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Simplifying the complex, confusion clarity or path. vector idea concept with lightbulbs doodle illustration
Emotional intelligence. Side view sequence of a woman thoughtful, thinking, finding solution with gear mechanism, question, exclamation, lightbulb symbols. Human face expression
Hand of male holding a light bulb for accounting and creative concept.
Creative thinking ideas brain innovation concept. Light bulb on yellow background
Vector illustration with two human heads with messy complicated line and orderly round element. Isolated on white background. Concept of solving problem, situation, chaos and mess, psychotherapy
decoding and understanding problem, face to face explanation concept
Grown up daughter holding hands of middle aged mother relatives female sitting look at each other having heart-to-heart talk, understanding support care and love of diverse generations women concept
Innovation and energy concept of hand hold a light bulb and copy space for insert text.
Realization Vector Line Icon
Smart young man, student thinking, understands problem and finds successful solution, vector cartoon characters isolated. Young man character solution and thinking illustration
Mixed race people sitting in circle and putting hands together in business team meeting or group therapy session. Community, trust, success, motivation, mutual responsibility, unity, support concepts
African man counselor therapist coach psychologist speak at group counseling therapy session concept encourage support patients in addiction talk share problem sit in circle in rehab, close up view
Survey vector illustration. Flat mini persons concept with quality test and satisfaction report. Feedback from customers or opinion form. Client answers understanding with professional research team
Handsome man with beard over white brick wall with an expression of frustration and not understanding
Young happy woman sitting at desk near laptop gesturing with hand make finger up, feels excited with good idea reach inspiration motivation, found solution for success at work or study, eureka concept
Simplifying the complex, confusion clarity or path vector idea concept with lightbulbs. Simplification streamlining process, straight and curve vector illustration
Synergy Vector Line Icons Set. Synergy Mind, Human Interaction, Exchange of Views, Team Collaboration, Business Cooperation. Editable Stroke. 48x48 Pixel Perfect.
Man-shaped article. I don't understand
Young people man and woman posing together enlightened with idea looking positive.
Emotional intelligence. Side view sequence of a woman thoughtful, thinking, finding solution with gear mechanism, question, exclamation, lightbulb symbols. Human face expression
Amazed young man in glasses reading a book comes up with an idea
Serious frowning indian ethnicity woman sit at workplace desk looks at laptop screen read e-mail feels concerned. Bored unmotivated tired employee, problems difficulties with app understanding concept
Side view of two young women communicating and helping each other to solve problems with new ideas.
New Idea or Concept - vector modern line design illustrative icon. Two hands manifesting a light bulb as symbol of finding a new option or solution.
African american man sitting on the floor with his laptop with an expression of frustration and not understanding
Business women hand holding light bulb, concept of new ideas with innovation and creativity.
Common ground, mutual understanding, negotiation compromise, self comparison, interpersonal relationship, mentor concept, guidance, consulting service, chat bot, decision making, vector icon
Understanding icon. Black filled vector illustration. Understanding symbol on white background. Can be used in web and mobile.
Emotional intelligence. Side view sequence of a young business man thinking, finding solution to a problem with gear mechanism, question, exclamation, light bulb symbols.
Understanding, exchange information, communications - stock vector
Excited african American man in glasses sit in circle at team therapy session talking sharing thoughts or ideas, motivated biracial male counseling diverse people at group psychotherapy treatment
From complex to simple. Simplification streamlining process, complex confusion, clarity idea solution with light bulbs vector complicating problem concept
Friendship and Love Vector Line Icons Set. Relationship, Mutual Understanding, Mutual Assistance, Interaction. Editable Stroke. 48x48 Pixel Perfect.
Smart young man thinking, understands problem and finds successful solution, vector cartoon characters isolated. Young man character solution and thinking illustration. Vector eps 10
Learning and Growing Children. A Cute Boy thinking. Think not, do not understand, Think out.
Back view of dad sit on couch with preschooler son talking sharing thoughts or problems, loving father speak have conversation with little boy child, support him showing care and understanding
Human head with a luminous brain network, consciousness, artificial intelligence
Problem - Analysis - Idea - Solution
clear understanding vs. confusion - communication  issue illustration
Inspired young woman.
Inspirational Insight Metaphor Vector Illustration. People Carrying Key to Lightbulb with Keyhole. Workers, Employees Having Solution to Problem, Understanding Important Information, Details
Diverse businesspeople working in shared office, focus on black american team leader sitting at desk together with females colleagues, mentor helps understand research data company corporate program
Worried woman doubting.Angry female despise partners actions,agitated person having relationship problems.Revealing the truth.Wandering,not listening conversation.Not convinced.First impression
Vibrant Thinking. Inner Nature series. Backdrop of child's mind illustration fused with fractal paint in association with art, creativity, poetry and spiritual life

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Labyrinth in the heads. Two male head silhouettes with maze symbolizing psychological processes of understanding. Vector illustration.
Close up head shot side view calm happy mixed race mother cuddling little cute daughter, touching foreheads. Tender moment family support, forgive and understanding. Adopted kid hugging foster mom.
Illustration of the communication between two humans / two brains in form of telepathy, speech, conflict or understanding
Businessman hand with doodle line. Bad communication. Problem resolve control. Don’t understand. Communicate not clear. Business concept vector illustration.
Large and diverse group of people seen from above, gathered together in the shape of two friends symbol, 3d illustration
Child question. Thoughtful young boy ask question, confused kid and understand or found answer. Confuse kid contemplation thinking expression with intelligent face cartoon vector portrait illustration
Survey vector illustration. Flat mini persons concept with quality test and satisfaction report. Feedback from customers or opinion form. Client answers understanding with professional research team.
