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Businessman pressing angry face emoticon on virtual touch screen. Customer service evaluation concept.
Profile portrait of unsatisfied young man sitting chair arms cover face yawning late evening dark room
Unsatisfied woman in lingerie lying on bed with sleeping man
Hand holding yellow sticky note with unsatisfied face on blue sky background. Concept of unsatisfied or angry of someting
Hands holding sad smile, bad feedback rating, negative customer review, bad experience, unsatisfied survey, mental health assessment, child wellness concept, Red face on black background copy space.
Young handsome unsatisfied man in black t-shirt sitting on a couch and looking at the camera
Negative feedback concept. Choosing 1-star rating review in the survey, poll, or customer satisfaction research. Bad user experience via a smartphone. Customer experience dissatisfied. Poor rating
Beautiful asian business woman having a problem on her laptop computer. Unhappy or unsatisfied female worker.
Pretty funny moody little blond preschool girl in white sleeveless dress looks into camera feeling angry and unsatisfied on blurred summer background. Children tantrum concept.
Cartoon thinking man with question mark in think bubble vector illustration. Man and question in bubble think
Bad review concept. Angry girl points down with share, unsatisfied client poorly appreciated product or service. Promotion on Internet, feedback and user opinion. Cartoon flat vector illustration
Male depression. Upset Asian young man got problem sitting alone at home, a lot of thoughts, break up with a lover or bad time financial and debt Overthinking Unhappy unsatisfied and trouble idea.
Group of young diverse people giving thumbs down, hands in closeup. Multiracial corporate HR managers saying no and refusing a person. Multiethnic business team showing dislike of bad work
Unhappy employee or unsatisfied customer, depressed from overworked or business failure, anxiety or stressed from work, frustrated businessman covered with cardboard box with unhappy sad face.
Dissatisfied angry woman, cheated client sit on sofa check received box, damaged or broken goods in parcel, talks to customers support, express complaints, looks annoyed. Bad delivery services concept
Portrait of attractive worried frustrated girl holding steering wheel rental driving learning isolated over bright green color background
Close up sad woman thinking sitting alone at home. Portrait millennial female feels unhappy and depressed, has a problem in relationships broken heart after break up or quarrel with boyfriend concept
Doubting man. Smart male character with questions and clues marks, memory and solution, searching and thinking concept, unsatisfied serious worrying human vector illustration
Portrait of unsatisfied bearded man wearing official style suit showing thumb down and looking at camera, dislike, application testing feedback. Indoor studio shot isolated on blue background.
Mad angry asian businesswoman or female boss crumpling a document paper, yelling in the office, unsatisfied with her work project. Cropped image, Crumpled paper in woman hand.
Claim Customer Concept. Tiny Male and Female Characters at Huge Carton Boxes. Clients Unsatisfied with Service or Goods Quality Writing Complaint and Bad Feedback. Cartoon People Vector Illustration
Male depression. Upset Asian young man got problem sitting alone at home, a lot of thoughts, break up with a lover or financial difficulties and debt Overthinking Unhappy unsatisfied and trouble idea.
Negative feedback and rate with bad smile face.
Kids emotions. Kids Hands with yellow smiley, sad and unsatisfied paper faces. Emotional intelligence concept.
Unsatisfied emoji emoticon face showing thumb down dislike hand gesture
Angry man talking on phone disputing over computer laptop problem, stressed unsatisfied impatient customer arguing by mobile solving online difficulty with technical support complain on bad service
Cool good-looking young bearded man with stylish hairstyle and tattooed arm crossing hands with unsatisfied expression showing friend he have no idea what to do with situation.
Person shouting, calling for help. Woman screaming and yelling with loud voice. Discontent dissatisfied female announcing smth. Colored flat vector illustration isolated on white background
Bored unsatisfied young woman waiting for working day to end. Tired employee dissatisfied she has to work extra hours and do all paperwork sitting at office desk pouting lips with sad face expression
I don't like this. Portrait of displeased bearded young man in striped t-shirt standing with thumbs down dislike sign gesture and looking at camera. indoor studio shot, isolated on white background.
Angry mad pissed off young asian businesswoman unsatisfied with her work project, crumpling a document paper at her office desk. Overworked, Failure
Portrait of attractive dissatisfied moody gloomy woman bad news reaction frowning isolated over beige pastel color background
Stressed Asian businesswoman unsatisfied with her work, using portable tablet to check her email, receiving a bad email from her boss, getting a complained from customer.
