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Bored African American businesswoman disinterested in routine monotonous work, unmotivated female employee or student holding head on hand, rolling eyes, using laptop at workplace, close up
Group of unsuccessful business people and badly managed company leads to unhappiness
Unhappy employee or demotivated at working place
Tiresome work
Businessman with a paper bag with angry face on it
Thoughtful anxious asian business woman looking away thinking solving problem at work, worried serious young chinese woman concerned make difficult decision lost in thought reflecting sit with laptop
Stressed business woman
Overworked tired employee at workplace in office being unhappy
Tired or Haggard Businesswoman Character Lying on Huge Battery with Low Red Charging Level. Overload Employee Working from the Last Forces. Deadline Stress, Heavy Work. Cartoon Vector Illustration
Team Of Unhappy Businesspeople Sitting In Business Meeting
Bored young woman in the office working with a laptop and staring at computer screen
Unhappy employee or demotivated at working place.
Exhausted businessman sitting on stairs
Tired African American businessman taking off glasses, exhausted employee massaging nose bridge, suffering from eye strain after long computer work, feeling pain, health problem concept
Team of unhappy businesspeople sitting in business meeting./strain meeting
Photo Of Sad Business Team Attending The Seminar
 Shot of stressed asian business man in the office.
Frustrated millennial female worker sitting at table with colleagues, felling tired of working quarreling at business meeting. Upset stressed young businesswoman suffering from head ache at office.
Angry senior woman boss firing unprofessional employee with hand gesture at diverse team meeting, dissatisfied aged female executive dismissing incompetent manager for bad work result in boardroom
Desperate employee, stressed young woman resting head on laptop keyboard
Desperate employee
Group of unsuccessful business people and badly managed company leads to unhappiness
Depressed business woman
Unhappy Sad Emotion Face On Sticky Notes. Unhappy Employee Or Demotivated At working place.
Hostile angry restaurant client couple or friends talking with waiting staff in public place complains about cold coffee long service, spoiled tasteless dish waitress feels guilty mixed orders concept
Young serious mixed race office worker female sitting at desk at workplace holding mobile phone makes business call listens client claims feels displeased annoyed and anxious, problems at work concept
Tired and upset waitress in kitchen of restaurant
business woman sitting at desk in office and examines documents
Close-up hands of businesswoman stressed from work while sitting outdoors on the stairs, concept work life balance, burn out syndrome, press from colleagues.
Cropped shot of an unhappy senior boss standing next to the table in the office
Envious businesswoman watching a colleague with an intense expression as she rests her chin on her hands looking to the side
Tired and upset waitress in kitchen of restaurant
stressed african businesswoman sitting in office
stress at work, emotional pressure, angry boss and tired unhappy woman employee
Unhappy crowd
Dissatisfied angry female executive scolding african employee for bad work at diverse group meeting, white woman boss reprimanding black subordinate for poor financial result at office team briefing
Exhausted office worker with head in hands sitting at his office desk.
Tired worker is sitting at the desk with laptop. Vector illustration in flat design.
Bored businesswoman sleeping in a meeting as her colleague who is giving the presentation talks in the background
stressed young businessman sitting outside corporate office working on laptop computer holding head with hands looking down. Negative human emotion facial expression feelings.
Businessman with balloon
Man hiding under laptop
Worried business man, with icons of requirement and goals around him: growth, legal, profitable, fast, satisfying. Concept for good work or employee. Hand drawn line art cartoon vector illustration.
Failed and stressed businessman is tired to work on the computer. He put hands on the head.
Fatigued businesswoman taking off glasses tired of computer work, exhausted employee suffering from blurry vision symptoms after long laptop use, overworked woman feels eye strain tension problem
Stressed business woman in the office.
Close-up of crumpled paper on table with unhappy businesswoman was frustrated. Concept of no idea to thinking
Hate my job
Bored young woman in the office working with a laptop and staring at computer screen
Angry boss firing upset female employee in office. Young male business manager yelling at scared and stressed business woman at her workplace.
Stressed business woman in the office.
Overworked upset tired group of diverse people sitting at table, dissatisfied with work results. Frustrated female male employees feeling fatigued, worrying about paperwork documents, company crisis.
