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Young man in doubt thinks about love. Idea about relationships and romance. Vector flat illustration. Confused young guy with question marks. Vector colorful illustration in flat style.
Young concerned businesswoman sitting at table near laptop folding hands together feels doubt unsure thinking making decision or waiting message good news having strong wish hope to get or win concept
Hungry chihuahua dog thinking and hoping of a bone, in a big speech bubble, isolated on Black background
A portrair of a young man with crossed fingers and closed eyes praying for risky business
a boy makes a wish in front of a birthday cake with candles. Funny facial expression, emotions, closed eyes, desire thinks. Horizontal photo.
Genie coming out of a wishes lamp
Dreamy millennial woman sit on couch hold laptop look in distance thinking distracted from online work, thoughtful girl in glasses take break from computer studying dreaming or visualizing at home
young attractive male holds his fingers crossed and eyes closed, wishful thinking, studio shoot isolated on white background
Cherished wish. Mature african american man crossing his fingers with great hope, orange studio background
Young Asian business man sitting daydreaming.
Young Asian man wear grey shirt with thinking and looking idea gesture
Young pretty business woman dreaming about vacation and her trip to famous touristic destination. Architecture symbols overhead
Young man in blue t-shirt with dreamy cheerful expression, thinking, looking up, isolated on gray background
Dreamy,pleased, thinking emotion . Wish concept. Young man in orange sweater, face portrait on white backgound.
Motivation and imagination concept as an ambitious cat with imaginary wings looking up at a group of birds as an aspiration  metaphor for planning creative solutions and setting goals for success.
Young businessman working at desk in yoga pose, praying, meditating, relaxing. Stress free work, time for practice, mindfulness and wellbeing, stay healthy on physical, mental emotional level concept
Two cute children sit on the roof and look at the stars. Boy and girl make a wish by seeing a shooting star.
Young woman sits on bench in park with blank notebook and pen on her hands. Wish Marathon. Writing wishes and dreams in a notebook. Life with a clean slate. Space for text. Thoughts about your desires
Young pretty business woman dreaming about vacation and her trip to famous touristic destination. Architecture symbols overhead
Dreamy young African American woman distracted from laptop work look in window distance dreaming thinking. Happy 20s biracial female lost in thoughts planning or visualizing at home office.
young pretty woman making a wish crossed her fingers, luck, closed eyes, hopeful gesture, isolated on white studio background
A Venn diagram of overlapping circles with the words Wishful Thinking and Realistic Ideas to illustrate dreams versus real plans that can be implemented to achieve a goal
many colorful dog treats circling over the dog’s head imitating her thoughts and desires, thoughts and desire of dogs
Set of Dreaming Characters, Thoughtful People Smiling, Young Men Women Working in Office, Study and Relax at Home with Dreamy Thought Bubble Isolated on White Background. Cartoon Vector Illustration
Word quotes of STOP WISHING, STOP HOPING, START DOING on colorful sticky papers hanging by a rope against blurred wooden background.
Man having problems, Isolated over white background
Closeup portrait of a girl short hair style boy alike woman with fingers crossed gesture eyes closed wishing for better future isolated on a green white background. Horizontal studio shot
The girl misses the lonely feeling, looks lost in the sad thoughts, the sad teenager spends time alone in the house, in the quiet, the woman thinks seriously, meditates, thinks about the problem.
Portrait of cute charming lady think future have problems decide solve choose beautiful touch chin hand fingers look up wear pink colored modern clothing isolated on turquoise background
Happy smiling woman looks up, puts hands together in prayer, feels grateful, hopes for successful plan realization, believes in business success, wishes dream come true, visualizes future, head shot
Young man with closed eyes focused on thinking.
Young man thinking and dreaming. Businessman Mind behavior, mental mindset, imaginative thinking concept. 3d vector people character illustration. 3D illustration free to edit. Creative thinking
Positive african-american guy crossing fingers, making wish, hopes for fortune and good luck, orange background
Businesswoman sitting thinking as she works on paperwork resting her chin on her hand and staring off to the side
Photo portrait of nice girl having new idea trying to find solution dreaming looking up having a plan isolated on blue color background with copyspace
Merry Christmas wish background. Bank circle ornament hanging. Festival celebration poster layout. paper art vector
Wishlist word on a notebook with a pen and a cup of coffee
Imagination and creativity concept. Creative person imagining travel and future ideas. Happy woman dreaming and making wish. Mind of dreamer. Flat vector illustration isolated on white background
powerful guy reality vs ambition wishful thinking concept. Human face expressions, emotions. Sad man looking down
Girl in the birthday hat with a cake with candles makes a wish with his fingers crossed
Close up dreamy African American man wearing glasses looking to aside out panoramic window, visualizing, pondering new opportunities or online project strategy, standing at table with laptop
Portrait of charming, lovely, cute, beautiful, sweet lady look aside touch cheeks by hands fists and smile isolated on pastel turquoise background
Think big concept and positive visualization symbol as an ordinary basic sand shape dreaming and imagining greatness as a majestic castle as a metaphor to imagine future potential and success.
Man and woman hand holding a flower of heart filed together on sunlight in the public park, for give supporting when people get who lack of desire with love concept.
