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Stubborn annoyed woman sticking plug fingers in ears not listening to loud noise sound isolated on white blank studio background, young angry teen refuse hear avoid stress feel ear pain ache concept
Stubborn teenage girl puts hood on head avoiding mom apology, ignoring talk with parent sitting on bed at home. Naughty teen daughter introvert hiding in hoodie showing disrespect to mother at home.
Negative human feelings and reactions. Indoor shot of frustrated stubborn teenage girl in hoodie biting lips, posing i kitchen with arms crossed, expressing disagreement, does not want to do housework
Angry little girl with yellow bows and yellow T-shirt over white background, sign and gesture concept
Annoyed stressed woman cover ears feel hurt ear ache pain otitis suffer from loud noise sound headache, irritated stubborn girl deaf hear not listen to noisy music isolated on white studio background
Hard work - Stubborn business person in corporate outfit pushing a challenging heavy rock uphill. Challenge, strength and difficult task concept. Vector illustration.
Could you just hear me? Two generations family elderly mother and young daughter quarrelling, having conflict, stressed nervous grown kid trying to explain prove something to mom unwilling to listen
Millennial couple arguing sitting on couch at home, emotional husband gesturing proving his point of view to stubborn wife, man and woman dispute having fight or disagreement. Family conflict concept
Stubborn,sad,upset  little boy,child  isolated over grey background.Facial expression
Stressed exhausted mother looking at camera feeling desperate about screaming stubborn kid daughter tantrum, upset annoyed mom tired of naughty difficult child girl misbehave yelling for attention
Isolated shot of serious displeased young woman in pinkish sweater frowning, holding hands on her waist, being stubborn, expressing disagreement. Human facial expressions and body language
Angry little cute 
girl with cross one's arm.The emotion of a child when her mother forbids watching cartoons and tell her to draw.
Close up shot of serious stubborn middle aged woman in black casual t-shirt posing at home in closed posture crossing arms on her chest and staring at camera with confident strict facial expression
I don't want to listen anymore
Back view of offended woman looking at stubborn lover refusing reconcile after fight, mad millennial couple not talking after quarrel, man avoid looking or speaking to female after family conflict
Woman in business suit showing her palm, body language, say NO at work, self-awareness
Mom or psychologist talking counseling upset offended african american child girl feels sad insulted, sulky frustrated black mixed race kid daughter having psychological trauma depression problem
stubborn little kid with red hair, freckles and an attitude ignoring parents scolding, blocking his ears with hands against education problems, grey background
Kids sisters looks strictly. Girls folded arms on chest looks serious white background. Stubborn temper. Stubborn concept. Stubborn kids. Disagreement and stubbornness. Girls offended friends.
Young stubborn man behaving childish and stopping ears looking offended.
Angry Dad Character Sit on Couch Scold Son Closing Ears with Hands. Offended Stubborn Boy Child Ignore Listening to Mad Father Talking, Dispute or Quarrel at Home. Cartoon People Vector Illustration
Stubborn child. Disagreement and stubbornness. Girl serious face offended. Kid looks strictly. Girl folded arms on chest looks serious copy space white background. Stubborn temper. Stubborn concept.
Woman covers her ears blocking loud noises music annoyed and stubborn refusing to listen
Angry aged mother and daughter looking at each other after quarrel, bad family relationships concept, parent and child conflict, different age generations, stubborn displeased women with arms crossed
Angry woman plugging her ears with fingers
Tired bothered businesswoman abstracting from work refuse accept or consider report, annoyed female ceo gesturing rejecting mad business client or subordinate not looking at papers or documents
Rebellious charming woman showing inner devil having fun stubborn, smiling broadly playing holding index fingers behind head imitating horns, squinting happily, laughing out loud gray background
Temper tantrum concept, little angry emotional boy being aggressive during therapy session with child psychotherapist
Porter pulls a stubborn donkey. Bellboy Hotel Porter Profession. A vector illustration on a white background.
Young man turned back and has his fingers in his ears, against white background
Angry yelling parent and upset child vector illustration. Cartoon unhappy girl ignoring arguing man, stubborn kid covering ears with hands so as not to hear arguments. Misunderstanding concept
Two stubborn angry ram sheep characters quarreling. Vector flat cartoon illustration
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Concept.Angry Asian boy screaming,upset, sad, negative attitude.Stressed child, Kid with bad behavior stubborn.mental health.Autism kid.Angry child.
Man and woman in boat row in different direction, not reach goal. Stubborn couple in ship sail in opposite way. Getting nowhere concept. Conflict of interest, breakup, split. Flat vector illustration.
