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Questions and answers as asking for advice and support tiny person concept. Q A feedback and customer information explanation vector illustration. Conversation and communication about explained doubts
Two diverse businesspeople chatting sitting behind laptop in office. Excited caucasian female sharing ideas or startup business plan with black male coworker. Informal conversation, work break concept
Head shot portrait confident businessman coach wearing glasses looking at camera and talking, mentor speaker holding online lesson, explaining, sitting at wooden work desk in modern cabinet
Critical thinking banner with icons. Facts, problem, rational, evaluating, thinking, analysis, solution, explanation icons. Business concept. Web vector infographic in 3D style
Vector Illustration Material: Young woman, business person who explains and guides
Fun facts poster repeat background. Explanation or study process scheme seamless pattern with questions, answers, arrow, bursе symbol clipart for kids educational, entertaining how to book end, cover.
Stick figures. Empty banner set. Vector illustration of people holding blank on white. It can be used for presentations, for explanation, as a mascot, for communication, to express emotions. Nr.2
Confident african American male boss work cooperate with diverse team at office briefing, focused biracial businessman head meeting, collaborate discuss business ideas with colleagues at meeting
Helpful male boss mentor coach teacher explaining new online project to young female worker intern student, focused leader executive manager teaching student instruct trainee pointing at pc computer
Head shot close up portrait smiling businesswoman talking, looking at camera, sitting at desk in office, confident friendly business coach mentor recording video, manager consulting client online
Young woman having a business meeting with an executive in his office, he is pointing on a contract and giving explanations
Types of cholesterol comparison with HDL and LDL lipoprotein. Labeled educational normal and narrowed artery cross section explanation. Physiological high fat diet problem example. Vector illustration
Education, training, explanation, lecture concept. Young hapy smiling man guy student teacher lecturer character explaining material on school lesson near blackboard. Educational process at university
Diverse office workers businessmen entrepreneurs brainstorm discuss analyse online project looking at laptop screen, mentor teach intern. Support assistance common aim in business and teamwork concept
Successful businessman boss presenting new project to employees, business coach in suit giving presentation to clients in meeting room, team leader reporting about work explaining result on flipchart
Concentrated multiethnic female employees sit at desk in office work together using computer. Focused women colleagues coworkers cooperate on laptop, brainstorm discuss business ideas at meeting.
Linear icon in vector. Logotype
Online courses male in glasses with beard explaining material vector. Person with explanation of tasks, tutor for students to be educated, distant study
Software developers discussing about source code compiling discovers errors and asks the rest of the team for explanations in front of multiple screens running algorithms. Programmers doing teamwork.
Metabolism vector illustration. Labeled chemical energy educational scheme. Explanation diagram with food carbohydrates, fats and proteins reactions to create ATP and heat. Biological diet infographic
Confident focused businesswoman, teacher or mentor coach speaking to business people at negotiations, woman leader speaker applicant talking at meeting or convincing hr during job interview concept
Businessmen discussing deal, sharing startup ideas, business partners negotiations or job interview in modern office with panoramic windows, colleagues talking, working on project together
Woman giving directions and explanations.  Business person.  Vector figure illustration on white background.
Senior and young female colleagues discuss online project look at pc screen, older mentor teaches young woman explains corporate software work, aged executive helps intern, teamwork on computer task
Two multiracial workers sit at office desk near laptop discussing business issues together, man and woman employee negotiate at workplace, look at computer, cooperating speak or explain ideas
Close up of multiracial colleagues chat talking or discussing something in office, black man speak with female coworker negotiating about business project, having conversation. Cooperation concept
Icon set of check mark, cross, question mark, exclamation point, information icon. FAQ sign. Tick, question, information and answers mark. Help symbol. Vector illustration
Infographic chart template modern style for presentation, start up project, business strategy, theory basic operation, logic analysis. Venn diagram vector 10 eps
Attractive aged businesswoman, teacher or mentor coach speaking to young people, senior woman in glasses teaching audience at training seminar, female business leader speaker talking at meeting
Smiling young African American woman talk with female colleagues brainstorm at office team meeting. Happy multiracial diverse colleagues speak discuss business ideas. Teamwork, collaboration concept.
