Businessman very busy on office table. work hard concept.
Cloud Computing Digital Information Data Center Technology. Computer Information Storage. Cybersecurity 3d Illustration
Businesswoman working in stacks of paperwork files for searching infomation unfinished documents about pile audit form on desk office near paper coffee cup and work financial doc in busy workload
Depression.Psychological help,mental health, stress.Burnout syndrome, frustration,fatigue, feeling unwell,headache,workload,exhaustion, boredom,sadness,mental health problems,imbalance,demotivation
Stressed exhausted business executive working in the office late at night with piles of paperwork, he is overloaded with work: management and deadlines concept
Close up pile of unfinished paperwork on office desk waiting to be managed. Stack of business paper. Report papers stacks. Business and finance concept.
Depressed business woman
Collection of stressed man employee frustrated with workload and tasks in office. Set of tired unwell male workers overwhelmed with notifications. Fatigue and overwork. Vector illustration.
Cloud Computing Digital Information Data Center Technology. Computer Information Storage. Cybersecurity 3d Illustration
Busy workloads and deadlines cause fatigue and burnout, the concept of excessive office routines or overwork, entrepreneurs are tired of carrying very heavy workloads
Stressed characters workload, deadline. Exhausted employees distressed with job. Work fatigue and stress concept. Owerworking people, workaholics with emotional disorder metaphor. Stress at work
Equality of person concept. Equal employment opportunity. Workload balancing, employee rights. International human rights day. Hiring recruitment. Placing wooden cubes with people equality icon.
Heavy workload concept with pile of paper and woman on background. Selective focus
Chaos and stress of multitasking busy mom with crying baby. Tired woman cooking, thinking about work tasks and daily routine of housework flat vector illustration. Family, time management concept
Collection of employees or workers multitask with workload, manage to meet deadline in office. Set of businesspeople overwhelmed stressed with work task. Time management. Vector illustration.
Information overload and data excess concept. Stressed person in info flood, reading multiple internet media, news and lot of online messages. Flat vector illustration isolated on white background
Workers profile with cogwheel denoting workload management
Young male employee and too much work in the office
Collection of exhausted businesspeople overwhelmed with work stress. Set of tired unhappy employee or worker stressed frustrated with job workload. Burnout and overwork. Vector illustration.
Set of tired employees suffer from nervous breakdown have work stress. Collection of exhausted businesspeople struggle with fatigue and workload. Overwork. Vector illustration.
Tired african american woman office worker freelancer sleeping leaned chin on paperwork finance sheet document stack sitting at desk. Overworked, hard workload, burnout and exhaustion concept
Tired woman carrying stacks of papers. Office employee, accountant, reports flat vector illustration. Documents, overwork, workload concept for banner, website design or landing web page
Business Documents, Auditor businesswoman checking searching document legal prepare paperwork or report for analysis TAX time,accountant Documents data contract partner deal in workplace office
Broken man falls out of row line. Moral or physical exhaustion, weak link. Dismissal. Personnel purges. Excessive workload. Protecting workers rights. Health problems. Stress, burnout at work.
Learn to say no, leadership skill to manage workload, refuse to do wrong thing or time management concept, confidence businessman speak out loud on megaphone to his boss with the word No.
reduce workloads icon vector design
3D reduce workload icon neon sign
Cartoon businessman with many hands. Doodle cute scene about multitasking and workload. Hand drawn vector illustration for business design.
Unhappy frustrated woman stressed with life problems or thoughts feel depressed and overwhelmed. Upset female suffer from workload or troubles, have anxiety or panic attack. Vector illustration.
Male with Workload as Stressed out Office Employee Feeling Deadline Vector Illustration Set
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