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Biblical vector illustration series, the temptation of Jesus Christ
Burgundy red apple on the tree branch in the late autumn. Black-and-white image with a bold splash of color highlighting part of the scene. Apple of temptation. Symbol of sin. Snow white tale.
Woman as witch in black offers red apple as symbol of temptation, poison. Fairy tale concept, halloween, cosplay.
Woman hand with red apple isolated on red sky background, Christianity sin.
Hand offering a red apple on a black background.
Concept of Genesis and original sin with sap which offers an apple to Adam by subjecting him to temptation under the gaze of the serpent symbolizing evil.
Cute little sweet tooth in bunny ears headband peeking out from behind kitchen table and looking at tasty easter cake with interest. Focus on pastry
temptation word combined on vintage varnished wooden surface
Hell or heaven. Hand turns a cube and changes the word 'hell' to 'heaven'. Concept. Beautiful white background, copy space.
View Looking Out From Inside Of Refrigerator As Woman Opens Door And Reaches For Unhealthy Donut
Black snake with an apple fruit in a branch of a tree. Forbidden fruit concept.
Christianity, religion, Bible concept. New Testament biblical religious series illustration. Temptation of Jesus Christ son of God messiah by Satan Devil in Judaen wasteland for 40 days and nights.
Los Angeles - March 8, 2020: 
The Temptations star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Woman with Healthy and Unhealthy Food. Difficult choice. Overweight Concept
Warning sign (temptation), vector illustration.
Fit young woman fighting off sweets and candy
COMO, ITALY - MAY 9, 2015: The old fresco of Temptation fo Jesus on the mount in church Basilica di San Abbondio by unknown artist "Maestro di Sant'Abbondio" (1315 - 1324).
Warning sign (NO temptation),written in English language, vector illustration.
Norman, OK Feb. 15, 2018 The word: Temptation defined in a religious dictionary. Selective focus on the word: Temptation.
The temptation of knowledge, Internet access. Hand with an apple in a smartphone
Temptation isolated vector icon. Temptation vector illustration
Hmm interesting idea. Attractive sassy redhead woman in denim jacket, look curious, biting lower lip from temptation, touch chin look aside as pondering, thinking what order, standing thoughtful
Close up of woman on scale holding on hands apple and doughnut making choice between healthy unhealthy food dessert while measuring body weight in Nutrition Health care Diet and temptation concept.
temptation word in a dictionary. temptation concept.
Portrait of pretty African American woman holds plate with big tasty appetizing cake, being on diet, feels temptation, wants something sweet, wears casual t shirt, stares with bugged eyes at dessert
Moral decision: Being torn between angel and devil / Hatched vector drawing
Christian angel standing between two devils. Creative concept for sin and temptation. Juxtaposition of good and evil. Black and white silhouette.
Temptation of a businessman with angel and devil
Unhealthy eating temptation and addiction lure to junk food snacks as a group of greasy salty and sweet eats with 3D illustration elements.
Chocolat swirl with molten dark chocolate - 3D illustration
Closeup portrait of desperate woman in blue shirt craving fudge with pink sprinkles dessert, eager to eat, isolated indoors background
Apple fruit in a hand of a woman with a snake on top of it. Forbidden fruit concept.
Lip fetish. Vector. Vulgar sexy lips in splash of paint. Red dripping girl lips. For adults. White background with red polka dots. International fetish day. Erotic print.
ANTWERP, BELGIUM - SEPTEMBER 5: Fresco of Temptation of Jesus in Joriskerk or st. George church from 19. cent. on September 5, 2013 in Antwerp, Belgium
Healthy vs unhealthy food. Black woman holding apple and donut on scales, making choice of her meal, above view. African American lady deciding on her diet, choosing balanced nutriton
Businessman standing on the edge of the cliff thinking about how to get the apple across the cliff
Snake with an apple. Temptation symbol. One line drawing.
Fit young woman saying NO to sweets
Chocolate Temptation Delicious Food Unhealthy
Woman on dieting for good health concept. Close up female using hand push out her favourite donut and choose green apple and vegetables for good health.
temptation stencil print on the grunge white brick wall
red apple temptation concept on wooden table
portrait temptation girl finger mouth lips / young adult sexy girl, concept female beauty, smilling
Blurred movement effect man in motion.Portrait of a young man
Man listening to the angel and devil that are whispering to his ears. He is making a decision based on the suggestion and advice made by the angel and the devil. Who will the man listen to?
A woman is holding a red apple on which a snake is climbing.
Flat style illustration of man craving for junk food instead of healthy diet.
a businessman in a blue jacket sits in a chair on a dark background and holds an red Apple. temptation
Beautiful girl is looking at unhealthy donut with appetite. It is situated on a table. Isolated on a white background
young messy and drunk alcohol addict man drinking whiskey glass at home sitting thoughtful and depressed as alcoholic suffering alcoholism problem and addiction intoxicated and lost
Mischievous dog in home kitchen. Naughty labrador retriever steals the donut from the table.
woman hugs chocolate, love sweets
Temptation vector illustration, isolated on gray background.Cartoon style illustration.

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temptation of sexy crazy girl while licking lollipop candy. desire and temptation. sweet temptation. say no to unhealthy food. crazy girl feeling temptation about orange lollipop candy.
casino gambling. lucky woman holding in hand black casino chip, poker or roulette. red lips makeup. isolated. Black background.
