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Calm smiling businesswoman relaxing at comfortable office chair hands behind head, happy woman resting in office satisfied after work done, enjoying break with eyes closed, peace of mind, no stress
Head shot young indian woman crossed hands behind head, enjoying break time at home. Peaceful carefree millennial hindu student resting at table with computer, looking aside, dreaming of future.
Calm woman relaxing meditating with laptop, no stress free relief at work concept, mindful peaceful young businesswoman or student practicing breathing yoga exercises at workplace, office meditation
Mental wellbeing as spiritual, healthy and creative mind tiny person concept. Artistic world or thoughts with inner peace and harmony care vector illustration. Imagination from meditation or knowledge
Asian young blind person woman with headphone using computer with refreshable braille display or braille terminal a technology device for persons with visual disabilities.
Calm millennial man in glasses sit relax at home office workplace take nap or daydream. Happy relaxed Caucasian young male rest in chair distracted from computer work, relieve negative emotions.
Calm woman relaxing meditating, no stress free relief at work concept, mindful peaceful young businesswoman or student practicing breathing yoga exercises on isolated over lavender background
Portrait of Asian young blind person woman using smart phone with voice accessibility for persons with disabilities in creative workplace
African american calm businessman relaxing meditating in office, peaceful ceo in suit practicing yoga at work, focus on black man hands in mudra, successful mindful people habits concept, close up
Pensive African American man in glasses distracted from computer work look in distance thinking or pondering, thoughtful biracial male lost in thoughts make plans visualizing, business vision concept
Happy millennial Caucasian woman sit in cozy chair in design home stretch relax breathe fresh air. Smiling young female renter or tenant rest in armchair relieve negative emotions enjoying weekend.
Dreamy young woman pondering ideas, sitting at desk with laptop, distracted from work, beautiful female looking in distance, taking break, dreaming or visualizing at home
Head shot close up mindful young businesswoman breathing fresh air with closed eyes near window, enjoying calm break pause time in office, reducing stress pressure during workday, copy space for text.
Happy millennial Caucasian man in glasses use tablet look in distance planning or visualizing future success. Smiling young male work on pad gadget, dreaming or thinking. Business vision concept.
Laptop webcam screen view multiethnic families contacting distantly by videoconference. Living abroad four diverse friends making video call enjoy communication, virtual interaction modern app concept
Smiling african american biracial business woman manager worker raising up arms, stretching back, relaxing after finishing hardworking day, meeting deadline, dreaming visualizing in modern home office
Close up smiling dreamy Indian businesswoman holding computer tablet, looking to aside, intern thinking about new job opportunities, startup ideas, dreaming about good future, business success
Mindful calm businessman in suit meditating at office sitting in lotus position on work desk, successful ceo executive doing yoga exercise at workplace, peace of mind, no stress free relief concept
Head shot close up happy attractive businesswoman looking away, feeling excited about new challenges. Smiling pleasant young woman dreaming of future at home, planning workday alone in office.
Close up dreamy smiling woman daydreaming, stretching on sofa with hands behind head, happy young female visualizing good future, enjoying lazy weekend, sitting on comfortable couch at home
Mindful young woman breathing out with closed eyes, calming down in stressful situation, working on computer in modern kitchen. Millennial hispanic lady managing stress, practice yoga at home office.
Head shot young dreamy woman sitting at table, distracted from computer work. Lost in thoughts lady looking away, planning visualizing future at home. Entrepreneur enjoying break pause time.
Thoughtful african American male employee in glasses sit at desk distracted from computer work pondering, pensive biracial man look in distance thinking or planning, business vision concept
Happy millennial Latino woman drink coffee or tea from mug cup look in distance dreaming thinking of opportunities achievements. Smiling Hispanic female enjoy leisure free time at home visualizing.
