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Kids' Fashion and Accessories (1900)
Vintage photo of little girl laughing (fifties)
a picture with two children - vintage fashion of  the 60s
French Child of 1920  - vintage engraved illustration - Catalog of a French department store - Paris 1919 -
Vintage style cute Scandinavian winter kids. Children and babies wearing fashion bohemian clothes. Retro style vector illustrations. Fashion concept
Three boys sitting in a push cart and smiling
VINTAGE CUTE LITTLE GIRLS. Vector illustration file.
Cute little smiling shy girl sitting on a ladder bench next to old house. Close up portrait of happy three years old child with two blonde pigtails. Rustic, retro, vintage style outfit.
Lonely girl with suitcase standing about road and holding paper with copy space in hands
Vector set of retro, vintage children illustration
Group of children performing with instruments and one girl dancing the hula
Girl eating ice cream and holding doll. Both dressed in identical dresses in flower pattern. Happy childhood. Child in vintage style. Retro clip art.
The skipping rope - Vintage engraved illustration - "La mode illustree" by Firmin-Didot et Cie in 1882 France
couple of kids seating on the beach, child whispering on wooden platform, summer spring sunny morning, jetty on the water lake background, vintage black and white, The boy hugs the girl from the back
Vintage art portrait of liitle boy looking out at camera in room with interior from 70s 20th century, retro stylization. Child in flat with rarity appliances and furniture, wide angle. Stay at home
Extra, extra: vintage newsboy holds out his paper for sale
POLAND - CIRCA 1889: Illustration taken from an original book "Moja Ksiazeczka" written by Marye Konopnicka. Warsaw, POLAND, November 13,1889. Show scenes from children's life. Creator H.Benneta
Little boy and his dog sleeping
FONT DENIM INDUSTRY. Craft retro vintage typeface design. Youth fashion type. Flair serif. Textured alphabet. Pop modern display vector letters. Drawn in graphic style. Set of Latin characters numbers
Happy child playing outdoor. Smiling kid dreaming about summer vacation and travel. Imagination and freedom concept
Little girl looking in mirror
Happy child playing at home. Car trip. Summer vacation and travel concept
A set of cute children's posters. Hand-drawn cartoon cars, bus, trees, road. Vector illustration
Child with vintage camera
Baby being kidnapped by a vulture
Two cute children sit on the roof and look at the stars. Boy and girl make a wish by seeing a shooting star.
Portrait of a boy holding a model airplane and smiling
Adorable boy on a railway station, waiting for the train with suitcase and teddy bear
Caught in the act
Kid shouting through vintage megaphone. Communication concept. Retro TV
Two cute children hand drawn in vector (graphic style) are gardening
Romantic children at a park. Retro style.
Watercolor illustration of baby boy washed clothes.
Child with vintage suitcase on summer vacation. Travel and adventure concept
Young blonde girl trying to blow bubbles in a field graded with a vintage tone
GERMANY - CIRCA 1957: Postcard printed in GDR shows Boy and girl playing on the beach, circa 1957
Happy kids playing with vintage wooden airplane. Travel and freedom concept. Retro toned
Boys Playing Marbles - Retro Clipart Illustration
Children's Birthday Party - Retro Clipart Illustration
Retro Kids In Wagon - Retro Clip Art
GERMANY - CIRCA 1952: Postcard printed in GDR shows Girl holds out an apple to the boy, who sits on the dog house, circa 1952
Vintage style image of a child reading to her teddy bear
Old picture of  cute little girl. Portrait for family tree
Little child, boy, hiding in old vintage suitcase in the attic, scared not to be found
Portrait of sullen boy
Set of retro silhouettes children. Raster version of vector file
Making her pitch
Baby girl imitating dad
Group of children and teacher in the classroom. Retro picture of classmates in the school. Vintage photo with original film grain, blur and scratches from ca 1948
Children boy and girl in retro clothes are walking down the street holding hands. The little girl turned around. Romantic, historical image. Selective focus
POLAND - CIRCA 1891: Illustration taken from an original book "W DOMU I W SWIECIE" written by Marye Konopnicka. Warsaw, POLAND, circa 1891. Show scenes from children's life. Creator H.Benneta
GERMANY - CIRCA 1958: Postcard printed in GDR shows Girl sitting on a bench with a doll and teddy bear, circa 1958
Children running, Friendship graphic
Mock up frame in cozy nursery interior background, Scandinavian style, 3D render
Wall mockup in children bedroom interior, Coastal boho style, 3d render
Happy boy with a dog
Portrait of young ballerina
Happy kid playing with toy airplane against blue summer sky background.
cute bear doll in sunglasses wearing denim jacket and jeans illustration
look good slogan with cute bear doll in t shirt,vector illustration for t-shirt.
Vintage photo of young girl with camera (fifties)
asian kid shocking action when reading vintage textbook on white isolated background to know about historical record or magic in pass(include path)
play hard slogan with cartoon bear doll tennis player illustration
easy going slogan with cute bear doll in casual outfit illustration
a boy in vintage clothes sits at a table with books, he is bored, he makes faces and wants to sleep
cute cartoon teddy bear with little white hare
An isolated illustration of a girl writing something
rush hour slogan with bear doll walking in business suit illustration
Girl stands alone in dress and holds flower. Hand drawn illustration for children's books, posters for the interior of bedrooms for newborns, postcards in vintage style. Vector clip art.
let's ride slogan with bear doll and bicycle illustration
Father and his three children having a workout with dumbbells
Mother Feeding Baby - Retro Clip Art
GERMANY - CIRCA 1952: Postcard printed in GDR shows Girl playing with the lamb, circa 1952
play hard slogan with bear doll in baseball pitcher costume illustration
father and son playing together on the beach.  Photo in old image style.
Dare To Dream - Boy Reading Book - Retro Clip Art
Mock up frame in warm colored girl bedroom, 3D render
Little preschool kid boy driving big toy car and having fun with playing, outdoors. Child enjoying warm summer day in nature landscape. Old picture in black and white.
snorkeling slogan with bear doll in snorkeling mask taking selfie illustration
Summer vacation in countryside, local staycation. Cute kids having fun, bathing and splashing in old iron bowl on the backyard of wooden house, happy summertime, outdoor lifestyle, selective focus
Happy child playing with toy wings against summer sky background. Retro toned
hit hard slogan with bear doll in baseball hitter illustration
let's roll slogan with cute bear toy in vintage skater style illustration
Retro Kids - Clipart Illustration
Boy swinging on toy horse. Children's entertainment. Hand drawn vector clip art. Illustration for children's books, posters for the interior of bedrooms for newborns, postcards in vintage style
Two smiling children ride lying on a wooden retro sled on a sunny winter day. Active winter outdoors games. Happy Christmas vacation concept.
bear doll doing high kick illustration with kick ass slogan
child boy in a cap takes aim with a slingshot to shoot at a target. Play around as a child in the village on vacation. Carefree childhood mischief maker.
bear doll in Thai boxing athletic style illustration
little girl sitting next to a vintage black telephone
Little adorable toddler girl driving big vintage toy car and having fun with playingoutdoors. Gorgeous happy healthy child enjoying warm summer day. Smiling stunning kid playing in domestic garden,
Kid in nature walking
Young student girl reading a book
Cheerful  smiling  child (boy) holding a instant camera
Retro Children - Clipart Illustration
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