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Depressed mature woman lying in bed with bottle of pills top view, covering head with pillow, unhappy older female suffering from insomnia or depression, psychological problem, overdose concept
Beautiful female with frizzy Afro hairstyle, looks in displeasure at cell phone, receives call from former boyfriend, holds mobile phone on distance, ignores communication, afraids of something
Cute portrayal of a range of different emotions
sian thumbs up and wearing protective mask against the corona virus covid 19 brown man wearing surgical mask to prevent from virus white background Corona virus pandemic wearing mask. lockdown city
Stressed young woman sitting on bed hand touch head and showing please gesture
Portrait of stress sad business man working late at night time in office. Business man work hard lifestyle stress burnout overtime office syndrome, work from home, quarantine coronavirus concept.
Young man standing alone on edge of footbridge and staring at lake. Mist over water. Foggy air. Early chilly morning in autumn. Beautiful freedom moment and peaceful atmosphere in nature. Back view.
Grey haired old man sit on couch in living room alone, lost in sad pessimistic thoughts related to senile disease, mental disorder memory loss or dementia. Life troubles and lonely 80s person concept
Group of cool people, woman and man with sad and upset expression, unhappy
Portrait of a lonely with worried look elderly woman.
Focus on mixed race irritated young female sitting in cafeteria on speed dating with boring male rear view. Unsuccessful unlucky romantic date failure, bad first impression and poor companion concept
Profile photo of two amazing ladies in bad mood had fight not talk to each other standing back-to-back wear summer casual t-shirts isolated yellow background
technology, communication and remote job concept - indian man calling on smartphone with laptop computer working at home office
While the sad Muslim woman wearing a headscarf is looking sad with her eyes and she continues to feel sad despite her husband is giving comfort of her. Concept of consoling husband and wife.
Depressed and desperate person and happy and hopeful person. Concept illustration about depression and happiness. Illustration about mental state.
Set of happy and unhappy female office workers and vital power or battery charge indicator. Energetic and tired or exhausted girls and life energy indicaion. Flat cartoon colorful vector illustration.
Thoughtful girl sitting on sill embracing knees looking at window, sad depressed teenager spending time alone at home, young upset pensive woman feeling lonely or frustrated thinking about problems
Thoughtful anxious asian business woman looking away thinking solving problem at work, worried serious young chinese woman concerned make difficult decision lost in thought reflecting sit with laptop
Happy and satisfied young man surrounded by depressed, unhappy, sad and angry people. Smiling person in crowd. Funny cheerful guy and society. Colorful vector illustration in flat cartoon style.
Young african amercian man holding sad to happy emotion paper scared and amazed with open mouth for surprise, disbelief face
Millennial generation young adult woman looking in laptop computer, fling arms up.  She just found mistake in last assignment, error in contract, disagreement in email or dissatisfied buyer message.
Woman standing alone in a crowd.
young Japanese businesswoman in a bad mood
Young beautiful woman with depression
Composition of portraits of different young people
Unhappy Minority Person
Portrait stressed young man hands on head with bad headache isolated city street background. Negative human emotion facial expression feeling
Sad group of people with problems standing in a row  and thinking isolated on white background
Young Group Of People Sleeping On Chair In A Waiting Room
side profile stressed young businessman sitting outside corporate office holding head with hands looking down. Negative human emotion facial expression feelings.
Rear view portrait of one teenager boy thinking alone and watching the sea sitting on the sand of the beach with the horizon in the background
Cartoon businessman expressing different emotions
Collage of people face expression worried unhappy
Dissapointed beautiful brunette girl in quarrel with her boyfriend background.
Unhappy birthday guy with stubble feeling sad and disappointed because nobody came to celebrate his anniversary, blowing party horn all alone, confetti flying around him. People and celebration
The unhappy dieting Asian girl has a boring expression when she eats vegetables. She have sad face. diet, clean food, Healthy food and vegan concept.
business team with computer and files in office
People thinking
Portrait of thoughtful arabic woman in hijab sitting on couch at home, resting head on hands and looking away with sad face expression, copy space
Close up of a man who use wheelchair on concrete floor with copy space
vector illustration design concept on white background. a set of a couple of people quarrel and swear. Aggressive people yell at each other. design graphics in a flat stylish style vector
Collection of spouses or romantic partners during conflict. Set of husband and wife quarreling, brawling, shouting at each other. Family or domestic abuse, unhappy marriage. Vector illustration.
The sad woman touches her temples with her hands and suffers from a headache. A depressed girl suffers from temporary memory loss and confusion. Vector illustration
Closeup portrait of displeased pissed off angry grumpy young woman with bad attitude, arms crossed looking at you, isolated on white background . Negative human emotion facial expression feeling
Unhappy man carrying giant heavy boulder or stone. Concept of overburdened person, guy overloaded with difficult problem or task, boy withstanding adverse conditions. Modern flat vector illustration.
Headache. Expressions, feelings and moods. Man suffering from headache
Businessman in depression with hands on forehead
Sad African female with Afro hairstyle sitting in kitchen in front of laptop, talking on mobile phone to her husband, telling him that their family will be evicted soon because of non-payment for rent
Exhausted office worker with head in hands sitting at his office desk.
panic attacks young girl sad fear stressful depressed emotional.crying use hands cover face begging help.stop abusing domestic violence in women,person with health anxiety,people bad feeling down
Sad male character standing under the rain. Overcast weather. Emotions. Solitude concept. Flat editable vector illustration, clip art
Frustrated worried young woman looks at laptop upset by bad news, teenager feels shocked afraid reading negative bullying message, stressed girl troubled with problem online or email notification.
