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A guy and a girl in medical masks, sitting in a queue, and waiting for a doctor's appointment in the hospital.
Old hourglass with flowing sand icon isolated on white background
PRAGUE, CZECHIA - A patient with kn95 respirator is waiting to see a doctor (general practitioner) in a clinic waiting area. Mar 11, 2021
wasting time concept with Asian business woman feeling tired and bored waiting for someone coming late at work and looking at alarm clock on desk
White hospital corridor with doors and white chairs for patients waiting for the doctor visit. A poster. 3d rendering mock up
old woman waiting for some money
Hourglass Icon Vector Illustration
Diverse black and white people sitting in row using smartphones tablets, multiracial men and women waiting for job interview, human resources, employment or customers and electronic devices concept
White hospital lobby with a door and white chairs for patients waiting for the doctor visit. A poster. 3d rendering mock up
Smiling interracial couple with suitcases waiting near hotel reception
French bulldog dog waiting for owner at the window
Senior woman and man sitting with face masks in a bright waiting room of  a hospital or an office
Young and mature man with face masks sitting in a waiting room of a hospital or office - focus on the young man
Shoes of people doing a line in a casting for a catwalk - Barcelona
Waiting room line icon, outline vector sign, linear style pictogram isolated on white. Symbol, logo illustration. Pixel perfect vector graphics
Head shot serious puzzled African American businessman looking at laptop screen sitting in office. Executive managing thinking received bad news keeping fist at chin waiting hoping positive result
Full length profile shot of people waiting in line and wearing protective masks isolated on white background
Hour glass and calendar concept for time slipping away for important appointment date, schedule and deadline
Soft blue waiting room with white chairs and wall clock 3D render
Boxer canine looks through screen door while waiting for something.
French bulldog dog waiting for owner at the door
Smiling people sitting in chairs and waiting for doctor's appointment time at hospital. Men and women at physician's office or clinic. Colorful vector illustration in modern flat cartoon style.
Row of multiethnic people sitting side by side while waiting for doctor in hospital lobby
Waiting Concept vector illustration of people using smartphones for reading new, texting and tracking networks. Flat  design of wifi addiction of young people waiting inline for web page, banner
Man Waiting in Lobby Landing Page Template. Long Wait, Male Character in Hall Sit and Sleeping at Huge Hourglass. Appointment in Clinic or Office, Airport Departure Delay. Cartoon Vector Illustration
Waiting icon
Desperate sad business man waiting for someone to call him
cute small dog standing on two legs and looking away by the window searching or waiting for his owner. Pets indoors
Peoples feet as they wait in line
Wait Here Round Floor Marking Icon with Text and Shoeprints for Queue Line or Other Purposes Requiring Social Distancing. Vector Image.
Skeptic sad border collie dog thinking & dont know what to do in park looks depressed. Homeless witty dog sad eyes thinking - look side. Collie dog sad eyes closeup hanging on bench. Collie thinking
Portrait of a puzzled man looking at smart phone, sitting at table at home.
Young man waiting for interview indoors
Time and Clock Vector Line Icons. Timer, Calendar, Watch, Support, Waiting. Editable Stroke. 256x256 Pixel Perfect.
waiting icon on white background
Young woman waiting for job interview
Waiting vector icon isolated on transparent background, Waiting transparency logo concept
Patients in doctors waiting room in hospital, office interior clinic. Vector illustration
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - APRIL 01, 2020: A long line outside of Whole Foods in Tribeca, New York as the store has implemented social distancing measures during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Patients people in doctors waiting room vector illustration. Cartoon flat woman man characters in masks sit and wait for doctoral appointment in hospital hall interior. Medical healthcare background
Group of five people sitting in a full waiting room. No chairs are empty. Hand drawn line art cartoon vector illustration.
Waiting icon line isolated on clean background. Waiting icon concept drawing icon line in modern style. Vector illustration for your web site mobile logo app UI design.
Blur image of patients in the hospital waiting to see doctor and treatment.

People characters sitting on chairs and waiting appointment time in medical hospital. Doctor inviting next patient in cabinet. Man and woman in queue at the clinic. Flat cartoon vector illustration.
People wait in hospital hall interior vector illustration. Cartoon flat patient woman man characters in masks sitting in doctor reception room, waiting for doctoral exam. Medical healthcare background
Modern waiting area with white walls, a wooden floor and a row of soft gray armchairs. 3d rendering mock up
a women sitting alone on a bench waiting for love, alone concept
Close up of bored diverse multiracial job candidates sit in queue line feel anxious wait for interview, stressed multiethnic applicants get ready for work recruitment talk, employment concept
 Please wait here, Social distancing sign for covid 19 outbreak 1-2 metter distance at public place, shopping center, shop, hospital, workplace. Vector Illustrator.
