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Smiling millennial Caucasian female relax take break on comfortable sofa at home relieve negative emotions dreaming. Happy young woman renter or tenant rest on couch breathe fresh air. Peace concept.
Side close up view young serene woman lying on comfy couch putting hands behind head closed her eyes sleeping or having day nap resting alone, lazy weekend at home refreshment and renew energy concept
Calm millennial woman relaxing on soft comfortable sofa meditating or having daytime nap, carefree lazy girl breathing fresh air enjoying no stress free peaceful weekend morning resting on couch
Smiling woman sitting at desk with laptop taking rest and stretching herself. Female office worker or clerk having short break during work at computer. Vector illustration in flat cartoon style.
Woman sitting on rocking chair put hands behind head resting on lazy weekend using laptop
Relaxed serene pretty young woman feel fatigue lounge on comfortable sofa hands behind head rest at home, happy calm lady dream enjoy wellbeing breathing fresh air in cozy home modern living room
Simple life style relaxation with Asian working business woman healthy lifestyle take it easy resting in comfort hotel or home living room having free time with peace of mind and self health balance
female hand takes cup of coffee in the morning, slow and lazy breakfast in bed on white bedding in the hotel room. copy space
Stay home concept. Girl takes care for houseplants, reading book, doing yoga. Cozy modern scandinavian interior. Self isolation, quarantine due to coronavirus. Set of illustration of  home activities
Back view of female employee decorator relax in chair at home office or atelier dream or visualize. Woman designer rest at workplace take nap or sleep, relieve negative emotions. Stress free concept.
Relaxed calm woman resting breathing fresh air feeling mental balance enjoying wellbeing at home on sofa, satisfied young lady taking pleasure of stress free weekend morning stretching on couch
Attractive female  runner taking break after jogging outdoors
Relaxation holiday vacation of businessman take it easy happily resting on beach chair at swimming pool poolside beachfront resort hotel peacefully with sea or ocean view and summer sunny sky outdoor
Funny young woman 20s in pajamas home wear sleep mask hold pillow doing selfie shot on mobile phone while resting at home isolated on pastel pink background studio portrait. Relax good mood concept
Life-work balance and city living lifestyle concept of business man relaxing, take it easy in office or hotel room resting with thoughtful mind thinking of life quality looking forward to cityscape
Calm and positive. Happy serene young female relaxing on couch at living room leaning back on pillows. Woman taking break of household chores, breathing fresh air, dreaming about spending weekend
Double exposure of Back side view of man relaxing on the beach outdoors background using smartphone, luxury relaxation concept
No sleeping icon illustration isolated vector sign symbol
Peaceful girl in modern wireless headphones sit relax on comfortable couch listening to music, happy calm young woman in earphones rest on cozy sofa, enjoy good quality sound, stress free concept
man male designer worker enjoy after work take a rest sleep around laptop
06-03-2020 Riga, Latvia.  construction worker takes a break in the midday sun.
Close up side view serene man smiling sitting on couch at home. Male has a break after work or study closing eyes putting hands behind head relaxing thinking, feels happy breathing fresh air concept
Young Man Lying on Flat Surface with Knees Bent
Life-work balance and carefree mental health concept with woman take it easy working and  resting in luxury business hotel at home office with computer pc laptop on desk
Serene young woman taking deep breath of fresh air relaxing meditating with eyes closed enjoying peace, calm girl tranquil face doing yoga pranayama exercise feel no stress free relief, side view
Close up of calm young woman in wireless headphones relax on sofa at home dream listen to music, peaceful millennial girl in earphones rest on couch take nap sleep enjoy good quality sound in headset
Young woman lying on couch cushion with eyes closed, relaxing on cozy sofa pillow, relaxed girl taking nap at home hands behind head, breathing fresh air, no stress, enjoying day off in living room
Life-work balance concept with woman take it easy or resting in hotel or home living room interior
Happy millennial girl with eyes closed relax on comfortable couch in living room take nap daydream at home, smiling young Caucasian woman rest on cozy sofa breathing fresh air, stress free concept
Set of people character stay home, relax house, concept isolated on white, flat vector illustration. Person male, female resting. Sport training, household relaxation, read book take bathroom.
