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Overworked tired businesswoman . Young exhausted student girl sleeping in office. Woman using laptop, digital tablet, smartphone at home. Entrepreneur, business, freelance work, study, stress concept
Tired depressed bored african businessman frustrated by business failure bankruptcy looking at laptop feel exhausted having headache, upset stressed black office worker worried about problem at work
Frustrated tired young African-American employee touching his head, feeling absolutely exhausted because of overwork, calculating accounts, drinking another cup of coffee. Deadline and overwork
Tired businesswoman sleeping on table in office. Young overworked exhausted girl working from home. Woman using laptop. Entrepreneur, business, freelance work, student, stress, work from home concept
Pensive aged businesswoman in glasses sit at office desk thinking of problem solution, thoughtful senior woman worker in glasses look at laptop screen hold document pondering or making decision
Overloaded with work employee under paperwork burden
Thoughtful peaceful Indian female employee looking in distance, leaning back in chair at workplace, relaxing during break after finish hard job, tired businesswoman thinking about work, feeling bored
Young male businessman working at home
Portrait of young tired businessman sitting at wood desk and working on laptop computer at home office, copy space
Young male businessman employee unhappy with excessive work
Bored young business people on workplace tired from office work with documents , lack of career prospects concept. (Body language, gestures, psychology concept)
Tired man being overloaded at work
Exhausted mature female employee sit at desk take off glasses massage eyes suffer from headache migraine, tired middle-aged businesswoman have dizziness or blurry vision, health problem concept
Feeling exhausted. Tired young man sitting at his working place with computer in office. Business concept.  Modern creative vector illustration.
Young frustrated exhausted woman laid her head down on the table sit work at white desk with contemporary pc laptop isolated on pastel pink background. Achievement business career concept. Copy space
Engineering supervisor is very sad after end job
Overworked tired businesswoman sleeping on table in office. Young exhausted girl working from home. Woman using laptop. Entrepreneur, business, freelance work, student, stress, work from home concept
Portrait of tired business woman with eyeglasses in office
Tired sleepy male office worker stays late on workplace. Overload paperwork, meeting deadlines, report, overwhelmed by work young businessman vector illustration.
Head shot exhausted female employee took off glasses, massaging nose bridge, suffering from dry eyes syndrome. Tired executive manager feeling pain in eyes, overloaded with computer work at office.
Sleepy exhausted woman working at office desk with her laptop, her eyes are closing and she is about to fall asleep, sleep deprivation and overtime working concept
Eyes fatigue at work, tired exhausted businessman suffering from computer vision syndrome taking off glasses massaging eyes after long laptop use, overworked man feeling eye strain tension problem
Angry boss dismisses his employee. He is dissatisfied with the work of the employee. The fired woman is very stressed. Problems and depression at work. Vector illustration. Reduction concept.
Tired businessman in glasses and blue suit with laptop computer at office. Business, job and education concept shot.
Upset frustrated and confused female worker folding hands on chin feels puzzled having problem troubles and doubts about business moments, sitting in shared modern office with multinational coworkers
Stress, fatigue overwork. Tired African American employee in formal wear holding eyeglasses, rubbing his eyes and massaging nose bridge to release tension after long working hours in office
Professional burnout. Young exhausted female manager sitting at the office. Long working day. Millennials at work. Flat editable vector illustration, clip art
African american businesswoman feeling unwell suffering from headache migraine touching forehead at team meeting, upset black woman employee frustrated by business problem or work stress, head shot
Diverse people in office area, focus on pensive african employee woman sitting at desk in front of pc, thinking analyzing market. Puzzled biracial worker having doubts trying to solve business problem
Tired employee
Tired and unhappy young manager with headache having exhausted and overworked look, leaning on his elbow on desk while working through papers late at night, drinking another cup of coffee
Asian women Aches from working She felt like relaxing
Stressed overwhelmed african businesswoman feels tired at corporate meeting, exhausted black female boss suffering from headache touching temples at team briefing, stress at work or migraine concept
Young tired business woman with headache sitting at seminar
Desperate employee
One single line drawing of young tired male employee sleeping on the work desk with computer. Work overload fatigue concept continuous line draw design vector illustration
Work burnout. Tired female worker sitting at the table. Long working day in the office. Mental health problem. Flat vector illustration.
Busy workers work with laptop. Deadline, tired overworked people with too many tasks and office work processes vector illustration set. Employee stress and tired, job manager workspace
Tired businessman sleeping at the table over white background
Exhausted office worker with head in hands sitting at his office desk.
Stressful businessman taking off glasses, suffering from dry eyes syndrome after long laptop use. Exhausted employee executive manager ceo feeling eye strain, massaging nose bridge
Man overwork in office, deadline vector illustration. Manager sitting at computer desk with stack of documents in mess and deadline tasks sticky notes holding hand on head flat cartoon office design
Tired office worker woman sleeping right on her laptop's keyboard
Exhausted male employee feeling fatigue lying on table and raising coffee cup, lack of energy in morning office, tired of stress problems sleeping at workplace, overwork concept. indoor studio shot
Exhausted tired businessman with painted eyes on stickers, adhesive notes on face sleeping at workplace, sitting at desk with laptop, unproductive lazy young male dozing, working on difficult project
Professional burnout syndrome concept vector flat illustration. Boss with his team characters feeling burned out at work. Exhausted, tired people at workplace. Job burnout, physical and mental health.
