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Sad teenage girl sitting on the floor while hand is offering help and support.
Depressed sad young female standing in a dark tunnel
Young woman victim suffering from abuse, harassment, depression or heartbreak, sad desperate teenager having problems holding head in hands, heartbroken upset girl crying having dangerous addiction
Shoes on the cliffs, deep down and fall into darkness.
Silhouette of man in window of his room. Sad emotions, cry, disappointed. Light and darkness
Sad Young Man by the Wall outdoor
Upset African-American teenage boy sitting alone near window
Teen girl  cuts veins on a hand on a dark background. Focus on a blade
Young anonymous depressed woman sitting alone on a bench with arm crossed in front of her face. Monochrome portrait.
Depressed young man. Suicide concept
A Sorrowful Kid on the City Street
Young sad looking man on a bridge with depression thinking about suicide
man with depression sitting head in hands with shadow of gun that was pointing his head, thinking to commit suicide. depression anxiety and bully victim problem concept
Suicide and Major depressive disorder concept., Depressed young man looking down at his shoe and contemplating suicide., On the edge of a bridge with river below.
Depressed teen girl showing sadness and stress outdoor
An anonymous young man or boy holding his phone and looking at it. A concept about struggling with yourself, being mentally and physically tangled up, autism, online bullying and suicide thoughts.
Depressed teenage girl.
teen depression - teenager with hands on head holding handgun
Sad Young Man sit by the Wall on the Street
Sad Teenager sit by the Brick Wall outdoor
SUICIDE written on sand
sad woman sitting alone - black and white
"I don't want to live.Please,help! " message  text,written in clumsy handwriting on crumpled white paper. Vector EPS 10.Teen suicides concept.Unwillingness to live concept.Psychological disorders.
suicide girl
Depressed teenage girl with hands over face sitting on the stairs.
Medical drug in hand patient  anxiety depression disease use drug overdose suicide , medical drug concept use antibiotic treatment illness in hospital on white background selective focus
Vignetting Photo of Sad Teenager Portrait by the Wall
Depressed teenager girl sitting on floor.
Girl at the station
Person in the Jeans and Sneakers on the Roof
Depressed teen girl standing next to a brick/school wall during sunset next to a sports field.
Side view portrait of a sad single man looking down from a balcony of a house  with an urban background
Young man on the roof of suicide black and white
Child, young, girl.
Depressed Teenage Girl Sitting In Bedroom With Pills
Sad teenager sitting on a school sports field team bench next to a running track.
healthcare infographic about depression sign and symptom
Unhappy woman cuts veins on hand, wants make suicide with razor - retro style
Sad girl sitting hugging her knees, a monster touching her shoulders, vector illustration
A strong image of a depressed and upset young man
Depression boy. Vector flat cartoon illustration
Lonely depressed teen school child girl wearing hood crying sitting alone on bed. Sad misunderstood abused adolescent introvert teenager feeling hurt. Teenage psychology and puberty problems concept
Mental health depression concept. Sad depressive young woman teen blonde girl wearing red pajamas, on dark black wall background
Young sad looking man on a bridge with depression thinking about suicide
Close-up of depressed teenage girl.
Lonely girl in the city
Boy with gun on white background
Stressed miserable black woman hold head in hands suffer from grief problem, depressed lonely upset african girl crying alone on sofa at home troubled with pregnancy regret mistake abortion concept
Sad thoughtful teen girl sits on chair feels depressed, offended or lonely, upset young woman suffers from abuse, harassment or heartbreak, grieving lady or violence victim has psychological problem
Sad girl in her loneliness
Teenage girl sitting against brick wall in a depressed state.
Sad young man in depression standing on the bridge Teenage male model wearing light green hoodie and dark grey jeans
Lonely girl sitting against school wall all by herself.
sad pensive teen girl stands near a wall. Space for text
Young woman frustrated, sad and upset.
Teenage boy and pills

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Psychosis and neurosis, diagnostics treatment and prophylaxis
Sad Kid sit on the City Street
Sad teenage girl shows the inscription "stop" on the palm. Focused on the hand
Asian Girl Self Harming With cutter knife in the bedroom
Head shot woman anxious worried woman sitting on couch at home. Frustrated confused female feels unhappy, problems in personal life, quarrel break up with boyfriend and unexpected pregnancy concept
Sad depressed young teenage girl sitting by wall. School, adolescence, home violence, unwanted love problems.
A depressed teen boy holding a help sign in front of a garage door.
A small dark-haired girl in a gray T-shirt is lying on the bed and next to her lies the opened packing of tablets and several tablets are in the hands of the girl.
Young person addicted to drugs buying new pills
Sad Teenager on the City Street closeup
Depressive woman wants to commit suicide by hanging in the rope. Sad teen female think about death. Depression woman sit on the floor. Depressed girl crying covering her face with her hands
Side view of a sad single teenager looking down in a balcony of her house in a rainy day
Person in the Jeans and Sneakers on the Edge
Young depressed rude girl probably has a addiction problem
Young beautiful sad girl suicide in bathroom
Lonely young woman crying on the bench
Depressed Teenage Boy Lying In Bedroom With Pills
Portrait of depressed teenage girl with hand over head.
World Suicide Prevention Day written in white chalk on a black chalkboard isolated on white
Dark portrait of a depressed teen girl, studio shot
Girl lying on the railroad
Depressed teenager sitting holding head in hands, stressed sad young woman having mental problems, feeling bad, need psychological help, addicted heartbroken girl experiencing adolescence crisis
Sad Kid sit by the Wall on the Street
Depressed teenager girl sitting on floor.
Depressed teenage girl with hands over face sitting in the corner.
A Sorrowful young adult on the City Street
Do you suffer from depression? No.
Remorse depressed man holding forgive me sign on paper.
Close-up of depressed teenage girl.
Young man in depression
Pretty depressed teenage girl preparing to cut her wrists open.
Toned Photo of Stressed Teenager sit on the Bench in the Autumn Park
Closeup portrait of depressed teenager girl cover her face.
A depressed teenager walking into the Golden Light
Portrait of a sad teenage girl looking thoughtful about troubles
Back of suicidal depressed young woman
Toned Photo of Teenager sleep with the Pills on the Bed
Depressed teenage girl cover the face with her hands.
Stressed Teenager on the City Street closeup
Silhouette of man in window of his room. Sad emotions, cry, disappointed. Light and darkness
Young teenager aged 13  in a hooded faux fur jacket and jeans.  Long dark hair, caucasian, brunette, dark eyes. Serious, lonely, pensive, thinking, looking at the camera.
Depressed teenager girl sitting on floor cover face.
Scared child
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