Smiling Caucasian girl look at camera having video call conversation or interview with employer, happy female millennial coach or tutor sit at desk shoot online training course or live tutorial
Did you know speech bubble with bulb and big question mark in flat style
Excited multiethnic female employees discuss work issues sitting at office table, smiling diverse women workers or colleagues engaged in brainstorming talk chatting, explain ideas at workplace
Hand drawn stick figure pondering pose. Concept of lecture, explanation or talk. Simple vector stickman line art icon. Symbol sign with speech bubble. Isolated set of 5 in simple crayon doodle color.
Young Japanese woman giving an explanation
Icon of the woman  in a suit doing explanation  (Vector illustration set)
A set of simple illustrations of a thinking or smiling businesswoman giving an explanation.Vector data for easy editing.
This is a simple illustration of a businesswoman giving an explanation.It is a vector data which is easy to edit.
his is a simple illustration of a businesswoman giving an explanation.It is a vector data which is easy to edit.
CRISPR as genetic DNA sequence engineering with gene mutation outline diagram. Labeled educational explanation with Cas9, guide RNA and new helix part vector illustration. Artificial genome editing.
Worried negative men and women illustration set
Worried negative men and women illustration set
Chalkboard or blackboard with teacher writing scribble as explanation notes tiny person concept. School lesson education and knowledge process with math, physics or music learning vector illustration.
Algorithm color paper model, flat lay. Organizational skills, business strategy concept.
Carbon capture process with compression and transport for utilization outline concept. Labeled educational steps and stages explanation for CO2 reduction and storage principle vector illustration.
Check mark, cross and exclamation icons vector. Set colored flat buttons. Tick, question and answers mark. Help symbol. FAQ sign isolated on white background. Vector illustration.
Illustration of a business person giving an explanation
 Illustrations of doctors (medical, support, knowledge, explanation, examination, relief, expert, patient, disease)
Anatomical planes or sections for human medical body division outline diagram. Labeled educational scheme with sagittal, coronal, median and transverse plane position examples vector illustration.
NFT explanation card. Loop animation collectible style card. 3d render animation.
Provisioning, regulating and cultural services division outline diagram. Labeled educational ecosystem services subdivision explanation with structured categories and examples vector illustration.
Decibel scale measurement examples with Db volume comparison outline diagram. Labeled educational noise volume explanation and meter with colors vector illustration. Audio strength or power scheme.
Agents answering business persons of men and women asking questions
Circle of influence with concern or control model explanation outline diagram. Labeled educational scheme with business company focus impact for effective and productive work vector illustration.
Middle aged Asian woman talking with video calling. Live distribution.
Strategic planning, plan to overcome difficulty or obstacle to reach goal or target, team brainstorm or competitor analysis, business success concept, business team planning for success tactic chart.
Teacher upskilling for qualification and knowledge growth tiny person concept. Reskilling educators for better explanation knowledge and skills as improvement in education system vector illustration.
Novel corona virus 2019-ncov infographic do's and don'ts awareness socialization
Finger injury types with common hand impact trauma anatomy outline diagram. Labeled educational scheme with mallet and jersey phalanx ligament disorder vector illustration. Sport pain explanation.
Cytoskeleton structure as complex dynamic network of interlinking protein filaments outline diagram. Labeled educational cell with microtubules and microfilaments explanation vector illustration.
Wind turbine work principle with mechanical inner structure outline diagram. Labeled educational technical explanation for electricity generator from air vector illustration. Green energy power scheme
Biofilm formation stages with development and dispersion outline diagram. Labeled educational process explanation with waterborne bacteria, microcolony, matrix and mature cycle vector illustration.
A doctor sitting using laptop, lady doctor using stethoscope check up human stomach with elements of patient card, calendar, picture of human and stomach with explanation bubble
Asian man apologizing to angry woman.
This is a black and white illustration of a businesswoman giving an explanation.It is a vector data which is easy to edit.
Arthroscopy procedure process explanation from medical view outline diagram. Labeled educational knee joint diagnosis and treatment with trimming instrument, scope and irrigation vector illustration.
