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dramatic portrait in the dark of attractive depressed and worried man on bed suffering depression crisis and anxiety feeling lost lying sleepless in insomnia and life problem concept
Depressed mature woman lying in bed with bottle of pills top view, covering head with pillow, unhappy older female suffering from insomnia or depression, psychological problem, overdose concept
Suffering as a heavy weight in life - symbolized by a person in chains attached to a prisoner ball to show that Suffering can cause suffering, 3d illustration
Hand of woman while praying.Suffering woman pray with her bible in and white tone.
Portrait of a roaring muscular man with burlap on his face, expressing rage and suffering. Studio shot on a black background with smoke. Horrors and Halloween.
Depressed woman cover her face with hands. Concept of mental disorder, sorrow and depression.  Physical and emotional violence against women. Vector illustration.
Overwhelmed old senior man suffering alone at home feeling confused sad alone on couch at home in Aging Retirement widower Dementia and Alzheimer concept.
He is suffering from depression, he has suicidal status.
dramatic home portrait of young depressed and desperate man sitting on bedroom floor next to bed suffering depression and anxiety feeling overwhelmed and helpless
Mental disorder, finding answers, confusion concept. Woman suffering from depression, closing face with palms in despair, girl trying to solve complex problems. Simple flat vector
depression, teen depression, pain, suffering, tunnel
Young tired unhealthy mixed race woman sitting on couch in living room at home with closed eyes, holding head with hand, suffering from strong sudden headache or migraine, throbbing pain.
Original oil painting Emotions, closeup face of a zombie man suffering from pain, fear, horror
Depressed woman awake in the night, she is exhausted and suffering from insomnia
Sleepless mature woman suffering from insomnia close up, lying in bed, older female covering eyes with hands, trying to sleep, nightmares or depression, feeling headache or migraine
Arm of Christ nailed to a wooden cross in a concept of his martyrdom, suffering, crucifixion and resurrection today celebrated over the Easter holiday in banner format
Attractive depressed and upset man at home bedroom . dramatic lifestyle portrait of 30s to 40s handsome guy sitting sad on bed feeling worried and desperate suffering depression problem
Tired young man feel pain eyestrain holding glasses rubbing dry irritated eyes fatigued from computer work, stressed man suffer from headache bad vision sight problem sit at home table using laptop
Suffer from depression , mental health problem. asian young woman sitting on the bed feeling depressed.
Continuous line drawings of young woman feeling sad, tired and worried about suffering from depression in mental health. problems, failures and concepts of heartbreak isolated on white background
Exhausted female worker sit at office desk take off glasses feel unwell having dizziness or blurry vision, tired woman employee suffer from migraine or headache unable to work. Health problem concept
Man seated on the floor, hands to head, suffer split emotions into different inner personalities. Multipolar mental health disorder. Schizophrenia psychiatric disease. Dementia reactions mood change.
Young hopeless woman suffering from depression having nervous breakdown holding her head on isolated background, copy space
Sad thoughtful teen girl sits on chair feels depressed, offended or lonely, upset young woman suffers from abuse, harassment or heartbreak, grieving lady or violence victim has psychological problem
lifestyle indoors shady portrait of young sad and depressed black african American woman sitting at home floor feeling desperate and worried suffering pain and depression in dramatic light
Tired,exhausted asian senior woman suffering from insomnia for months,chronic insomnia,unable to sleep at night,elderly people with hand on forehead and open eyes,lying on bed at home,lack of sleep
Black and white Image of 60s or 70s  Asian elderly woman facepalm or cover her face by her hands .She may suffering from illness or depress.She looks pain or sick or crying.Sad elderly concept.
Frightened depressed middle aged woman lying alone on bed in fetal position covering head with pillow feeling afraid or depressed suffer from insomnia mental problem abuse violence concept, top view
Continuous line drawings of young woman feeling sad, tired and worried about suffering from depression in mental health. problems, failures and concepts of heartbreak isolated on white background
Man suffering emotional pain, holding head in his hands
Continuous line drawings of young men feeling sad, tired and worried about suffering from depression in mental health. problems, failures and concepts of heartbreak
Abstract fractal background with human profile. Woman suffering from  headaches, fatigue, chronic pain. State of trance and deep meditation, spiritual journey, psychotherapy
Unhappy woman touching hair, sitting on floor at home, thinking about problems, upset girl feeling lonely and sad, psychological and mental troubles, suffering from bad relationship or break up
Sad tired young woman touching forehead having headache migraine or depression, upset frustrated girl troubled with problem feel stressed cover crying face with hand suffer from grief sorrow concept
Dramatic close up black and white portrait of depressed old man with hands on face
young desperate man sitting at hospital bed alone sad and devastated suffering depression crying at clinic for serious disease diagnose feeling worried and in fear about health
Young beautiful arab woman wearing winter sweater over isolated background suffering from headache desperate and stressed because pain and migraine. Hands on head.