Illustration of crowd of people standing in line in perspective in black and white
Front view of a row of modern, simple white chairs against blue wall in a minimal style waiting room interior

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Please Wait Here Sign. Coronavirus COVID-19.
Girl waiting for a bus.
young woman and many people waiting medical and health services to the hospital,patients waiting treatment at the hospital,blurred image of people
Young Group Of People Sleeping On Chair In A Waiting Room
Please Wait Here. Keep Your Distance. Stop Wait Here Floor Sticker. Social Distancing Warning Sticker. Vector Text Illustration Background.
Waiting room icon. Outline waiting room vector icon for web design isolated on white background
People in queue waiting for something. Back of man and woman Orderly in line with defocus
Three cute stuffed animal toys on chairs in the waiting room of a modern hospital or health center for children
Tired of waiting. Bored young businesswoman holding paper and looking away while sitting on chair against grey background
Bored at work concept, tired unmotivated male worker wasting time at workplace distracted from boring job, lazy man disinterested in dull monotonous routine feeling lack of ideas thinking of boredom
Go, wait, stop set signs. Octagonal green go, red stop, yellow wait. Traffic regulatory warning symbols.
Full length profile shot of many young and older people waiting in line isolated on white background
Woman patient waiting at hospital Doctors Waiting Room
Row of multiethnic people waiting for the doctor in hospital lobby
Confused African guy holding smart phone feels concerned thinking over received message. Mobile phone everyday usage, unpleasant news, waiting for important call, low signal device problems concept
Asian girl waiting for departure at the airport on your vacation. Uses a smartphone and drinks coffee
Patients In Doctors Waiting Room
Young Asian businesswoman holding a portfolio looks at the clock waits for a job interview at the office.
Many people in a waiting room to see a doctor
High Angle Shot in the Hospital Lobby, Young Man Waits for Results while Sitting and Using Mobile Phone, Doctors, Nurses and Patients Walk Past Him. Clean, New Hospital.
Feet of different people sitting in a waiting room
Blurred Patients In Doctors Waiting Room
French bulldog dog waiting for owner at the window
End of month for salary man concept, miniature people businessman office guy standing and looking at number 31 date, waiting to get money and pay day.
Man waiting for a phone call on table, face down
3D rendering of chairs and clock in a waiting room
Jealous woman sitting on sofa holding phone feeling sad waiting for call, frustrated millennial girl upset or worried receiving bad news in mobile message on smartphone at home, cyberbullying concept
Vector spring forward icon. Change time. Adjust time. set time.
Business people working in office. Business man looking at clock an waiting something.
Large group of people waiting in line
Group of friends waiting the train in the platform of subway station. Public transport concept.
Red Stop Hand Block Octagon Sign or Adblock or Do Not Enter or Forbidden Icon. Vector Image.
Pointer click icon. Clicking cursor, pointing hand clicks and waiting loading icons. Website arrows or hands cursors tools, computer interface button. Vector isolated symbols collection
Please Wait Here. Keep Your Distance. Stop Wait Here Floor Sticker. Social Distancing Warning Sticker. Vector Text Illustration Background.
Man sleeps in a waiting room chairs
Circular loading sign, isolated on white background, vector illustration.
Two young asian woman wearing protective face mask stand in line with social distancing during waiting train in subway due to Coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak situation in all of landmass in the world
Different people sitting in a waiting room of a hospital
Set of modern preloaders
Single sad girl waiting for a phone call sitting in a table at home
Patients and doctors speaking inside hospital waiting room.
Multi-ethnic millennial people holding phones and resumes preparing for job interview, diverse vacancy applicants candidates wait in queue sitting in row, human resources, employment hiring concept
Fast services, check list and stopwatch, to do plan, procrastination and efficiency, project management, quick questionnaire, short survey, vector flat illustration
Tired bored man is sleeping in waiting room on chairs.
Patient sitting in hospital ward hallway waiting room with iv. Woman with intravenous therapy in her hand is waiting in the clinic corridor with blurred medical personnel in background.
People waiting their bus at bus stop. City community transport vector concept illustration with diverse commuters standing together
Businesswoman sitting at the airport lounge, waiting for the flight. Thoughtful woman sitting on sofa with coffee at airport waiting area.
Time Icon for Graphic Design Projects
Footprint floor sticker, foot steps in circle, keep distance waiting in line, stand here sign, queue order safety, coronavirus or Covid-19 prevention, social distance, vector icon
White wall office waiting room interior with a black glass like floor, two yellow armchairs and a coffee table. Loft window with modern cityscape and a tv set. 3d rendering mock up
Business man wearing necktie suit and holding a coat standing and looking at wrist watch, waiting. Smiling corporate business person character wearing stylish clothes. Flat style vector illustration
Men and women dressed in trendy clothes standing in line or queue in front of shop entrance doors. Stylish people waiting for store, boutique or showroom opening. Flat cartoon vector illustration
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