When all is done. Back rear view of happy young female florist sitting on chair in cozy studio pleased with work results. Creative interior designer stretching with hands behind head resting relaxing
Head shot smiling Indian woman with arms crossed dreaming about good future, laughing young female standing at home, looking to aside at window, visualizing, thinking about new opportunity
Excited laughing Indian woman sitting on cozy couch, dreaming about good future, looking to aside, happy smiling young female enjoying leisure time at home, having fun, relaxing on sofa
Head shot close up smiling Indian businesswoman dreaming and visualizing, standing in modern office room, successful confident executive team leader thinking about new career opportunity, good future
Head shot happy peaceful young european woman relaxing on cozy couch with folded hands behind head, daydreaming or napping alone at home, enjoying stress free holiday lazy sleepy time indoors.
Side head shot view mindful smiling beautiful young woman breathing fresh air, standing near window. Happy millennial caucasian lady enjoying meditation moment, feeling peaceful indoors, copy space.
Rear view young businesswoman leaning back in comfortable chair, sitting in modern office, successful woman employee looking out window, planning future, visualizing, pondering project strategy
Close up dreamy African American man wearing glasses looking to aside out panoramic window, visualizing, pondering new opportunities or online project strategy, standing at table with laptop
Smiling businessman freelancer wearing glasses leaning back in chair with hands behind head, happy satisfied young man dreaming about good future, new opportunities, visualizing success
Head shot satisfied calm smiling young african american businessman folded arms behind head, reclining on chair, relaxing, enjoying break pause time alone in office or home, looking at camera.
Young indian lady scientist in glasses work on pc do research sit by desk at home in library think of success distracted from screen. Teen female student relax from studying visualize good exam result
Attractive happy woman holding computer tablet, looking away. Pleasant smiling businesswoman distracted from job, planning workday. Dreamy young lady visualizing future, holding electronic gadget.
Calm woman relaxing meditating, no stress free relief at work concept, mindful peaceful young businesswoman or doctor practicing breathing yoga exercises on isolated over beige background
Calm and positive. Happy serene young female relaxing on couch at living room leaning back on pillows. Woman taking break of household chores, breathing fresh air, dreaming about spending weekend
Dreamy middle aged senior loving retired family couple looking in distance, planning common future or recollecting memories, enjoying peaceful moment relaxing together on cozy sofa in living room.
Successful millennial indian lady stand at home keep arms crossed on chest look at window with confident smile. Happy mixed race female private enterpreneur proud of being self made business woman
Inner peace and meditative thinking concept vector illustration. Beautiful women and natural beauty visual graphics.
Pensive African American woman look in distance thinking dreaming of future success or opportunities. Thoughtful biracial young female imagine or visualize. Dreamer, vision, visualization concept.
Back view of calm young woman sit rest in cozy modern chair in living room stretch breathe fresh air. Happy female renter relax in armchair at home look in window think or visualize enjoy weekend.
Indian female sitting on couch lotus pose put hands on lap folded fingers closed eyes enjoy meditation do yoga exercise at home. No stress, healthy habit, mindfulness lifestyle, anxiety relief concept
Peaceful young man wearing glasses daydreaming with closed eyes, lazy sleepy businessman or student leaning back in comfortable chair, stretching hands, sitting at work desk, dreaming and visualizing
Serene Indian woman closed eyes breath fresh humified air in cozy living room alone put hands behind head lean on sofa having day nap alone, reduces fatigue, enjoy pleasant thoughts, no stress concept
Beautiful 30s woman closed eyes put hands behind head relaxing on comfortable sofa in cozy warm light living room with houseplants, no stress concept, horizontal photo banner for website header design
Asian young blind person woman using smart phone with voice accessibility for persons with disabilities in creative workplace.

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Close up smiling dreamy Indian woman relaxing on cozy couch, leaning back, happy young female visualizing good future, dreaming about new opportunities, planning, daydreaming at home alone
Happy satisfied millennial woman owner renter of new apartment. Female having rest sitting in comfortable pose on sofa at living room with modern interior design, copy space.
