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Wolf and dog tracks by comparison. Round and smaller tracks of dogs and oval bigger ones of wolves - isolated vector illustration on white background.
Raster illustration. Wolf Paw Prints Track Logo. Black on White background. Animal paw print with claws.
Paw Logo design vector illustration design template
A trace from a wolf. White silhouette of foot on a black background. Vector. The sign of the print of the wolfs legs. Logo of the footprint.
dog footprint seamless pattern vector. paw foot print background texture.
Set of Animal Spoor Footprints element Icon Vector illustration.
black scratched wolf trace logo. Vector grunge flat illustration. wild beast paw footprint, footstep isolated on white
Paw Prints. Logo. Vector Illustration. Isolated vector Illustration. Black on White background. EPS Illustration.
Animals footprints
Paw vector foot trail print of dog, wolf. Dog puppy silhouette animal diagonal tracks for t-shirts, backgrounds, patterns, websites, showcases design, greeting cards, child prints. It's a brush
Wolf tracks in the icy snow
Wolf, Canis lupus, paw foot prints track in soft mud and green willow leaves
Animal tracks. Editable vector illustration. In isolated background.
The footprints of a natural wolf. The animal tracks in the snow. Print trace of the predator in the winter.
A Wolf paw Trail Illustration
Animals footprints, paw prints. Set of different animals and predators footprints and traces. Cat, lion, leopard, tiger, fox, wolf, coyote, dog, bear. Vector
A trace from a wolf. White silhouette of foot on a black background. Vector. The sign of the print of the wolfs legs. Logo of the footprint.
Animals and birds footprints seamless pattern. Vector tracks background of crow or sparrow claws, wild bear or wolf and hare paws, boar or elk and deer hoof prints
Wolf tracks in cracked mud
the dog ran through the clear blue snow and left a trail of action on a clear sunny day
Animals and its tracks. Vector illustration
Flat design monochrome seamless pattern with various animals and birds tracks on white background vector illustration
Animal footprint
close up of dog  track on mud
Animals silhouettes and trails
Vector set of walking wild wood animal tracks
Colorful flat set of funny track footprints of different animals birds and amphibians isolated on white background vector illustration
Vector seamless pattern with paw footprints of a dog (wolf). Cute hand drawn steps drawn with watercolors. Monochrome texture for consumer industry design
Vector hand drawn set of walking wild wood animal and bird tracks
Animals track in big snow. Wild animals footprints on snow, Beautiful winter landscape
Traces of a wolf in the snow, traces in the snow
Vector collection of paint prints - footsteps, pawprints, palms, shapes of hearts, cat muzzles, fish, inkblots, stains, smears. Monochrome design elements
Animal footprint
Animal tracks in the snow
Wildlife animals, reptiles and birds footprint, animal paw prints set. Footprints of variety of animals, illustration of black silhouette footprints
Wolf Track in Winter Snow
Wolf tracks in the snow near Alert, Canada

two wolf and dog tracks
Animals footprints. Animal feet silhouette, frog footprint and pets foots silhouettes prints. Wild african animals paw walking track or footprint tracks. Vector illustration isolated sign set
Dog footsteps
Wolf tracks in the snow
Different animal paw print silhouette isolated vector illustrations
illustration with different animals and tracks collection
Animal footprint
Design of black dog pawprints
Texture animal tracks
Traces of animals in the snow. Wolf, fox, dog, cat paws footprints in the forest. Paw prints in winter white snow.
tracking collars for wild animal as wolf , dhole
Wild animals traces, black icon set with names. Signs of nature, imprint on ground. Vector animal footprints  illustration on white background
Winter night in the forest (with a lonely wolf on the road and moon in the sky)
backgrounds animal tracks
wolf footprint
Dog track, footprint on the snow
Wolf footprints. Vector illustration isolated on white. Wildlife design. Four wolf paws prints and sample of footsteps.
Paw prints in snow.
Animal tracks vector icons set
Vector illustration. Fox Paw Prints Track Logo. Black on White background. Animal paw print with claws.
Two free hand drawing paws print on beige background, original design
Animals Tracks - vector set - stock illustration.
Animals Tracks - North American animals - vector set
Set of animal and bird trails with name
Wolf track on the sand
wild wolf tracks in big snow in Apuseni mountains, Romania, one of the last places with wild big carnivores in Europe
Wolf tracks in the frozen snow
Set of animal and bird trails with name

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Gray Paw Prints. Logo.Vector Illustration. Isolated vector Illustration. Black on Grey background. EPS Illustration.
Vector hand drawn set of walking wild wood animal and bird tracks
Wild animals foot steps track vector set. Forest and sky mascots footprint silhouette illustration
Mosaic wolf track icon and rubber stamp watermark with Wolf phrase. Mosaic vector is designed with wolf track pictogram and with randomized spheric spots. Wolf stamp seal uses blue color,
illustration with animals and its tracks isolated on white
Large set of animal and bird trace steps imprints isolated on white
Dog footprint in the mud. Slovakia
Dog footprint sticker - vector illustration
Animals foot marks. Animal footprint, animals paw silhouettes, bear, cat, wolf and rabbit footprint steps  illustration set. Print animal track, footprint goose and turkey, partridge and cow
Wolf tracks in dark grey sand on the shore of the Yellowstone river in Yellowstone National park
The family of wolves follows in the tracks
Wolf footsteps on snow
Dog foot print on concrete floor
illustration with different animals and tracks collection
dog's tracks in the snow
Trace of dog leading far away. Editable Vector EPS8.
Vector black set bundle of different animals foot print path tracks isolated on white background
Animal Footprint Track Vector
Animal footprints. Walking track animals paw with name, pets tracks, bird and wild animals trail, wildlife safari feet silhouette isolated vector foot prints
Grey dog paws prints isolated on white background. Vector illustration.
Footprints of animals. Animal legs silhouette, wolf footprint and prints of pets silhouettes. Wild african animals walking paw tracks or track trail. Vector illustration
vector turquoise wolf tracks, native american indian style
Wolf tracks prey in the winter
Paw print seamless pattern. Traces of Cat Textile Pattern
Illustration animals paws print on a white background
Acrylic painting of a wolf's face.
Animals footprint. Animal, birds and reptile foot marks, wild animals paw silhouettes, mammals walking paw tracks vector illustration set. Footprint bear, hamster and camel, pigeon and buffalo
Dog track imprinted in mud
dog and man footprints
Paw prints of dogs, vector illustration
Frame made of dog/mammal paw prints
An acrylic portrait of a black wolf's face isolated on white. Raster.
illustration with different animals and tracks collection
Fresh animal traces on snow in winter mountains
Healthy wild wolf in the woods, tracking prey
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