Unhappy stubborn couple sit separate on cut couch have family fight or quarrel. Angry mad man and woman lovers avoid ignore talking. Cheating and breakup, divorce concept. Vector illustration.
children's fairy tales stubborn goats
Being in capricious mood. Stubborn child yellow background. Girl with stubborn character
Angry young adult mom scold stubborn fussy upset little kid daughter sulking sit on sofa ignore parent, single mother shout at unhappy preschool difficult child girl punish for bad behavior at home
displeased man plugging ears with fingers doesn't want to listen isolated on gray wall background
Angry little girl with yellow bows and yellow T-shirt over white background, sign and gesture concept
Woman in business suit showing her palm in grey background
A caucasian woman chef wearing apron is trying to open a stubborn jar lid. She uses force to unscrew the lid in kitchen. Concept image for pickling tomatoes and gherkins and difficulty in opening lids
Loving boyfriend apologize before offended upset girlfriend, caring husband ask for forgiveness from stubborn wife, lover making peace after quarrel, man caress try to save relationship after cheating
A strong man pushing a big rock up the hill to reach the goal on top. Vector artwork depicting hard work, challenge, mission, and accomplishment.
Smiling preschool kids girl pulling stubborn donkey on reins and unhappy boy pushing it. Kids playing together with donkey. Pulling and pushing children cartoon characters. Flat vector illustration
Sad disappointed wife not talking ignoring husband after fight sitting on sofa, upset frustrated woman feeling offended tired of problems, thinking of divorce or can not forgive betrayal cheating
Angry little asian boy showing frustration and disagreement, isolated on white background
Man pulling a stubborn donkey. Vector illustration isolated on white background
Angry and annoyed kids in round avatar set vector illustration. Cartoon upset boy and girl feeling stress and bad emotions, cute unhappy child crossing arms with stubborn mood isolated on white
Close up headshot studio portrait young stressed mad man covering ears with hands, refusing to listen, suffering from loud noisy sounds, screaming, shouting, isolated on grey white background.
Cute small girl making a funny angry face isolated on white
Stubborn employee
stubborn little kid with red hair, freckles and an attitude ignoring parents scolding, blocking his ears with hands against education problems, grey panorama
Stubborn little kid boy rejecting eating dry breakfast corn flakes with milk, sitting in kitchen without appetite. Upset small male child does not want eating tasteless food, loss of appetite.
A herd of colorful Stubborn Donkeys in a countryside field.
Stubborn angry man and woman spouses sit separate on sofa at home ignore each other avoid talking after fight. Unhappy mad young Caucasian couple think of divorce breakup after family fight quarrel.
African angry woman in white t-shit isolated on grey blank looking away up feels annoyed stressed don’t want listen unpleasant things scolding or moral sermon, hearing loud sounds concept studio image
ADHD Concept.Thinking Asian boy with tired face.Toddler kid looking up and think, bored, Stubborn child, Stressed child, Kid with bad behavior stubborn.mental health.Autism learning at home
Stubborn child. Disagreement and stubbornness. Girl serious face offended. Kid looks strictly. Girl folded arms on chest looks serious copy space white background. Stubborn temper. Stubborn concept.
Funny stubborn beagle puppy pulling its leash with its teeth as if playing tug-of-war
A caucasian woman wearing apron is trying to open a stubborn lid. She is inserting a sharp kitchen knife between the jar and the lid to relieve pressure and unscrew the tight lid.
Upset Little Girl Frowning Vector Cartoon. Frowning child experiencing negative emotions feeling frustrated
Angry and stubborn kids set vector illustration. Cartoon little girl and boy with sad frustrated and aggressive faces feeling stress and bad emotions, unhappy child with crossed arms isolated on white
Strict young Caucasian mother talk lecture ill-behaved stubborn small preschooler daughter at home. Serious mom scold unhappy naughty little girl child kid. Family fight, generation gap concept.
Elephant with a human body on red background. Collage on theme of human character. Elephant as a metaphor for a stubborn and clumsy person. Stubborn man in a jacket. Stubborn businessman.
Angry African Mother Character Scold Son who Closing Ears with Hands Sit on Couch. Offended Stubborn Boy Child Ignore Listening Mad Mom Talking, Quarrel at Home. Cartoon People Vector Illustration
A funny quirky concept image showing a caucasian woman trying to open a jar of pickles. She is trying with tools like drill, knife, wrench and hammer
Angry asian kid.Little asian girl looking at her mother and fighting with her mom.Furious hungry toddler kid got upset and sad.Stubborn child bad attitude.Depressed little girl complaining with mom.