Portrait of an unhappy female boss or businesswoman unsatisfied with the business deal from her partner on the phone call. Businesswoman with a serious phone call.
Stressed asian businesswoman or female marketing manager arguing on the phone with her colleague. Serious, Unhappy, Unsatisfied, Mad businesswoman.
Portrait of an angry unsatisfied asian businesswoman or female boss manager unhappy with her's employee project assignment.
Crop close up focus of African American woman show palm hand against racial gender discrimination. Determined mixed race female make sign gesture protest against domestic violence or abortion.
Unsatisfied customer reaction semi flat color vector object. Full sized item on white. Consumer opinion. Client assessment simple cartoon style illustration for web graphic design and animation
Unsatisfied customer comment comment semi flat color vector object. Full sized item on white. Writing complaint on social media simple cartoon style illustration for web graphic design and animation
emotional female customer arguing with staff girl at bar counter. Unsatisfied visitor angry about service in cafe shop. woman client dislike coffee drink and yelling at barista lady in morning store
Full size profile side photo of young unhappy angry couple have problem misunderstanding sit back to back conflict quarrel
Close up woman looks in mirror touch face feels upset detects mimic wrinkles or pigment spots due ageing process, need facial massage, cosmetics or treatment prevent age-related skin changes concept
Picture of disappointed upset young female being unsatisfied with presents, wearing striped shirt, being isolated over pink background, holding bags with gifts, having unpleasant facial expression.
Desperate sad jobless man put head on hands sitting on chair hunched after unsuccessful failed job interview meeting. Fired employee feels stressed after dismissal, boss and company bankruptcy concept
Portrait of gloomy girl with sad face pursing lips down frowning disappointed and pointing down with regret and unsatisfied expression, missing opportunity feeling upset over yellow background
Male depression. Upset Asian young man got problem sitting alone at home, a lot of thoughts, break up with a lover or bad time financial and debt Overthinking Unhappy unsatisfied and trouble idea.
Crop close up of little girl child stretch hand show no gesture protest against domestic violence. Small teen child stand against discrimination or school abuse. Childhood problem, voice concept.
Young Hispanic stressed woman sit on sofa in living room talks on smartphone looking concerned, listen bad news feels desperate, having unpleasant remote conversation, receive disagreeable information
Portrait studio shot of Asian unsatisfied young male model in casual jeans jacket look at camera showing crossed hands symbol sign say no reject refuse deny on yellow background with copy space.
Resignation Concept The male officer standing, putting his box of his belongs on the desk and handing the white letter to someone.
Moody little girl feeling angry and unsatisfied. Children tantrum concept
Pity caucasian businesswoman unsatisfied working with confusion and difficulty as getting charge from angry corporation boss to complain about job disagreement and failure team mistake at firm office
Unsatisfied man showing stop gesture in studio
Person with megaphone shouting, calling for smth. Woman holding bullhorn, speaking, making announcement. Businesswoman with loudspeaker in hands Flat vector illustration isolated on white background
Annoyed Woman Covering Her Ears in Noisy Restaurant. Unhappy cafeteria customer complaining about the environmental noise
Portrait of an upset unsatisfied asian woman standing with arms folded and looking away isolated over white background
Fat. Young woman in a beige blouse examining her abs
Dissatisfied businessman holds sign with thumb down icon. Social media marketing concept, low rating, unsatisfied customer. Simple style vector illustration
Grumpy mature man looking at camera isolated on white background
Unsatisfied physician giving medical mask in studio
Continuous one line drawing businessman with round scribbles instead of a head. Doubting man standing and thinking, unsatisfied serious worrying human. Single line design vector graphic illustration
Bad present. Purchase dislike. Unsatisfied customer. Disappointed sad woman with paper bag gift in red neon light isolated on blue background.