Sad stressed stubborn little cute kid boy sit alone hiding feel scared upset lonely abused, preschool child close ears not listening suffer from earache showing rebellious naughty behavior concept
Silhouette of a girl crouching by a window at night suffering from depression for the health concept of mental illness. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.
Pain measurement scale 0 to 10, mild to intense and severe. Assessment medical tool. Arch chart indicates pain stages and evaluate suffering. Vector illustration clipart
Upset stressed mature woman crying, sitting alone on couch at home, suffering from anxiety or disease, feeling lonely and unwell, desperate frustrated older female widow mourning, grieving, bad news
Sad young Caucasian woman sit on couch at home look in distance mourning yearning, unhappy upset female thinking suffering from relationships problems, struggle with miscarriage or abortion trouble
Depressed millennial man sitting alone at bar counter drinking strong alcohol thinking of relationships problems, stressed sad male feel despair pondering suffering from alcoholism. Addiction concept
Pigs in truck transport from farm to slaughterhouse. Meat industry. Animal meat market. Animals rights concept. Pig suffering during delivery to pork processing factory. Swine flu (H1N1 virus)carrier.
Sad stressed old middle aged woman widow mourning crying alone sit on couch at home, upset desperate senior mature elder grandma grieving weeping suffering from anxiety grief sorrow disease concept
Young hispanic woman suffering for summer heat and lack of air conditioning at home. Black girl covered with sweat sleeping on floor with head inside fridge.
Psychotherapy and psychology help with depressive disorders. Helping hand unravels the tangle of thoughts of a woman suffering from prolonged sadness, fatigue, chronic pain, headaches or stomachaches.
Continuous line drawings of young woman feeling sad, tired and worried about suffering from depression in mental health. problems, failures and concepts of heartbreak
Sad young woman avoiding ignoring bad friends suffering from gossiping, bullying, unfair attitude or discrimination, frustrated millennial girl feeling upset, hurt and offended sitting alone in cafe
Sleepless and desperate young caucasian man awake at night not able to sleep, feeling frustrated and worried looking at clock suffering from insomnia in stress and sleeping disorder concept.
Morning migraine, chronic fatigue and nervous tension, stress or flu symptom, hard to wake up concept. Young woman with strong headache, tired and exhausted girl holding head. Simple flat vector
A male head split up into sections. Human mind and psychology vector illustration.
Upset mixed race woman suffering from bullying, discrimination, excluded girl having problem with bad friends, feeling offended and hurt, sitting alone in cafe, avoiding people, social outcast
woman suffering from  fear, loneliness, depression, abuse, addiction

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young depressed man sitting against a white wall at home with a shadow on the wall feeling miserable, lonely and sad in mental health depression concept
Woman suffering from female hormonal emotional pain, mental anguish and imbalance, depression, anger, and uncontrollable mood swings
Portrait Of Awareness about epidemic disease covid-19. Teenage Boy Suffering From Corona Virus.
Wheat crops suffer as drought continues. Wheat field with very dry soil. Dry wheat field in the Netherlands. Dutch landscape with 'tarwe' field. Extreme droogte in Zeeland. Agriculture
Young woman victim suffering from abuse, harassment, depression or heartbreak, sad desperate teenager having problems holding head in hands, heartbroken upset girl crying having dangerous addiction
Depressed man sitting on floor near window
Psychology concept vector illustration. Mental health, depression, seasonal affected, sleep disorder. Psychiatry, philosophy.
Depressed young woman lying on couch on living room feeling distressed lonely after breakup or divorce, upset unhappy millennial female mourn yearn on sofa, suffer after miscarriage or abortion
Stressed miserable black woman hold head in hands suffer from grief problem, depressed lonely upset african girl crying alone on sofa at home troubled with pregnancy regret mistake abortion concept
Frustrated little girl upset tired of parents fight looking at camera, portrait of sad preschool kid daughter suffers from family mom and dad arguments or lack of attention, child and divorce concept
Stressed sad tired middle aged senior woman holding head in hands feeling headache migraine concept, upset old elderly mature lady in panic suffering from pain, alzheimer disease, anxiety depression
A woman sitting alone and depressed. The depression woman sit on the floor, abuse and people concept
Side view exhausted young biracial girl using paper waver, suffering from hot summer weather or high temperature at home. Unhappy overheated millennial mixed race woman feeling uncomfortable indoors.