Neutral Personalities Character Traits. Stick Figures Man Icons. Starting with the Alphabet S.
Deaf businessman
Asian Korean girl with funny face smile spy kid yellow paper break through banner.watching stubborn, kid child smile happy emotion.eye care in kid.crafty.happy child.School kid.stubborn tween girl.
Stubborn people. Serious young people frowning and looking stubborn while feeling angry and touching putting their foreheads together
Studio shot of you European couple having argument: bearded guy in oval glasses trying to convince his stubborn girlfriend who is crossing arms and making displeased grimace, expressing disagreement
Angry mother and little child girl sitting back to back on sofa not talking after fight, stubborn kid preschool daughter and annoyed mom ignoring each other upset by argument, family conflict concept
Tired dad and bored sibling kids going through conflict, resting on couch. Frustrated young single father and stubborn children ignoring each other, arguing. Parenthood, fatherhood, behavior problems
Forgive me please. Guilty young husband hug shoulder of offended wife ask forgiveness apologize after quarrel conflict fight. Millennial man try to make peace with stubborn sulky woman admit his fault
Naughty stubborn little child daughter and worried mum avoid talk after argument sit turn back on sofa, fussy preschool kid girl sulking ignore mother at home, parents with children conflicts concept
Asian angry senior mature woman shouting at stubborn fussy daughter. Young female sit on sofa use mobile phone chat, disobedient rebellious and ignore annoyed mother. Family problem in house concept.
Man pushing a boulder on a rock
Fire fighter sheep. Lamb Fireman. Sheep professional character. illustration of stubborn fire fighter isolated on gray.
Dog Behavior Problem Set, Aggressive, Fear, Stubborn and Biting Tail
Stubborn, sad, upset little Asian boy isolated over white background.Facial expression.
Stock illustration. People in retro style pop art and vintage advertising. Woman pulls a stubborn man donkey.
Unhappy boy refuse eating product feel disgusted with taste or smell. Stubborn child reject food or meal. Childhood nutrition problem concept. Bad habit. Vector illustration, cartoon character.
Portrait of casually dressed stubborn young dark skinned Latin woman making dissatisfied facial expression frowning and folding arms, her look expressing suspicion, distrust and disagreement
Angry stubborn kids. Mad girl and boy in quarrel with arms crossed. Sad little children in bad mood on white background. Expression of emotions and feelings vector illustration.
stubborn and angry goats fighting couples in nature grass grassland, village, natural life, free animals, beautiful ram, rams, goat,
Single continuous line drawing unhappy stubborn couple sit separate on cut couch have family fight or quarrel. Angry mad man and woman lovers avoid ignore talking. One line draw graphic design vector
Crying boy demands something from the mother, grabbing her skirt. Young children having trouble with their feelings. Child tantrum and toddler anger parenting problems. Childish behaviour strategies.
Stubborn little girl scream loud not listening to strict mom, serious young mother scold shouting daughter for bad behavior, working mommy lecture kid yelling asking attention. Family conflict concept
Sad pensive young girl thinking of relationships problems sitting on sofa with offended boyfriend, conflicts in marriage, upset couple after fight dispute, making decision of breaking up get divorced
A stubborn man in his 30s refuses to listen, looking away. Isolated against a white background.
Poop cute funny stubborn excrement character cartoon emoticon isolated on white background. Kawaii headstrong brown heap of shit emoji. Flat design vector clip art baby poo with face illustration.
Angry asian kid.Little asian girl looking at her mother and fighting with her mom.Furious hungry toddler kid got upset and sad.Stubborn child bad attitude.Depressed little girl complaining with mom.
Vector illustration of cartoon little sulky girl standing with arms crossed on chest.
Concentrated two businessmen sitting at table, involved in serious negotiations or contract discussion in modern office. Focused young male ceo executive manager communicating with partner or client.
Shocked grandma closing ears not to hear noisy stubborn fussy little granddaughter screaming demanding attention, preschool spoiled kid girl yelling at grandmother, child tantrum manipulation concept
Family Conflict Concept. Stubborn black couple sit on couch back to back avoid talking after fight, offended man and woman separated on sofa ignoring one another, husband and wife not looking in eyes
Sad child. Sulky little boy lying on the bed on arms. concept of three years crisis.
Displeased stressed attractive and stubborn girlfriend in jeans and t-shirt, covering ears with index fingers, shouting or yelling, looking down, arguing and wanting not hear scream of boyfriend
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