Office employee sit at desk looks at laptop screen feels angry due reading bad email news, problems with computer, lost unsaved information, troubles at work or device, malfunction need repair concept
Upset frustrated and confused female worker folding hands on chin feels puzzled having problem troubles and doubts about business moments, sitting in shared modern office with multinational coworkers
Young couple lying in bed under blanket at home. Boyfriend sleeping, pensive and frustrated girlfriend thinking about relationships break up or treason. Problem in sexual life concept
Photo of troubled guy sit table pc try solve dilemma wear t-shirt jumper front-tie isolated blue color background
Wtf nonsense. Pissed unsatisfied female customer complain unaccepatable behaviour raise hand dismay frowning arguing, look questioned disappointed, annoyed strange situation, red background
Continuous one line drawing businesswoman with round scribbles instead of a head. Doubting woman standing and thinking, unsatisfied serious worrying human. Single line draw design vector illustration
Portrait of unsatisfied impressed girl scream shout bad mood isolated on purple color background
Photo of pretty unsatisfied person look empty space hair flying grin tooth isolated on pink color background
Portrait of scared unsatisfied negative girl hand near mouth stare isolated on yellow color background
Unsatisfied person icon line symbol. Isolated vector illustration of icon sign concept for your web site mobile app logo UI design.
Woman sit on sofa open parcel box looks inside check purchased damaged items feels angry, complaining speaks on smartphone to customer support. Broken goods, bad services, dissatisfied client concept
Angry adult woman watching video online on laptop sitting on the floor at home
Male depression. Upset Asian young man having problems sit on a chair alone, having heavy thoughts, break up with lover or financial difficulties Overthinking Unhappy unsatisfied and trouble concept.
Portrait of unsatisfied frightened girl bite fingers stare speechless isolated on purple color background
Portrait of unsatisfied young girl sullen face look camera isolated on blue color background
Unsatisfied gas station worker filling up the tank with expensive diesel and giving thumbs down for price increase.
Angry irritated African American man in glasses dissatisfied by received parcel, unhappy customer unpacking cardboard box, wrong or broken fragile online store order, bad delivery service concept
Unsatisfied sleepy guy with messy hair and gloomy smile, standing over gray background. Morning after few drinks can be harsh sometimes. Hangover attacked unexpectedly
Unhappy young woman look at toothbrush, get unsatisfied it Attractive beautiful girl can’t choose good quality of toothbrush Pretty lady get confused and curious Dental care concept Yellow background
Hands holding orange sad smile, bad feedback rating, negative customer review, bad experience, unsatisfied survey, mental health assessment, child wellness concept,
Hands holding yellow sad smile, bad feedback rating, negative customer review, bad experience, unsatisfied survey, mental health assessment, child wellness concept,
Portrait of unsatisfied sick ill person closed eyes arms on temples isolated on violet color background
Multiethnic group of young angry pissed off people men and women
Young woman feeling dissatisfied about her order and arguing with a waiter in a restaurant.
The man studies blocks with mood symbols from happily satisfied to angry unsatisfied. Concept of rating, review. Quality assessment. Communication and feedback. Improving quality of services provided.
Close up of young woman show stop gesture sign by hand saying no to domestic violence or abuse, determined millennial female protest against abortion or discrimination, nonverbal language concept
man impotence and erectile dysfunction. sad woman and man in bed at night after bad sex. prostatitis and prostate cancer. a soft flaccid penis is frustrating for the patient. stock vector interior.
A bummed out young asian lady sulks probably out of boredom or loneliness. Unsatisfied with her job or career. Outdoor park scene.
Disappointed housewife standing next to the washing machine and holding stained clothes after doing laundry
African woman unpack box feels angry received see broken ordered goods gesticulates with hands negative face expressions, concept of damaged or wrong parcel, dissatisfied client, complaints and claims
Unsatisfied girl semi flat RGB color vector illustration. Negative emoticon. Alarmed woman. Irritated person. Consumer, customer feedback. Emotional review. Isolated cartoon character on white
Feedback banner concept. Woman giving 
two stars, low rating feedback on laptop screen. Leaving negative review, unsatisfied rating. Customer service and user experience. Flat Vector illustration
Beautiful sporty perfect skinny Caucasian woman in underwear, standing on beige background, pinches skin on naked belly, unsatisfied with diet result, worrying about body fat, thinking she's imperfect
Photo of unsatisfied worried business woman hands head stare screen bad news workplace office
Group of disappointed young multiethnic people give thumbs down, hands in closeup. Diverse business team shows dislike of bad work results. Multiracial corporate HR managers say no and refuse a person
Customer choosing to write unhappy face on virtual screen over happy face
Dislike and unsubscribe. Thumbs down. Kid unhappy small baby. Dislikes concept. Reasons why kids dislike. Girl little kid sad face dislike something. Unsatisfied customer. Child listening bad music

Stressed Young Couple Sitting in Bed Vector Cartoon Illustration. Unhappy husband and wife going to bed angry at each other
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