African American woman keeps finger on mouth, feels temptation while looks at delicious blueberry cake, tries not to eat unhealthy food, being on diet and goes in for sport. Mmm, how tasty it looks
young messy and drunk alcohol addict man drinking whiskey glass at home sitting thoughtful and depressed as alcoholic suffering alcoholism problem and addiction intoxicated and lost
Desire and temptation. Male hand grabbing erotic female panties, temptation concept. Seductive curves leading him into temptation. Cant resist temptation.
Sexy woman female in black carnaval mask red expensive dress and gold earnings seduces millionaire man male in suit, bow tie and black carnaval mask. Sex, tempts, harassment, sexism, seduction issues
Red full lips on black background. The woman's lips. Lush lips like a kiss. Red and pouting. Erotica, sex, temptation.
Child looking at delicious donuts
Bible narratives about the Temptation of Jesus Christ. Jesus was tempted by the devil for 40 days and nights in the Judaean Desert. Christian bible character. Vector illustration
Gorgeous blonde woman posing in luxurious fur coat and a hat. Fashion, beauty. Studio shot.
The bartender pours the cognac or brandy in big wine glass on the old bar counter. Vintage wooden background in pub or bar, night mood. Place for text, toning, selective focus
Food addiction, cheat meal, diet breakdown, compulsive overeating concept. Young overweight man fighting the temptation to eat junk food
Serious sporty woman trains with dumbbells, has good willpower, looks at baked cake in mans hands, doesnt eat junk sweet food leads healthy lifestyle. Sportsman stares with temptation at tasty dessert
Men turn to the crucified Christ with a praying Mary. They turn their backs on living in sin, the temptations of the devil and the danger of death. Instead, they begin to live godly lives in prayer.
Motivated young woman resisting outside stress and temptation of eating fast food and choosing better diet and lifestyle
Dream wish temptation seduction pleasure concept. Charming pretty lady with bijoutery embracing mysterious stranger with rear view enjoying his smell isolated on grey background
Beautiful passionate young couple having sex on the bed at home - Intimate and sensual moments of a couple making love in the bedroom - Sexual and erotic concept - Vintage filter - Focus on male hand
Side view of a motivated young woman resisting temptation of eating fast foot and choosing better diet.
The temptation of knowledge, Internet access. Hand with an apple in a smartphone
Woman running away from sweets isolated
Dessert lettering - Taste - modern flat vector concept digital illustration of temptation font, sweet lettering and girls. Caramel, toffee, biscuit, waffle, cookie, cream and chocolate letters
Shocked mad hungry man feels temptation, wrapped with sausages, has sport training at home, poses with naked body, big belly, uses mobile phone and app to check how much calories he burnt, ruined diet
Bad habits refusal, girl against use of alcohol and smoking. Lady breaking or kicking, trying to get rid of drink and tobacco temptation, habit-control strategy. Vector flat style cartoon illustration
man & temptation
silhouette of a woman holding an apple in her hand the fruit of knowledge and temptation
Love. Temptation. Pair of Sexy Women Eating Cherry Berries
Temptation and seduction. Boss resisting temptation of his sensual secretary. Sexy young woman tempting man falling to temptation. Gorgeous businesswoman flirting to business partner. Temptation.
Personnel retention and motivation concept. Human and boss hand holding employee with thread motivating and playing with him vector illustration
Jericho/West Bank - December 28 2019:  Ceramic plate on the ascending trail to the Monastery of Templations at the Mount of Temptations. Jericho  is a Palestinian city located in the Jordan Valley.
Attractive woman holding an apple on palm and offers it to man of Middle Eastern appearance. Man resists temptation. Allegory of biblical story of temptation of Adam and Eve. Man resists temptation.
Pisa - detail from cathedral gate - temptation ot Jesus
Hungary - circa 1970 : Cancelled postage stamp printed by Hungary, that shows painting Temptation of Saint Anthony the Hermit by Jan de Cock, circa 1971.
The devil trying to make Jesus Christ fall into temptation during the last supper with his apostles
The Monastery of the Temptation and The Mount of Temptation in Jericho, Palestine. Greek Orthodox monastery. Judean desert
Cute Asian birthday girl looks with temptation at camera licks lips wants to eat delicious cake has special occasion celebrates 26th bday holds inflated balloon enjoys festive party poses indoor
Depiction of the temptation of Satan to Jesus Christ, Matthew Chapter 4 New Testament Biblical imagery illustration
The Monastery of the Temptation on the red rocks. The Mount of Temptation in Jericho, Palestine. Greek Orthodox monastery. Judean desert
Biblical vector illustration series, Adam and Eve, Eve offering the apple to Adam
Temptation. Womans secrets and sensual temptation. Flirting. Sexy body in bed. Sex temptation for men. Intimate situation in bed. Sensual womens temptation
Bible Narratives with Adam and Eve, Burning Bush, Snake of Temptation and Ark of Noah Vector Set
Temptation. Mouse and cheese in a mousetrap.
Food, cooking, hunger, thinking concept. Young pensive thoughtful african american woman or girl dreaming about meat meal with a fork in mouth is thinking. Temptation to eat in diet illustration.
Iron plate with cross in The Monastery of the Temptation, in Jericho, Palestine. Greek Orthodox monastery. Judean desert
Bad habits refusal, boy against use of alcohol and smoking. Guy breaking or kicking, trying to get rid of drink and tobacco temptation, habit-control strategy. Vector flat style cartoon illustration
Vienna, Austria. 2019/11/7. The Temptation of Christ. c. 1445. Painting on fir. By the Master of the Lichtenstein Castle. Österreichische Galerie Belvedere – Austrian Gallery Belvedere.
Beautiful young cute and happy latin woman in casual clothes holding big delicious chocolate croissant looking with temptation thinking if ignoring diet and eating sweet junk food isolated background.
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