Young tired businessman with face mask on sitting in his office and taking a break during corona virus outbreak.
Desperate sad employee  tired at his desk in call center
Tired businessman sleeping in office
Businessman in depression with hand on forehead
Do not worry. Serene male talking with crying lady. She having job with laptop in office. Support during trouble concept
Working late. Overtime work, busy workaholic worker and employees with office laptops. Deadline, graphic designer professionals lifestyle or stressed employee flat vector illustration set
Sad business people with face mask sit on floor of office after sacking or short-time work
A woman with a box of personal belongings sits on the stairs outside and folded her hands in despair on head. Female employee in medical mask fired due to financial crisis in coronovirus. Unemployment
Tired male student or worker sit at home office desk look in distance having sleep deprivation, lazy millennial man distracted from work feel lazy lack motivation, thinking of dull monotonous job
Business employee bored at work, snuffling through phone sitting at office desk. Lazy unmotivated unproductive manager clerk pass time with smartphone not doing job. Flat vector character illustration

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Burnout concept illustration with exhausted female office worker sitting at the table. Frustrated worker, mental health problems. Vector illustration in flat style
Portrait of exhausted businessman because overworked
Anxiety and Despair! Stressed young businessman worker with hands on his head wearing a blue anti virus medical mask against white background. Isolated agent portrait.
Female top manager or team leader quarreling at employees, dissatisfied with their work during a conference in the meeting room
Desperate sad employee  tired at his desk in call center
Sleepy or tired employee. A hangover or a disease. Sad businessman holding a glass of coffee. The concept of the beginning of the work week. Vector illustration in cartoon style
Tired employee
Tired sad busy office worker man character yawn. Vector flat cartoon illustration
Tired bored student or employee working with laptop, doing boring routine monotonous job, looking at screen, lazy sleepy man feeling exhausted, lack motivation, distracted, sitting at workplace
Man with flu working in the office
Tired young man feel pain eyestrain holding glasses rubbing dry irritated eyes fatigued from computer work, stressed man suffer from headache bad vision sight problem sit at home table using laptop
Tired businessman at office with low energy battery.
Flat 3d isometric tired businessman asleep at office desk with the pile of paper document. Work hard concept.
Businessman running in a hurry with many hands holding time, smart phone, laptop, wrench, paper note and briefcase, business concept in very busy or a lot of work to do.
Professional burnout syndrome. Exhausted male manager at work sitting at the workplace with head down and low battery icon above. Flat vector illustration, business concept of overload, tiredness.
overtime or working late night, deadline. businessman exosted sitting with notebook. business concept in red and blue neon gradients
Lazy business people vector illustration. Cartoon flat businessman character tired from routine office work, lazy employee sleeping at desk next to angry quarreling director manager isolated on white
asian business woman sitting at desk sleepy working overtime late night. indoors office background
Angry dissatisfied boss ceo scolding employee in office. Frustrated office worker sitting at desk cover face with hand feels upset, director dismisses man for low poor result asking to leave workplace
Employee tired and exhausted
Overworked tired employee at workplace in office being unhappy
Vintage Businessman Walk Sad Tired Weary Character Icon Stylish Background Retro Cartoon Design Vector Illustration
Businessman bored tired exhausted sleeping in the office scene Set. Humor office life
tired and frustrated businessman desperate face expression suffering stress worried with headache at office computer desk heavy work load overwhelmed and stressed isolated on white background
Business man with back pain an office . Pain relief concept
Tired office worker - modern cartoon people characters illustration on white background. Young man sitting at the desk and drinking coffee. A workplace with a lot of papers, folders. Deadline concept
Portrait of an exhausted businessman covering his head with his laptop
Tired businesswoman at office desk waking up with pillow and coffee.
picture of tired woman with laptop computer
Bored young woman in the office working with a laptop and staring at computer screen
Tired exhausted female african scrub nurse wears face mask blue uniform gloves sits on hospital floor. Depressed sad black ethic doctor feels fatigue burnout stress, lack of sleep, napping at work.
Bored businesswoman yawning at workplace feeling no motivation or lack of sleep tired of boring office routine, exhausted restless employee gaping suffering from chronic fatigue or overwork concept
Employee working isolated on white background
Young woman taking off glasses tired of computer work, exhausted student or employee suffering from eye strain tension or computer blurry vision problem after long laptop use, eyes fatigue concept
Lazy unproductive office worker wearing funny sticky notes on his glasses and hiding his closed eyes
Tired Asian businessman standing in side of the big window in office
Horizontal view of tired employees during job
Young financial director working on his business report, looking with tired expression in his computer, keeping his hand on neck, having pain while sitting at his work place. Overwork concept.
Two exhausted and desperate surgeons as signs of congestion and error
Photo Of Sad Business Team Attending The Seminar
Team Of Unhappy Businesspeople Sitting In Business Meeting
Exhausted female worker sit at office desk take off glasses feel unwell having dizziness or blurry vision, tired woman employee suffer from migraine or headache unable to work. Health problem concept
Tired, stressed middle aged employee needs help. Frustrated man with note on his forehead sitting at office table exhausted. Long working hours, burnout concept
businessman stressed from work. anxiety in adult cause to depression and a problem in living that drag you down to feeling sadness,lonely and worried.
Bored tired office worker falling asleep on laptop, person tired after long working hours, exhausted because of increased workload. Concept of overwork, stress, boredom, no motivation, lack of sleep
Female office worker bent over with head leaning to a wall and negative business chart.
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