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l female lawyers working at the law firms. Judge gavel with scales of justice. Legal law, lawyer, advice and justice concept.
Business woman and lawyers discussing contract papers with brass scale on wooden desk in office. Law, legal services, advice, Justice and real estate concept.
Lawyer office. Statue of Justice with scales and lawyer working on a laptop. Legal law, advice and justice concept.
Successful African American graduate juridical specialist standing outdoors against courthouse building with folder in hands. Prosperous female student of high economic university in elegant wear
Lawyer business women shaking hands with clients, after finishing up a Consulting for insurance rent house. concept of home protection, family, insurance.
Lawyer office. Statue of Justice with scales and lawyer working on a laptop. Legal law, advice and justice concept.
Female successful business worker online banking via touch pad computer while standing outside company during break at job
Pretty older business woman, successful confidence with arms crossed in financial building
Thoughtful African American businesswoman in optical spectacles holding documents looking away while standing in urban setting with copy space. Female dark skinned student of high economic university
Business woman working on a laptop. Business, legal law, advice and justice concept. Selective focus.
Smiling bank manager welcoming warm personality bright big smile in large building
Lawyer office. Statue of Justice with scales and lawyer working on a laptop. Legal law, advice and justice concept.
Close-up of businesswoman sitting at desk and fill the form.
CEO owner leader company staff member portrait, possibly finance, accountant, attorney, manager
Scales of Justice symbol, legal law concept image
A pretty African american woman at work
Active lifestyle of mixed ethnicity career business woman walking to work place office
Happy smiling ceo manager at office space, possibly real estate, lawyer, non-profit, marketing
Pensive African American female lawyer in stylish formal suit holding folder with mock up area and looking away standing against courthouse. Half length of woman professional advocate with documents
Lawyer business women working and notary signs the documents at office. consultant lawyer, justice and law ,attorney, court judge, concept.
lawyer in the office
Female African American banker dressed in elegant black suit folding hands and looking on side standing against office building. Confident female entrepreneur with crossed arms looking on copy space
Smart intelligent witty cunning resourceful law attorney, defense lawyer for justice at the office
Lawyer office. Statue of Justice with scales and lawyer working on a laptop. Legal law, advice and justice concept
Close up portrait of smiling beautiful millennial businesswoman or CEO looking at camera, happy female boss posing making headshot picture for company photoshoot, confident successful woman at work
Smiling mature professional businesswoman standing in office. Holding a digital tablet . Shallow focus.
Working at home with laptop woman writing a blog. Female hands on the keyboard
Law and Justice Concept Image, Wooden strips background
Portrait of confident African American lawyer in stylish eyeglasses and formal apparel holding folder documents in hands while looking at camera. Young female student of high school university
Close up of a businesswoman with tanned skin holding a pen and sitting at her table with a clipboard.
Close up of business people shaking hands at meeting or negotiation in the office. Partners are satisfied because signing contract
Portrait of businesswoman on grey background
Lawyer business women working and notary signs the documents at office. consultant lawyer, justice and law ,attorney, court judge, concept
Silhouette of a woman intelligent managing director is keyboarding on laptop computer, while is sitting in modern office interior. Female economist is analyzing the activities of company via net-book
Career business women group looking strong tough and showing confidence with arms folded
Mature female lawyer or notary with client in her office - handshake
Lawyer explaining legal situation to her clients
Beautiful business woman headshot lifestyle outdoor with sunlight flare a look of content
Serious lawyer holding a file while standing in library
Portrait of a smiling businesswoman in a suit working at her white table in office. She is reading documents and taking notes.
A young and pretty african american woman at college
Beautiful Business Woman smiling on grey background
Face of Lady Justice in dark grunge blue background
Women lawyer working with contract papers and wooden gavel on tabel in courtroom. justice and law ,attorney, court judge, concept.
Serious pensive young business lady economist is thinking which decision to make at her modern light work place in office, wearing strict outfit and glasses
business people and lawyers discussing contract papers sitting at the table. Concepts of law, advice, legal services.
The couple went to a lawyer to conclude an agreement on the divorce. They quarrel and argue with each other. Lawyer prepares documents.