Close up dreamy smiling businesswoman in glasses distracted from laptop, looking to aside, pensive young woman visualizing good future, dreaming about new opportunities, pondering project strategy
35s handsome man take break from telecommute on laptop, make meditation practice sit in kitchen relaxing with eyes closed. No stress, good life habits, fatigue tiredness relief, yoga lifestyle concept
View over shoulder of adult daughter talks by video call with 50s mum. Pc screen view smiling elderly grandmother enjoy virtual chat videoconference with grown up granddaughter. New tech usage concept
Pensive millennial Indian girl stand in living room look in window distance thinking or making decision, thoughtful young ethnic woman lost in thoughts pondering planning, remembering or recollecting
Close up head shot profile peaceful beautiful woman relaxing, sleeping on comfortable couch at home, pretty young female enjoying rest, weekend, breathing fresh air, meditating with closed eyes
Full length mindful young indian woman making mudra gesture, sitting in lotus position on comfortable couch at home. Peaceful millennial girl deeply meditating, doing breathing yoga exercises alone.
Close up profile portrait smiling mature woman dreaming, thinking about good future, beautiful retired older female with healthy toothy smile looking in distance, feeling satisfied, natural beauty
African guy freelancer or office worker take break from work seated at desk in front of laptop looking at window feels satisfied by accomplished work, visualizing relieving fatigue daydreaming concept
Back view of female employee decorator relax in chair at home office or atelier dream or visualize. Woman designer rest at workplace take nap or sleep, relieve negative emotions. Stress free concept.
Horizontal banner calm businessman wearing suit meditating, practicing yoga in modern office, breathing deep, enjoying break, employee sitting at work desk with laptop, stress relief concept
Happy peaceful asian female employee lean on comfortable office chair, holding hands behind head, relaxing during working day break or after completed job, looking aside, dreaming about vacation.
Happy dreamy Indian woman relaxing on couch, enjoying lazy leisure time, daydreaming and visualizing good future at home, smiling young female dreaming about new opportunities, leaning back
Rear back view married couple resting and chatting with relatives via videoconference videocall application, laptop screen view over spouse shoulder. Distant virtual communication, modern tech concept
Close up dreamy smiling African American woman holding smartphone, looking out window, visualizing, distracted from phone, chatting online with boyfriend or waiting for call, enjoying leisure time
Tired young woman lying on cozy couch take nap daydreaming in living room, peaceful girl relax on comfortable sofa with eyes closed sleeping resting at home, female feel fatigue fall asleep
African young woman sitting at table opposite laptop in workplace meditating doing yoga exercise smiling feels good. Take a break, inner balance and harmony, stress relief no negative emotions concept
Portrait of Asian blind person woman in wireless earphones using smart phone with voice accessibility technology for persons with disabilities in office workplace.
Close up millennial calm attractive woman inhaling fresh air, breathing, relaxing with closed eyes, meditating, visualizing future, reminding pleasant positive memories, isolated on studio background.
Dreamy smiling elderly 60s hoary woman looking in distance out of window, recollecting good memories or visualizing future at home, planning vacation or enjoying peaceful mindful day alone indoors.
Mindful businesswoman practices breathing exercises at workplace, peaceful woman enjoys yoga with eyes closed at desk, no stress, keep calm, hands in chin mudra gesture, office meditation, portrait
Smiling dreamy woman in sportswear using laptop, waiting for online training, sitting on floor in living room, happy young female starting new day, visualizing, involved in internet yoga class
Full length calm woman with closed eyes resting on cozy couch, leaning back, enjoying lazy leisure time, attractive peaceful young female relaxing, daydreaming, taking nap on sofa at home
Close up overjoyed dreamy African American woman using laptop, standing, laughing businesswoman or student looking to aside, dreaming about good future, pondering new opportunities, visualizing
Rear view full length young couple relaxing on couch in modern apartment, young woman and man leaning back with hands behind head, resting, enjoying lazy weekend at home, moving day or mortgage
Young calm peaceful mindful african american guy sitting at table, resting, relaxing during remote working or online studying process, meditating, doing yoga breathing exercises to get rid of stress.