Piriformis syndrome and sciatic nerve compression pain cause outline diagram. Labeled educational medical body back disease explanation with anatomical skeletal and muscle scheme vector illustration.
Meeting young asian women in the room. Consultant.
A family receiving an explanation of the interior from a woman in a suit
Did you know icon in flat style. Banner with frame and bulb vector illustration on white isolated background. Explanation sign business concept.
Drip irrigation system and automatic ground watering pipeline outline diagram. Labeled educational scheme with garden irrigation model principle explanation and technical drawing vector illustration.
Cervical spondylosis problem compared with healthy spine outline diagram. Labeled educational scheme with human backbone disk bulging, bone spurs and narrowed space explanation vector illustration.
Positive female upper body set
Reflex ARC sensory neuron pathway from stimulus to response outline diagram. Labeled educational body neurology principle explanation with spinal involuntary and conscious thought vector illustration.
Data science steps as scientific method for big data analyze outline diagram. Labeled educational scheme with process explanation and information gathering to train AI algorithm vector illustration.
Swallowing process explanation with anatomical principle stages outline diagram. Labeled educational oral mechanism for eating and respiratory vector illustration. Medical epiglottis, bolus and UES.
Carbon capture system as CO2 gas reduction with filtration outline diagram. Explanation scheme with dioxide absorption in underground to limit emissions vector illustration. Eco solution for pollution
Mechanism of breathing as anatomical process explanation outline diagram. Labeled educational scheme with inspiration or expiration differences as respiratory inhale, exhale system vector illustration
Young woman talking with video calling.
A man in the sales position who makes a proposal
Desalination process from ocean water to drinkable freshwater outline diagram. Labeled educational filter stages to reuse safe and healthy water vector illustration. Explanation scheme for pure aqua.
Judaism - magnifying glass enlarging English word Judaism to symbolize taking a closer look, analyzing or searching for an explanation and answers related to the idea of Judaism, 3d illustration
Biosphere division with labeled ecosystem explanation scheme outline concept. Atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere with sustainable biodiversity and animal friendly environment vector illustration.
Smiling african american male leader demonstrating explaining company economic growth results with increasing graphs on flip chart to diverse colleagues employees at brainstorming meeting at office.
Acceleration as physics force for car movement and velocity outline diagram. Labeled educational vehicle speeding up and slowing down interaction to motion vector illustration. Theoretical explanation
Conservation of angular momentum with mechanics formula outline diagram. Labeled educational figure skating rotating physics explanation with angular moment of inertia and velocity vector illustration
Meeting young asian women in the room. Consultant.
Mechanism of ACL injury as knee trauma anatomical explanation outline diagram. Labeled educational anterior cruciate ligament twist, abduction, ankle eversion and femoral adduction vector illustration
Chronic fatigue syndrome with symptom and risk factors list outline diagram. Labeled educational scheme with medical problem explanation and energy loss causes vector illustration. Tiredness effects.
Aquifer as confined underground water layers in geological outline diagram. Labeled educational underwater permeable rock side view explanation with bedrock, clay and groundwater vector illustration.
Asexual vs sexual cellular reproduction types comparison outline diagram. Labeled educational meiosis, exchange and fusion process explanation with regeneration and division scheme vector illustration
Critical thinking concept with icons. Facts, problem, objectivity, evaluating, thinking, analysis, explanation, solution. Web vector infographic in minimal flat line style
A businessman visiting a customer's house.Explain the material.
Interior designer speaking during a virtual meeting. Creative businesswoman giving an explanation while holding colour swatches. Female designer video calling her clients in her home office.
Asian young businessmen meeting in office
Creative interior designer holding a colour palette on a video call. Female designer giving an explanation during a online meeting in her home office. Creative businesswoman planning a new project.
Stagflation explanation as stagnation and inflation crisis outline diagram. Labeled educational GDP, unemployment and demand financial trend vector illustration. Economy recession and market collapse.
Did you know icon in flat style. Banner with frame and bulb vector illustration on white isolated background. Explanation sign business concept.
Primary succession and ecological growth process stages outline diagram. Labeled educational species progress explanation with time axis for organic matter long term formation vector illustration.
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