Sick young woman sitting on couch at home, unhealthy girl covered with warm plaid sneezing blowing her nose on paper tissue suffering from grippe temperature or seasonal allergy, cold dwelling concept
Depressed man suffering from suicidal depression want to commit suicide by taking strong medicament drugs and pills while he sitting on the floor of his dark room black and white image hard contrast
Sad depressed woman suffering from insomnia, she is sitting in bed and touching her forehead, sleep disorder and stress concept
Frustrated excluded outstand african american man suffers from bullying or racial discrimination having no friends sitting alone in cafe, sad depressed black guy upset being rejected by white people
Man suffering from headache near window in office
sad woman alone on street suffering depression looking desperate and helpless sitting lonely in dirty dark urban night background in female victim of abuse concept grunge dirty edit grunge dirty edit
Human heart attack pain as an anatomy medical disease concept with a person suffering from a cardiac illness as a painful coronary event with 3D illustration style elements.
Collection of unhappy people suffering pain or ache in different body parts - chest, neck, leg, back, arm. Set of ill people isolated on white background. Flat cartoon colorful vector illustration.
Sad crying lonely young woman sitting on floor. Depressed unhappy girl. Female character in depression, sorrow, sadness. Mental disorder or illness. Colorful vector illustration in flat cartoon style.
Woman crying suffering seasonal allergies, lacrimation, bad cosmetics quality
Christian cross or crucifix drawing in ash, dust or sand as symbol of religion, sacrifice, redemtion, Jesus Christ, ash wednesday, lent, Good Friday
Depressed overweight man on bed at home
Psychologist supporting young man suffering from depression
Senior Woman Suffering From Chest Pain While Sitting On Bench
lonely man alone in an empty room
Worried senior woman in bed at night suffering from insomnia. Old woman lying in bed with open eyes. Mature woman unable to sleep at home.
Man with suffocation and anguish of death, suffering of schizophrenia and mental disorder, mad man screaming, horrible nightmare
Continuous line drawings of young men feeling sad, tired and worried about suffering from depression in mental health. problems, failures and concepts of heartbreak
Sad and scared female Young woman with computer laptop suffering cyberbullying and harassment being online abused by stalker or gossip feeling desperate and humiliated in cyber bullying concept.
People, healthcare and problem concept - unhappy man suffering from neck or shoulder pain at home
Depressed upset young woman feeling hurt sad stressed troubled with unwanted pregnancy, regret mistake abortion, having headache or drug addiction, suffer from grief dramatic bad problem concept
Desperate young man sitting alone on bench, suffering depression after break-up
Upset young woman sit on couch at home suffer from depression or mental psychological problems, distressed sad millennial female rest on sofa feel down struggle with breakup or divorce, need help
lonely man alone in an empty room
Young girl addicted to drugs with hallucinations against blurred background
portrait of stressed sick woman with headache; ill woman suffers from vertigo, dizziness, migraine, hangover, health care concept; young adult asian woman model
Middle aged mature woman insomniac lying awake in bed looking up trying to sleep, unhappy old senior lady feel disturbed frustrated suffer from insomnia concept uncomfortable bad mattress, top view
Exhausted female runner suffering painful angina pectoris or asthma breathing problems after training hard on summer. Running over training consequence.
African american businesswoman feeling unwell suffering from headache migraine touching forehead at team meeting, upset black woman employee frustrated by business problem or work stress, head shot
Eyes fatigue at work, tired exhausted businessman suffering from computer vision syndrome taking off glasses massaging eyes after long laptop use, overworked man feeling eye strain tension problem
Two people hugging each other before a coffin in a lonely, sad room. They might be in a funeral, burial, hospital, church or waiting for cremation. Black and white mourning, grief, sorrow & death.
Trapped concept and mental prison symbol as a person caged and imprisoned by the slow growing tree roots as a metaphor for chronic ingrained suffering due to an addiction or psychological illness.
Unhappy young woman suffering from headache vector flat illustration. Sickness female with painful face expression feeling migraine isolated on white. Unwell girl with tired or depression symptoms
Sick asian man flu is using mask. Illness, influenza, pain concept. Healthcare and Corona virus Concepts. sufferer with a high temperature is lying on bed looking at thermometer high temperature
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