The goddess of justice Themis. Set. Vector illustration
Confident successful smiling business woman executive with folded arms
Business people talking for business plan while walking. Woman walking concept. 20-30 year old.
Happy serious young beautiful happy business woman looking at you isolated grey background wall. Closeup confident lawyer teacher office manager. Positive human emotions facial expressions, attitude
Adult businesswoman working at home using computer, studying business ideas on a pc screen on-line.
Attractive attorney law student lawyer working from her computer laptop
Woman using mobile smart phone in the office
Female hand signing contract.
Lawyer office. Statue of Justice with scales and lawyer working on a laptop. Legal law, advice and justice concept
Black and white photography of sculpture of themis, femida or justice goddess on bright sky copy space background

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Back view of a businesswoman with digital tablet in hands is watching in office window on a Hong Kong city view and thinking about future her company. Female manager is using touch pad during work day
Business success - Celebrating businesswoman overlooking the city center high-rises.
 Legal office of lawyer. legal model statue of Themis goddess of justice.
Business people shaking hands, finishing up meeting
Thinking businesswoman looking up
Close up of an executive hands holding a pen and indicating where to sign a contract at office
The hard work of an asian lawyer in a lawyer's office. Counseling and giving advice and prosecutions about the invasion of space between private and government officials to find a fair settlement.
Woman lawyer reading legal book with wooden gavel on table in office. justice and law ,attorney, court judge, concept.
A man with a notepad near the courthouse or bank. Lawyer. Vector drawing. Flat design.
A female lawyer (or business person) stands in front of a courthouse or municipal building with her arms folded.
Female attorney address the jury at a trial, EPS 8 vector illustration
Rear view of themis statue with balance scales in black and white
Cropped image of business woman signing contract
People should have a contract to define what to do or authorized, especially in business or law. They will shaking hands to show acceptation or agree with each other. With blurry background.
Powerful creative professional walking confidently proud distinguished and successful to work
Bright sunny vibrant portrait of beautiful woman business executive style in downtown urban area
Two businesswomen wearing suits handshaking after signing a contract of a good deal in an office interior
Business people discussion advisor concept
Lawyers in the law library at the university
Three elegant business women in different poses
Lawyer office. Statue of Justice with scales and lawyer working on a laptop. Legal law, advice and justice concept.
Handshake of lawyer in a lawyer's office after consueling and giving advice between business man customer. judiciary and legislature courtroom legal concept.
Close up of Themis figure
Lawyer in the office.
Elegant business woman in different poses isolated vector illustrtion
Management staff member with big warm smile happy genuine positive attitude as company employee
Lawyer business women working and writting in notebook on desk at office. consultant lawyer, justice and law ,attorney, court judge, concept.
Smart intelligent executive financial officer cfo at major bank for global stock market investment
Attractive blond mature business woman in her office
successful woman lawyer at work in the office
Busy afro American female owner of business company tracking time on smartwatch standing on street near publicity area for financial text.Lawyer with dark skin in formal clothing looking at wristwatch
Smiling young mixed race businesswoman looking away
Group of business women standing together on white background in flat style. Business team and teamwork concept. Different nationalities and dress styles. Flat design people characters.
Close up of a businesswoman with tanned skin who is drawing a scheme in her office. Concept of computer sight design
Close up lawyer businessman working or reading lawbook in office workplace for consultant lawyer concept.
Young female lawyer working in her office with a typical law book and a file or dossier
Young businesswoman is holding portable touch pad, while her secretary near is walking with paper documents in hands. Female lawyer is using with partner digital tablet for preparing to briefing
The goddess Themis with a sword of justice and weights in her hands. Vector emblem.
Portrait of young businesswoman standing at office with arms crossed while her colleagues consulting at background.
Confident businesswoman portrait
young African-American businesswoman working with documents and notebook at computer Desk in office
Business team.
canadian lawyer in toga, reading from a red law book
statue of Justice - lady justice or Iustitia / Justitia the Roman goddess of Justice in a lawyer office, banner size including copy space
Hands of business woman working with papers
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