Tired young indian female worker take off glasses feeling unwell suffer from migraine or headache, exhausted sick woman employee touch head have blurry vision or dizziness in shared office
Stressed multiracial team thinking of problem solution at emergency office meeting, sad diverse business people group shocked by bad news, upset colleagues in panic after company bankruptcy concept
Eyes fatigue at work, tired exhausted businessman suffering from computer vision syndrome taking off glasses massaging eyes after long laptop use, overworked man feeling eye strain tension problem
Young businessman sitting at desk and having headache while working with laptop in modern office

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Office lady being scared because of too much paperwork to do
Closeup portrait young annoyed angry woman with bad attitude giving talk to hand gesture with palm outward isolated grey wall background. Negative human emotion face expression feeling body language
Head shot serious puzzled African American businessman looking at laptop screen sitting in office. Executive managing thinking received bad news keeping fist at chin waiting hoping positive result
man hand holding card with the text unhappy, cutting the word un so it written happy.  retro style image
Angry male employee confused working at computer, solve business problems on phone, mad worker talk on cell arguing with client or customer, man busy at pc having serious conversation on cellphone
Tired businesswoman with hands on head sitting at desk over gray background
African american businesswoman frustrated by business problem and feeling unwell suffering from work stress sitting at the office desk
Mature and tired businesswoman working on computer until night. Portrait of a casual stressed lady with headache at desk. Exhausted business woman working late night at laptop in office.
Portrait of a lazy employee boring sitting in a desktop between other workers at office
The employees running away from their bad boss
Portrait of stress sad business man working late at night time in office. Business man work hard lifestyle stress burnout overtime office syndrome, work from home, quarantine coronavirus concept.
portrait stressed sad young woman outdoors. City urban life style stress
Team of unhappy businesspeople sitting in business meeting
Portrait of bored young asian woman typing laptop in office. Freelance employees sleeping lying head on hand on computer desk feel boring. Lifestyle of routine employees concept.
Couple of cooks unhappy with something. Negative facial expression
Office worker attending and showing contract trying to convince to a suspicious couple sitting in a desk at office
Businessmen with balloons
Angry senior business criticized of the attendees of the company.
Young laid off manager sitting down with a carton
Frustrated millennial businessman sitting at office in coworking space in front of computer feels desperate having serious problem Upset unhappy employee loss important data device breakdown consept
Unhappy young black business woman at desk in office
Exhaustion businesswoman in prostration with wind-up key in her back. Overwork and professional burnout metaphor, emotional stress concept.
Bored Employee In Video Conference Training Meeting
Unhappy customer complaining about the croissant in a cafe
Close-up Of Person's Hand Holding Wooden Block With Happy And Unhappy Face On Reflective Desk
Young executive unsatisfied with the performance of the employee, demanding explanation - concept
Furious boss scolding young frustrated interns with bad work results. Ineffective office workers sitting at the table and listening to irritated boss yelling with bored and annoyed expressions
Young woman at the table helplessly looking at the pile of documents
Mature female boss scolding young intern for bad work results at briefing, angry middle-aged businesswoman lecture, blaming employee, subordinate for business failure at company meeting, close up
Bored aloof corporate female business executive passionless unexcited and unprofessional
Angry businesswoman arguing with businessman about paperwork failure at workplace, executives having conflict over responsibility for bad work results, partners disputing about contract during meeting
Macro Young Pretty Woman Putting Pencil Between Nose and Lip at Office.
Image of a frustrated or tired young brunette rubbing temples
Exhausted female worker sit at office desk take off glasses feel unwell having dizziness or blurry vision, tired woman employee suffer from migraine or headache unable to work. Health problem concept
Woman showing a thumb down gesture
A close-up portrait of businessman boss checking on his employee, working hard on a project on computer, and is in disagreement with boss, isolated on white background. Human relationships at work.
Just Fired. Vector
Business negotiation, male partners arguing, funny easygoing man keeping calm in stressing situation, meditating with composed smile, dealing with emotional angry customer, stress management concept
Tired and upset waitress in kitchen of restaurant
Sad Fired / Let Go Office Worker Packs His Belongings into Cardboard Box and Leaves Office. Workforce Reduction, Downsizing, Reorganization, Restructuring, Outsourcing. Shot with Dark Ambient
Set of thoughtful businessmen. Unhappy people in business suits isolated on white background. vector illustration.
Stressed annoyed office employee manager having headache migraine at business meeting with complaining client customer tired of angry colleagues arguing shouting having conflict dispute at workplace
Unhappy teenage girl has a boring job serving fast food.  Isolated on white.
stressed business man in the office
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