Tired young woman lying on cozy couch take nap daydreaming in living room, peaceful girl relax on comfortable sofa with eyes closed sleeping resting at home, female feel fatigue fall asleep
A baby boy sleeps a sweet dream in his bed under a blanket. Isolated vector illustration in a flat cartoon style
Calm tired young woman attractive face lounge leaning on sofa napping with eyes closed at home, serene lady hold hands behind head relaxing breathing fresh air sit on comfortable couch in living room
Happy young mom sit rest on couch in kitchen feel playful have fun with cute little girl child, smiling mother play with funny small daughter relax enjoying family weekend at home together
Calm smiling businesswoman relaxing at comfortable office chair hands behind head, happy woman resting in office satisfied after work done, enjoying break with eyes closed, peace of mind, no stress
kid sleeping at home on background, children resting at home, Couch and child, Simple cartoon of kids taking nap, kids sleeping, child sleeping, people sleep, Kid's activity sleep Vector illustration
Condo living lifestyle, luxury condominium home life style of happy working woman take it easy relaxing, resting on comfort chair in building tower or city hotel lobby interior with rooftop view
Woman relaxing in round outdoor bath with tropical flowers, organic skin care, luxury spa hotel, lifestyle photo
Exhausted sportswoman having a water break after run
Female athlete taking rest after exercising at gym. Fitness Healthy lifestye and workout at gym concept.
Cartoon Woman Characters Drinking Coffee Have Rest over Big Clock. Smiling Girl Sitting on Bag Chair with Takeaway Cup near Flowerpot. Time to Take Break and Relax. Vector Flat Isolated Illustration
Relaxed young woman leaned on couch closed eyes putting hands behind head enjoy fresh air, freelancer resting from work in modern cozy living room alone, daydream day nap, fall asleep or pause concept
Selective focus rear view young businessman sitting at work desk and napping on the chair in office building. Relax young smart manager business man taking break resting at modern office workplace.
Smiling young caucasian man sit relax on sofa in living room look in window distance dreaming or thinking, happy millennial male rest on couch at home, enjoy leisure weekend, stress free concept
Easy lifestyle Asian woman waking up from good sleep in weekend morning taking some rest, relaxing in comfort bedroom at hotel window, having happy lazy day enjoying work-life quality balance concept
Life quality, living balance and carefree mental health concept with woman take it easy working and resting in luxury business city hotel or at home office with computer pc laptop on desk
Relaxed smiling asian business woman take break to rest from computer at workplace holding hands behind head satisfied finished work, happy calm japanese employee feel no stress free in quiet office
Portrait of young sleeping chinese woman having nightmares in day time. housewife resting lying on couch taking nap cover body with blanket. sick lady resting at home in cozy apartment near window.
Injury patient waiting for doctor checking diagnosis, treatment and recovery body in sickroom at the hospital
Cute small daughter kiss happy mom on cheek hugging her from behind, funny little caring preschooler kid piggyback embrace smiling mother showing love, child girl and mommy have sweet moment together
Happy cute lady at home write notes on a diary while drink a cup of tea and rest and relax taking a break. autumn colors and people enjoying home lifestyle writing messages or lists. Blonde curly
Take it easy lifestyle of carefree young woman wearing summer hat relaxing happily sitting on porch at beach-house on beach front enjoying healthy living life quality for holiday vacation concept
Side view of a woman lying on couch with eyes closed and holding her baby on her chest. Tired mother taking rest sleeping on a sofa with her baby on her.
Cartoon character,businessman taking a nap on sofa.,vector eps10
Fatigued businesswoman taking off glasses tired of computer work, exhausted employee suffering from blurry vision symptoms after long laptop use, overworked woman feels eye strain tension problem

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Young man lying on a sandy-coloured couch takes a nap. Guy sleeping on a sofa. Cartoon character vector illustration. Isolated image on white background.
Sleep line icon set. Included the icons as insomnia, sleepless, bed, bedtime, sleepwalk, night, sleeping pill and more.
