Pile of rubbish prepared for recycling isolated on white background, top view
activities of scavengers in landfill (TPA) in Temurejo, Blora, Central Java, Indonesia July, 2, 2019
Concept of collecting waste for recycling.Black Plastic Bags for garbage, Bins Big Stack,Trash Pile isolated with clipping path on white background
mountains of colored plastic garbage / trash
 Waste pile that have been disposed improperly
Big smelly pile of garbage. Bad smell trash. Waste recycling. Isolated on white background. Flat vector illustration
waste plastic bottles and other types of plastic waste at the Thilafushi waste disposal site.
Pollution concept. Garbage pile in trash dump or landfill at sunset.
Bulky waste on the street is waiting for garbage collection. Waste collection. Bulky trash, a pile of mixed garbage. Rubbish. Recycling industry. Ecology. Recycled materials and wastes
One big garage dump with mountains of trash and waste bags with an unpleasant smell, isolated on white, environmental pollution
activities of scavengers in landfill (TPA) in Temurejo, Blora, Central Java, Indonesia July, 2, 2019
heap of scrap iron
Large Group of Full Garbage Bags in a Pile Isolated on White Background.
Big pile of garbage in black blue trash bags isolated on white background. Ecology concept. Pollution environment disaster.
Big pile of garbage and waiste in black bags on white background
Trash clean up after Hurricane Harvey in a Texas town
Set of piles with different garbage on white background. Trash recycling
The collage demonstrates the contrast of the beauty and grandeur of wildlife and the civilized industrial activity of modern man. Modern trash persists for a long time.
Piles of rubbish isolated on white background, top view
Garbage Vector Line Icon Set. Contains such Icons as Banana Peel, Fishbone, Eggshell, Trash and more. Expanded Stroke
The rubbish that falls outside the bin contains a gray background.
Pile of metallic waste on a recycle site
Vector illustration of littering waste pile disposed on the street exterior with city skyscrapers skyline in the background. Trash is fallen on the ground and creates a big stack, cartoon style.
Illustration of a Pile of Decaying Garbage Left Lying Around
Background from many different waste coffee cups to go (3D Rendering)
plastic trash. Ecology and pollution. Pop art retro vector illustration kitsch vintage
Pile of household trash, EPS 8 vector illustration, no transparencies
Pile of domestic garbage in landfill
Vector illustration of littering garbage waste pile disposed improperly at an inappropriate location with No littering sign board. Trash is fallen on the ground creating big messy stack.
Garbage sorting: food waste, glass, metal and paper, plastic electronic, organic.  Pile of Smelling Decaying Garbage Left Lying Around. Vector Illustration.
Vector isometric sorted trash illustration. trash bin with black plastic trash bag, cardboard box, glass bottle, metal can, and papers. Waste products concept.
Garage Dump Concept Landscape
Garbage, Dump, Plastic waste, Pile of Garbage Plastic Waste Bottle and Bag Foam tray many on bin yellow, Plastic Waste Pollution
Many piles of trash with plastic bags and bottles illustration
Garbage can with waste, plastic bags, trash and rubbish. Vector cartoon flat illustration isolated on white background.
Mixed trash isolated on white background
Garbage dump. Vector flat cartoon illustration
Bin, trash bag plastic waste, Garbage bag pile, Pollution from waste plastic, pile of bin trash junk dirty and garbage bag many isolated on white background
Garbage pile isolated on a white background
Pile of trash in a field
Pile of various garbage
Garbage bin full of trash on white background. Ecology and recycle concept. Vector illustration.
Scrap metals
Vector illustration of e-waste garbage pile on the street with city skyline. Electrical and electronic appliance, computer and other obsolete electronic equipment from household fallen on ground.