African american man relaxing after work breathing fresh air sitting at home office desk with laptop, black relaxed entrepreneur meditating with eyes closed for increasing productivity at workplace
Side view smiling dreamy Indian woman opening curtains in early morning, looking out window in distance, thinking and dreaming, happy beautiful young female feeling positive, starting new day
Pensive young company owner head of department standing by panoramic office window holding arms crossed on chest proud of personal achievement planning business expansion visualizing wellbeing success
Pensive young biracial man distracted from computer work look in distance think ponder. Thoughtful African American 20s male lost in thoughts, planning or visualizing at home office. Vision concept.
Dreamy millennial woman sit on couch hold laptop look in distance thinking distracted from online work, thoughtful girl in glasses take break from computer studying dreaming or visualizing at home
Happy young Indian woman look in distance thinking dreaming of perspectives or opportunities. Smiling millennial mixed race ethnicity female imagine visualize or plan success. Vision concept.
Head shot portrait of dreamy smiling African American businessman looking to aside, excited successful employee executive manager visualizing new job opportunities, planning, business vision concept
Dreamy smiling Indian businesswoman holding tablet, looking to aside, standing in home office, happy young female visualizing future, dreaming about new job opportunities, distracted from work
Happy african American young woman sit relax on cozy couch hands over head happy to move to new apartment, smiling black millennial girl rest on comfortable sofa in living room dreaming
Head shot close up of smiling dreamy Indian woman looking to aside, happy beautiful young female visualizing good future, feeling excited about new opportunities, planning new day, lost in thoughts
Full length positive dreamy young biracial girl leaning on comfortable couch, holding mobile phone in hands, looking at window, thinking of future date, meeting with friends or enjoying calm moment.
Peaceful african American young woman rest at home lean back on couch dreaming or visualizing, calm black millennial girl relax in living room, napping daydreaming on cozy sofa. Stress free concept
Dreamy young couple drinking tea, holding cups, sitting on wooden kitchen floor, first apartment, smiling wife and husband looking to aside, visualizing good future, planning and dreaming together
Calm young Indian woman relax on couch at home sleep or take nap relieving negative emotions. Relaxed happy millennial mixed race female rest on sofa daydream or doze. Peace, stress free concept.
African man wearing white t-shirt closed eyes pose aside isolated on grey blank copy space for creative thoughts advertisement text, guy dreaming feels calmness placidity balance and harmony concept
Dreamy young African American woman distracted from laptop work look in window distance dreaming thinking. Happy 20s biracial female lost in thoughts planning or visualizing at home office.
Smiling millennial Caucasian woman look in distance window dreaming or planning success. Happy young female thinking or pondering, visualize or imagine opportunity at home. Visualization concept.
Head shot portrait overjoyed smiling young mixed race lady rising hands, stretching back, relaxing after finishing project. Happy millennial woman employee celebrating working day finish at office.
Thirsty funny small african ethnicity cute kid girl drinking fresh pure water, refreshing during day or enjoying morning healthcare routine, horizontal photo banner for website header design.
Disability young blind person happy woman in headphone typing on computer keyboard working in creative workplace office.
Dreamy smiling Asian businesswoman sitting at desk with laptop, happy woman looking to aside, dreaming about good future or new opportunities, pondering strategy, planning project, home office
Calm millennial Indian woman sit on sofa in living room practice yoga with mudra hands. Young mixed race ethnicity female meditate relieve negative emotions relax at home. Stress free, peace concept.
Calm young Caucasian man sit relax on sofa in living room take nap or sleep relieving negative emotions, happy millennial male rest on couch at home, breathe fresh air. Stress free, peace concept
Profile view close up satisfied mindful woman with closed eyes dreaming near rainy window, meditating or daydreaming, visualizing good future, new opportunities, breathing deep, enjoying weather
Relaxed young smiling pretty woman sitting on cozy couch, looking in distance, dreaming or visualizing future, recollecting memories, enjoying stress free peaceful weekend holiday time at home.
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