Relaxed young woman enjoying rest on comfortable sofa, calm attractive girl relaxing on couch, breathing fresh air with eyes closed, meditating at home, peace of mind, headshot portrait, copy space
TAKE A BREAK Coffee Cup Concept
Calm millennial man relax on cozy couch hands over head sleeping or taking nap, peaceful male lying on sofa with eyes closed having rest or visualizing, tired guy fall asleep chilling at home
Happy african American young woman sit relax on cozy couch hands over head happy to move to new apartment, smiling black millennial girl rest on comfortable sofa in living room dreaming
take rest listening to music drinking water eating apple after fitness exercise, sitting on wooden floor
Woman Relaxing and Resting at Home, Hygiene and Skincare Spa Procedures, Using Cosmetics Products for Bathing Flat Vector Concept. Young Woman Taking Hot Bath with Foam in Home Bathroom Illustration
Young athlete man taking a break from his run
Young woman sitting on floor after her workout and looking down. Female athlete taking rest after fitness training
Cool vector illustration on woman character taking nap on couch. Adult girl napping. Relaxed woman sleeping or dreaming. Female person having a rest lying on couch at home, flat design, isolated
Smiling senior is taking tablet with water in senior home or at home
A baby boy sleeps a sweet dream in his bed under a blanket. Isolated vector illustration in a flat cartoon style
Man using smartphone during workout at home. Online personal trainer or on mobile phone. Internet fitness class or video course. Taking a break. Lazy guy with cellphone while training with dumbbell.
freelancer or businesswoman takes rest after hard work at deck chair near sea in sunny summer day
happy woman sleeping, resting, taking a nap
Happy fitness girl sitting relaxed on yoga mat after workout. Woman taking a break after yoga exercises outdoors.
Calm attractive woman feeling relaxed in office home, peaceful mindful businesswoman leaning back on chair with eyes closed, meditating at work, taking deep breath to relax, no stress at workplace
Fitness woman sitting on a box at gym after her workout. Female athlete taking break after exercising at gym.
Heels and toes on bed. Heels and feets. Children's feet. Barefeet on the bed. Kid's feet in bed. Kids taking a rest focus on barefeet. Copy space.
Young calm black woman relaxing sit on comfortable sofa in modern living room, lazy happy african woman girl resting on couch breathing fresh air enjoy peace of mind no stress free on couch at home
Child sleeping, vector
Evening in the mountains. Young man is taking a hike, sitting by a camping tent and looking at the sun going down.
Easy lifestyle Asian woman waking up from good sleep in weekend morning taking some rest, relaxing in comfort bedroom at hotel window, having happy lazy day enjoying work-life quality balance concept
Diverse workers taking rest on couch
Take time to yourself. Girl resting in park with her cat. Paper card or poster. Landing page template. White background. Flat style. Vector illustration.
People on vacation with mobile devices banner. Couple with suitcases going on the rest. Couple in love taking pictures on smartphones. Happy tourists on the journey. Vector illustration in flat style.
Close up side view dramatic shot of handsome young bearded man having coffee outside Male taking rest and drinking fresh morning coffee to go Side view shot of young athlete with coffee in hand.
Woman's daily routine at home and at work.
Woman in sportswear using her cell phone after workout session. Woman taking a break from workout and checking her social media on mobile phone.
Girl sleeping, bedtime, vector illustration
Sports competition. Pleasant aged woman starting to run while taking part in the competition
Calm millennial man in glasses sit relax at home office workplace take nap or daydream. Happy relaxed Caucasian young male rest in chair distracted from computer work, relieve negative emotions.
Young caucasian woman taking breath after jogging. Female athlete resting with hands on knees and looking away at sunset
Work from home, Stretch for relax, Young asian woman stretching body while working with laptop computer at her desk home office, Back of female student raised arms take rest from online education
Cheery youthful guy resting with mug of hot beverage indoor
Young woman near the laptop, practicing meditation at the office desk, in front of laptop, online yoga classes, taking a break time for a minute, healing from paperwork and laptop radiation
Healthy female sitting outdoors and drinking water after exercising session. Fitness woman taking a break after workout.
Life-work balance and city lifestyle concept of business man relaxing, take it easy in office room resting with thoughtful mind thinking of living quality looking forward to urban scene
Hiker man take a rest on mountain peak. Man lay on summit, bellow autumn valley. Bright morning Sun shining in sky.
Smiling young family with little preschooler kids sit on couch in kitchen make self-portrait picture on cell together, happy parents with small children have fun take selfie on smartphone at home
Insomnia (sleeping disorder), world sleep day and bedtime comfort relaxation concept with young girlâ??s bare foot with stress on bed resting lazily in comfy hotel bedroom on white bed sheet
Young smiling female resting after an active fitness training while standing against gray wall with copy space area for your text message, satisfied fit woman resting after an active fitness training
Man's daily routine at home and at work.
take rest listening to music drinking water after fitness exercise, sitting on wooden floor
Young woman runner resting after workout session on sunny morning
Full body. Healthy children concept. Little asian child sleeping peacefully. Adorable girl in pink pajamas taking a nap. Isolated on white background.
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