Background pile of trash bags, blue Bin,Trash, Garbage, Rubbish, Plastic Bags pile
garbage dumps are now stacking mountains of plastic waste
Spilled garbage on the beach of the big city. Empty used dirty plastic bottles. Dirty sea sandy shore the Black Sea. Environmental pollution. Ecological problem. Bokeh moving waves in the background
Near the sign "stop garbage" is a large pile of garbage and the rat is running. The concept of ecology and cleanliness of the city. flat vector illustration isolated on white background
pile of garbage
Close up of huge pile of municipal waste
Close up white isolated photo of used foam thermocol plates with food stains heaped at a garbage in India, styrofoam pile trash
Rubbish prepared for recycling isolated on white background
Vector illustration of littering waste pile that have been disposed improperly at an inappropriate location around on the street exterior. Trash is fallen on the ground and creates a big stack.
Pile of waste stick wood in isolated.
A pile of rotting food waste is isolated on a white background.
Many garbage bags isolated on white background
Trash samples isolated on white
Pile of garbage and overfilled recycle bins
Washington, DC - March 10, 2018: Although the trash cans on the National Mall are full, tourists continue to pile their garbage on top of them, creating a mess.
Big pile of trash bags on a white background
Pile of cardboard garbage on white background
Pile of domestic garbage in landfill
Paper pile and piece of cardboard at the recycle industry paper plant
Garbage pile isolated on a white background
Plastic bottles in landfills,Recycle waste concept.
Big pile of trash.
Dirty trash and garbage bin illustration
Vector illustration: Metal garbage containers with unsorted trash . Rubbish and trash bags lying around dump. Scene with pile of waste that smells ugly and started to decompose. Isolated on white.
unloading truck in a mountain of trash
Black and white vector illustration of trash
Pile of used Electronic and Housewares Waste Division broken or damage, for Reuse and Recycle
Garbage Dump or Landfill on a Urban Landscape Background Symbol of Pollution Environment. Vector illustration
trash background
Pile of food waste on white background
man throw trash into pile of garbage
E-waste electrical and electronic equipment pile. Computer and home electronic waste stack. Trash, recycling, ecology. illustration in flat style
TAMPARULI, SABAH,MALAYSIA-NOV 26,2017: Editorial Use Only. Rubbish overflow outside trash container and poor waste management.
pile of iron trash in the open air
pile of plastic bottles
THE HAGUE, THE NETHERLANDS – JUNE 17, 2017: pile of garbage including food wastes and cans on the food festival on National flag day in Scheveningen, the Hague, the Netherlands. Garbage background
Old and used electric home waste. Obsolete pc computer, telephone, CRT monitor, DVD.
pile of metal and junk vintage rusted scrap prices trash
Pile of rubbish with plant isolated on white
Littering waste that have been disposed improperly around the green plastic dust bin. Isolated vector illustration on white background. Garbage can is full. Trash is fallen on the ground.
Different kind of trash, both organic and none organic
Large leather sofa with a bunch of different things
Black trash bags piled up against grungy urban wall
BROOKLYN, NY - May 25, 2015: A bin-full of trash on the street of New York City.
Dirt icons set. set of 4 dirt filled icons such as dustpan, mud
Electronic waste ready for recycling isolate on white background
Box of unwanted stuff isolated on white
bin bag garbage, Bin,Trash, Garbage, Rubbish, Plastic Bags pile isolated on background white
Raccoon character looking for food in trash can. Vector flat cartoon illustration
Pile of rubbish with foam and plastic illustration
Rubber tire recycling. old used car tires  at a junkyard in piles waiting for recycle.
Garbage in the entrance, near the entrance. People throw garbage. Homeless people are sitting near the trash
Garbage sharp Fragments of materials destroyed the construction of food waste, old clothes were dropped along the flow. From passing drivers who do not respect community rights.
Businessman in garbage heap. Boss in Pile Rubbish. Waste management in Stack trash
Dumpsters being full with garbage
Vector illustration of littering garbage disposed improperly around the red plastic trash dust bin on the street in front of a wall. Messy waste is on the ground because the garbage can is full.
Different kinds of garbage and rubbish bin isolated on white
Manila, Philippines - August 23, 2017: A man collects plastic things in a pile of garbage brought by the surf from the sea
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