Simplifying the complex, confusion clarity or path vector idea concept with lightbulbs doodle illustration
Large and diverse group of people seen from above gathered together in the shape of a symbol of two different people shaking hands, 3d illustration
Text Uncover Your Customer Needs appearing behind torn paper. Concept about the importance to understand the demands, requirements and expectations of your clients.
Old middle aged people holding hands close up view, senior retired family couple express care as psychological support concept, trust in happy marriage, empathy hope understanding love for many years
Two birds speak different languages and can't understand each other. Isolated vector illustration of the importance of learning foreign languages.
I Don't Know. Annoyed afro girl shrugging shoulders with spreaded hands, woman doesn't understand you, copyspace
decoding understanding problem, line clew vector isolated icon on black background
Light bulk in woman hand,concept idea.
Stylish student with African hairstyle wearing casual clothes having doubtful look while looking at laptop computer not understanding new material trying to find good explanation in internet
Puzzles. Hand of the child and hand of mother fold puzzle, closeup, top view
Light bulb line icon
Young happy man gets good idea, raises fore finger as going to voice it, being glad have genius thoughts in mind, isolated over white background. Clever scientists understands how develop new theory
Light head
Set of parents helping children do homework. Learning, studying process at home. Family read books, play football, write schoolwork in flat cartoon vector illustration isolated on white
Problem - Analysis - Idea - Solution
Meditative young businessman is trying to find the best solution for business development. An arrow as a symbol to the fast way of the implementation of the innovative ideas. Chalk wall background.
Smiling Caucasian young woman hug touch African American addicted male group member, understanding millennial girl help support black friend at rehab treatment or team therapy session
what does it mean question stencil print on the grunge white brick wall
Thinking exchange and idea partnership business communication concept as a red and blue human head cut from crumpled paper as a symbol for understanding political opinions or cultural differences.
Flat line icons set of human mental process, emotional intelligence. Unique color flat design pictogram, outline elements. Premium quality vector graphics concept for web, logo, branding, infographics
Loving african american single mother sister embrace teen daughter sit on bed looking at window, parent mom hug support protect teenage girl, family trust hope talk understanding concept, rear view
Hand holding a glowing light bulb
An Asian boy studies online at home, holding a sign asking for help. He does not understand the subjects studied. And stress not meeting friends. Concept of social distance, children's education
Side view of two young men communicating and helping each other to solve problems with new ideas.
Boy thinking. Emotions and gestures. Think not, do not understand, Think out. The concept of learning and growing children. Cartoon illustrations vector
Photo of energetic nice smiling lady wearing grey top isolated on white background pointing her finger in eureka sign, having great innovative idea, understanding or solution she has just got.
Dictionary showing the word 'Understand'.
Indoor shot of uncertain man and woman in formal clothes shrug shoulders, don`t know answer or way out, look displeased and dissatisfied. Two smart students don`t understand difficult material
Close up view of couple holding hands, loving wife supporting or comforting husband ready to help expressing sympathy, encouraging and understanding in marriage relationships, reconciliation concept
Smiling mixed ethnicity couple or interracial friends talking with sign finger hand language, happy two deaf and mute hearing impaired people communicating at home sit on sofa showing hand gestures
Smiling attractive female psychologist counselling speaking with diverse people sitting in circle at group therapy session. Business coach training staff, having fun, team building activity at work.
Relieved happy woman hugging man, grateful wife embracing caring loving husband thanking for help support, apology and forgiveness, empathy understanding in relationships concept, close up headshot
Close up African American woman psychologist counselor comforting depressed girl patient at meeting, holding hands, expressing support, understanding and care, personal therapy session
Huge human head with maze and entrance with stairs and abstract background. Tiny man on the way of understanding and knowing himself. Psychotherapy, self care, self-knowledge, mental health concept.
A child,student or boy does not understand the teacher's task or question.Remote online distance education at home in quarantine.Character sitting at desk, looking at laptop. Vector flat illustration.
Keep it simple business concept with lightbulbs as symbol of idea, creativity. Eps10 vector illustration.
Machine Learning analytics identify person technology , Artificial intelligence concept. Software ui analytics and recognition people in city with flare light effect (blur all human face)
Sociology vector illustration. Flat tiny research ethnical persons concept. Community globalization and science about people group diversity, culture, race and traditions to understand and accept.
Language barrier concept. Handsome man talking to an attractive young woman with question mark
Listen Hear Observe Understand Word Collage 3d Illustration
Bad communication with megaphone. don’t understand. talking confused. explain not clear. missing communicate message.
Young Asian businesswoman frowning with concern as she tries to understand something she is reading on her laptop computer scratching her head with her pencil in perplexity
Confuse path. Understand simple process. Messy or busy complex. Vector idea concept with lightbulb
Modern thin line icons set of human personality, thinking traits, mind abilities Premium quality outline symbol collection Simple mono linear pictogram pack Stroke vector logo concept for web graphics
Listen Hear Understand Cycle Training Education 3d Illustration
Understanding woman. Pretty cheerful young woman supporting her husband while sitting and listening to his story
Thinking caucasian man portrait over gray wall background
Emotional intelligence. Thoughtful man and woman thinking solving together a common problem. Human face expressions
Studio shot of puzzled beautiful female student raises eyebrows and curves lips in bewilderment, can`t understand difficult question as prepares for exam at home, has hair bun, isolated on white
Close up African American man comforting woman, holding hands, expressing love and support, empathy, apologizing or saying sorry, family reconciliation, understanding in relationship
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