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Withered lotus flowers in a glass vase on table
Roses withered on black background.
frame with dry gentle roses
Wilted Gerbera in vase
withered rose -still life
Withered yellow sunflowers on a white background.
Withered flowers in vase on table with copy space
 roses on white background
Single branch is withered roses?vector
In this picture, the flower first forms several buds, then two flowers blossom every day, the next day they both wither and then two other blossoms bloom, this sequence continues until the last bud.
Flat lay of  dried flower rose and withered on white background with copy space.
Dried yellow tulip flower over white background. Withered flower.
 withering red roses  isolated on white background
One continuous line art drawing of a withered plant in the pot vector illustration.
Wilted Flower Vector Flat Icon
gardener pruned withered roses in the garden
Withered chrysanthemum
Elegant drawing of hand holding bouquet of wilted flowers. Bunch of withered and droop wildflowers. Decorative floral design element. Romantic hand drawn vector illustration in vintage style.
A dried rose depicted on a white background.
Rose wither isolate
Bouquet of withered roses in glass vase.
Died rose on wood background
three withered transparent tulips on white background desaturated
fading cosmos flowers isolated on white background
A withered bouquet of flowers painted in watercolor
Rotten lotus on staircase concept background.
silhouette hand drawing style of a dead rose in a pot isolated on white background. There’s a copy space for your text. Concept of sadness, loneliness, death, ending and etc.
Bouquet of white Dried, withered flowers of a chrysanthemum isolated on black background
A collection of objects showing flower growing stages, seeds and a paper bag, growing sprout, flowering and fading withering plant. Game and app ui icons.
flower decaying. Dead flower in autumn withering isolated on black. bloom at the end of season
Plant in a pot before and after watering and care. Doodle vector illustration with watering can.A wilted plant in a pot and another came to life because of the fertilizer. Poster for flower shop.
The artists lotus flower that had faded and kraurotic.
Close up of withered rose and petal over white background.
Upset woman in bed looking on the wither  rose (focus on rose)
Withered and dried pink rose flower over blurred garden background
withered flowers in her hand, gone feeling concept. Hand drawn illustrations
A dried rose depicted on a white background.
Still life photography : Withered rose in glass on art dark background
Ink vector illustration of three herbs: pennycress, yarrow, tansy.
Still Life with Red Tulip Flowers in Porcelain Can
withered flower with brown leaves in a white plastic flower pot on the table
Dry flowers in the ground isolated on white
Roses on an old book in a vintage style
Close up side view of a single dried and withered pink rose isolated on white background, with copy space. Concept of ageing, old, vulnerable, abandon, sad, depression, death, farewell and pain.
Withered flower bouquet. Artistic effects and filters used.
Dead withered flowers in a pot, old and dry, poor plant care lack of water drought closeup
Dried flower buds. Graphic natural illustration. Good nature background.
Dried yellow tulip flower over white background. Withered flower.
Autumn wilting of yellow garden flowers Coreopsis grandiflora. Ornamental plants wilted, dried and died. Withered flowering bushes in the flowerbed. Golden balls fades.
Time lapse flower plant growing in vector art
The flowers are withered
A bouquet of withered roses isolated on white.
flower life cycle
Wilted yellow and red tulip with withering petals at the end of the bloom season, selective focus
Wilted yellow and red tulip with withering petals at the end of the bloom season, selective focus
Purple pink wither daisies background.
butterfly and red blossom isolated on black
a beautiful flower dead in the dark
dying dry dead houseplant in a plant pot flat design icon

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Infographic four stages of plant growth. Growing concept. Flat design, vector illustration.
A wilted plant in a pot.The plant came to life.Before and after watering and care.The result of the fertilizer.Flat vector stock illustration
Green Rose leafs and isolated white background
withering  roses isolated on white background
Withered rose on dark gray background and wooden table with fall petals and leaves, design concept of sad Valentine's day romance, broken up, copy,space.
Concept Shot with Fresh and Withered Tulip Flower as a Concept of Aging and Decay
Withered flower, Lotus. Withered lotus on black background. Dried lotus flowers
vintage rose
Grandiflora Indian Chrysanthemum stunted after flowering
Withered pink peonies on a dark background banner . Low view.Flowers background
A close up photography of a dried  flower
Close up of withered rose
Withered potted flowers. Poor plant care, lack of water, drought
Beautiful Yellow dahlia withered flower with yellow petals  ready to fall. Concept of nostalgia, melancholy and even death.
Withered flowers in white vase on table on black wall
Dry strelitzia reginae flowers, Bird of paradise flower, Tropical flowers dried isolated on white background, with clipping path
Withered roses in vases
Vector illustration car exhaust, co2, smoke
Withered pink rose flowers at watering can on white and blue wooden background with vintage tone, Vintage rose
Wilted Pansies
Wilting flowers
Ink vector sketches of plants parts: seeds, buds, inflorescences
Atmospheric toned photo of the feamale hands holding withering rose on the color background. Care concept.
Dried Red roses on a white background.
A faded pink roses dry on a white background
Dead Roses Isolated on White Background
Single wilted  pale pink color rose with one leaf isolated on white background
Withered flower amaryllis. White isolated.
art of flower wither
Withered roses in vase on old wooden
Seven sample of dark flower, stylized, sepia.  Black background
The flowers in the hanging pot wither and die
dried Tulip petals on a white table
Depressed gerber
A drawing of dried roses
Wither Rose In Hand Broken Heart Concept
withered rose ink
Dry rose on white background,Love,Black and white
Single withering red flower on black stalk with falling petals isolated on white background. Watercolor hand drawn painting on paper texture. Brush stroke floral illustration with wet ink effect.
Fading golden red rose withered on black background.
bouquet of red dry roses on an isolated background. the faded flowers are scattered, the holiday is finished anti valentin's day
Man holding wither red rose that faded away refer to disappointment in love or fail in love. A man has broken heart tattoo on his arm.
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