Positive thinking, couple in thoughts, cheerful people concept. Young smiling couple cartoon characters looking aside, touching chin and thinking together vector illustration
Pensive African American man in glasses distracted from computer work look in distance thinking or pondering, thoughtful biracial male lost in thoughts make plans visualizing, business vision concept
Portrait of beautiful cute young  woman with pouted sensual lips and black hair fink about new idea and looking at something
Women, Black, Worried.
young attractive female holds her fingers crossed and eyes closed, wishful thinking, studio shoot isolated on white background
Thoughtful Young Woman with Hand Holding Stack of Money Inside Thought Bubble.
Daydreaming imagination and inspirational thinking scene tiny person concept. Relax and think about vision, wishes and life future vector illustration. Fantasy and brainstorm process visualization.
Sad young woman in casual clothes holding her belly wishing for a baby or being unhappy with the thought of her pregnancy. Hand drawn line art cartoon vector illustration.
Waist up shot of positive dark haired makes cherished wish begs for luck hopes for good thinks happen wears round spectacles and casual t shirt isolated on yellow background. Wish desire superstition
Young girl in doubt thinks of boy in love. Man inside the thought bubble with heart in his hand and female with question marks. Idea about relationships and romance. Vector flat illustration
Handsome cartoon character man in blue shirt with phone dream think about isolated over white background. 3d render illustration.
Smiling dreamy confident businesswoman in glasses looking to aside, sitting at work desk with laptop, happy pensive woman student freelancer visualizing good future, dreaming of new job opportunities
vector illustration of dream and thought of Businessman
powerful girl reality vs ambition wishful thinking concept. Human face expressions, emotions. Sad woman looking down isolated on gray wall background
blue and white line art illustration of the thought of pizza slice
Kids with dream wishes in bubbles set. Children thinking about of becoming superhero and radio controlled car cartoon vector illustration
Wishful thinking.
Close up photo of positive interested girl wait holiday bite lips look copyspace think thoughts expect what present she get wear stylish trend clothes isolated over pastel color background
Little girl in casual clothes looking up and thinking. Sitting at the table.
Young woman Jane thinking and dreaming. Mind behavior, mental mindset, imaginative thinking concept. 3d vector people character illustration.
Thoughtful doubtful businessman in tension thinking make difficult decision at work, stressed man put hands in prayer pray with hope pondering reflecting concerned about problem challenge sit at desk
Young desperate woman in love making a wish keeps her fingers crossed isolated on gray background
Thinking Man.
Thoughtful Young Woman with Pencil and Blank Thought Bubble.
Closeup side view profile portrait, senior mature man, daydreaming about something that makes him happy, looking up, isolated white background. Positive human emotion facial expression feelings.
Positive minds symbol. Thought balloon full of beautiful flowers. Floral abstract thinking concept relaxation idea. Design of optimism and good mood picture on pink background
Fashion pretty girl thoughts wishing
Young woman in love crossing her fingers
Closeup of smiling young businessman thinking in office
Girl holding hands together, elbows to the sides. Eyes closed. Meditate or make a wish, trying to calm down.
Inspirational quote on kapok background with vintage filter.
Excited laughing Indian woman sitting on cozy couch, dreaming about good future, looking to aside, happy smiling young female enjoying leisure time at home, having fun, relaxing on sofa
Relaxed young woman lying on couch
Girls with dream wishes in bubbles set. Kids imagination cartoon vector illustration
A man and woman hand holding a red heart and pink heart with love in sunlight in the public park.
Hungry cat and dog dreaming of a different food. Vector illustration
Young asian woman closing eyes in front of the city.
portrait of a happy young woman looking up
Hopeful religious businesswoman joining hands in prayer, sitting at home office desk with laptop, wishful mindful young woman with closed eyes dreaming, asking help, begging for good work result
Children dreaming composition with group of doodle kids characters with toys and colourful imagination thought bubbles vector illustration
Little girl writes her wish list on a blackboard
Smiling young man with peaceful face thinking over plans for future holding his chin, thoughtful teenager dreaming about good job. Indoor studio shot isolated on orange background
Man Thinking.
Cartoon Concept Illustration of Funny Man Dreaming about Wealth or Vacation
Happy smiling man looking up and dreaming at his future
Pretty young girl sitting on cloud and thinking of abstract speech bubble with copy space
Close up profile satisfied African American woman lost in thoughts, looking to aside, visualizing future, dreaming about new opportunities, pondering strategy, distracted from laptop and online work
Portrait of blond woman holding crossed fingers and wishing for good luck, having excited look, hoping for victory, wearing white sweater. Indoor studio shot isolated on pink background.
Wistful young bearded Indian man 20s wears blue shirt put hand prop up on chin lost in thought and conjectures isolated on plain orange background studio portrait. People emotions lifestyle concept
Pensive millennial Caucasian male employee stand at home office desk look in distance think ponder over problem solution. Thoughtful man distracted from computer work make plan decision at workplace.
Business cartoon of businesspeople in meeting and leader with chart that says, 'hope is a strategy'.
Thank you my God. Happy peaceful millennial hispanic lady stand alone with closed eyes keep hands close to heart hope pray in mind. Emotional young woman express deep gratitude impressed by good deed
Way heaven amazing wonderfully filled beautiful shining stars.   color think for God,Exceed the actual
Cute young female, thinking about ice cream
Portrait of pretty woman with dreadlocks, having satisfied expression, keeps finger on chin, concentrated away, thinks about pleasant moment in life. Indoor studio shot isolated on blue background.
Family wishful thinking concept: Happy Father, Mother, and daughter wishful thinking vector illustration
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