Group and team of young business people over isolated white background thinking looking tired and bored with depression problems with crossed arms.
Startup small business entrepreneur SME freelance asian team burnout overload working with box at office, Young Asian small business owner, online marketing packaging box delivery, SME stress crisis
Depressed young woman sitting on floor at home

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Closeup portrait young annoyed angry woman with bad attitude giving talk to hand gesture with palm outward isolated grey wall background. Negative human emotion face expression feeling body language
One is different, a yellow smiley is smiling in a crowd of unhappy smileys, 3D rendering
Continuous line drawings of young woman feeling sad, tired and worried about suffering from depression in mental health. problems, failures and concepts of heartbreak isolated on white background
Teenage girl depression - lost love
Depressed teenage girl cover the face with her hands.
Failed and stressed businessman is tired to work on the computer. He put hands on the head.Busy time of businessman in hard working cartoon background in pop art comic retro style.
Young blonde woman eating strawberry ice cream skeptic and nervous, frowning upset because of problem. negative person.
Mental health illustration concept, young happy and young sad woman
Business people sitting in a waiting room during company's bankruptcy - Depressed team of businessmen waiting for a job interview - Concepts about business, bankruptcy, crisis and economic depression
Depressed upset young woman feeling hurt sad stressed troubled with unwanted pregnancy, regret mistake abortion, having headache or drug addiction, suffer from grief dramatic bad problem concept
Head shot serious puzzled African American businessman looking at laptop screen sitting in office. Executive managing thinking received bad news keeping fist at chin waiting hoping positive result
Depressed man studio shot
Depressed woman is sitting with her arms around her knees and her head down. Sad girl in a difficult situation. Vector illustration isolated on a white background
Customer Experience Concept, Unhappy Businessman Client with Sadness Emotion Face on Paper Bag, Arms up with meaning of Disappointed and Wondering. Concrete Wall as background
Portrait of unhappy sad curly young woman wears striped t shirt looks to the side and stands with arms crossed isolated over white background
Frustrated excluded outstand african american man suffers from bullying or racial discrimination having no friends sitting alone in cafe, sad depressed black guy upset being rejected by white people
Girl putting on social face mask with fake positive emotion to hide real sad feelings behind it. Unhappy person disguising fear. Colored flat vector illustration isolated on white background
An elderly woman sadly looking out the window. Melancholy and depressed.
Studio People Shoot Portrait Isolated on White Concept
Confused young woman looking on laptop at home feeling bewildered by no connection, reading online news in internet, annoyed teen girl angry with stuck computer problem, scam spam email, system error
Concept of accusation guilty businesswoman person. Side profile sad upset woman looking down many fingers pointing at her isolated grey office background. Human face expression emotion feeling
Diverse group of business people holding a card with sad sign by their faces
Angry stressed african business man using laptop mad about broken computer online problem annoyed with slow stuck laptop error, crazy about system virus or data loss, outraged with website mistake
Woman wearing face mask during coronavirus outbreak. Virus spread flu prevention carantine. Girl in a facemask on a streets of Italy
Set of people expressing facial emotions. Human faces with sad facial expressions. Human faces showing sad emotion. People with sad faces. Vector flat design illustrations isolated on white background
Bored young african american girl tired of learning sit at home looking at laptop, lazy apathetic black female university student frustrated about study computer work feeling uninterested demotivated
Portrait woman look tired  isolated on white background
Set of different emotions male character. Handsome man emoji with various facial expressions. Vector illustration in cartoon style
Woman lying on a couch talking on smartphone quarantine concept
Corporate mad people yell authority tell speak with staff people person concept. Side profile view portrait of disappointed tired busy sad upset agent financier shouting on receiver in his hand
Annoyed woman talks over smartphone at home, irritated female has unpleasant phone conversation sitting on the couch
Sad frustrated senior woman pensioner having depressed look, holding hand on her face, calculating family budget, sitting at kitchen counter with laptop, papers, coffee, calculator and cell phone
Sad young woman reading bad news, feels dissatisfaction after receiving message on isolated white background. Pretty lady model with red hair emotionally showing facial expressions
Depressed woman lying on couch in messy room isolated flat vector illustration. Cartoon lazy character resting on sofa at home and surfing internet on smartphone. Apathy and indifference concept
Stressful work, Stress at workplace. Busy business woman, Project failure, Workaholic. Unhappy female clerk sitting at desk. Sad, tired or exhausted woman at office. flat vector illustration
Emotion, face, expression, mental stress, depression, boredom, frustration, fatigue concept. Young unhappy sad frustrated depressed woman girl teenager thinking looking tired or bored because problems
Teenager Russian girl isolated on purple background with sad and depressed expression
A unhappy stressed and tired mother traveling with her child. Depression.
Senior boss and stressed co-workers on meeting indoors
Collage group of sad depressed people. Unhappy men women
Overworked tired employee at workplace in office being unhappy
Portrait of frustrated upset mature male in his sixties holding hand on his cheek while suffering from terrible toothache. Retired elderly Caucasian man with gray beard having pain in teeth
Tired depressed bored african businessman frustrated by business failure bankruptcy looking at laptop feel exhausted having headache, upset stressed black office worker worried about problem at work
Stressed out broke woman checking her bills online. No money.
Set of tired, sleepy people, office workers, tired mother with postnatal depression, student, sleepy man in a subway
A full-length shot of a Young hispanic brunette woman with headache over isolated white background
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