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Business man pushing large stone up to hill , Business heavy tasks and problems concept.
Sad tired frustrated boy sitting at the table with many books and holding paper with word Help. Learning difficulties, education concept.
A woman wearing a black mask trying to stay focused while working from home due to Covid-19, struggling with anxiety and depression. Mental illness awareness
Image of young businesswoman climbing on the hill while pulling big stone with a chain
Plant manages to survive in an unnatural environment.
Business concept, Young businessman pushing large stone uphill with copy space
Struggle helps achieving success - pictured as word Struggle and a magnet, to symbolize that Struggle attracts success in life and business, 3d illustration
Purple flower growing on crack street, soft focus, blank text
Businessman pushing the round large stone. Business heavy tasks and problems concept. differentiation between work
Tired young woman take off glasses massage eyes overwhelmed with computer work have blurry vision, exhausted millennial girl worker suffer from migraine or headache, struggle with dizziness
Hands pulling rope playing tug of war, people competitive, dispute, contest concept.
Multi-ethnic beauty. Different ethnicity women: African, Asian, Chinese, European, Latin American, Arab. Women different nationalities and cultures. The struggle for rights, independence, equality.
silhouette of man climbing steep mountain. Good image for adventure, struggle and success story photo.
Tired student struggling to keep studying looking at notes and laptop
struggle of a determined and ambitious man
Cropped shot of a exhausted businessman sitting in front of his laptop computer in an office
Young man struggling to climb ledge on cliff, view of coast below
Managing big challenges and strong business leader concept as an idea of hard work or the struggles of life and struggling with a huge problem with 3D illustration elements.
Struggle as a driving force of change in the new year 2021 - pictured as a swinging sphere with phrase Struggle giving momentum to 2021 that leads to a change, 3d illustration
Man carries an elephant in the field.
One pawn standing against set of black chess. Alone against many enemies, symbol of difficult fight or struggle, confidence concept
A lovely Hispanic mother struggles with the overwhelming task of trying to motivate her kindergarten daughter learn through participation in a virtual classroom during the pandemic.
Stress burden, anxiety from work difficulty and overload, problem in economic crisis or pressure from too much responsibility concept, tried exhausted businessman carrying heavy messy line on his back
Woman pulling a heavy weight on a chain. Concept of a woman's heavy social load. Woman carrying huge weight. Business woman struggling with mortgage. Flat vector illustration.
Supportive beautiful wife touching husband's arm during psychotherapy session for married couples with problems
a young african lady feeling frustrated and struggling with using a laptop in an office
Bald man psychological stress struggling for life arter brain tumor. Heartbreaking male emotions after cancer neurosurgery operation. Oncology survivor patient. Chemotherapy and irradiation head marks
Tired stressed mother holding her baby.
Close up clasped female hands of two businesswomen negotiate at table, confrontation concept, negotiators conflict, employees struggle for leadership at work, difficult job interview, hiring decision
Couple managing the debt
Businessman under pressure vector concept. Symbol of stress, fear, struggle in career or business situation. Eps10 illustration.
Businessman climb a mountain to get the flag. Achievement business goal and difficult career concept
Family Struggling Financial Crisis. Depressed Japanese Couple Looking At Invoice Bills Not Able To Pay Expenses Sitting On Couch At Home. Spouses Having Finance Problems, Suffering From Coronacrisis
Held back metaphor as a large anchor holding or oppressing an air balloon and restricting movement as a suppression business metaphor  from aspiring to succeed with 3D illustration elements.
young mother in red coat carrying her baby standing in the burning city, digital art style, illustration painting
Sisyphus metaphor. Man rolling huge concrete ball up hill. Sisyphean work, task.
Psychological concept of influence, manipulation or addiction. Character surrounded by giant creeping hands. Addicted man break through fear or dependence. Vector illustration in flat style
A senior middle-aged gray-haired woman wearing green sweater and protective face mask looking at the window and feeling sad depressed and lonely during coronavirus pandemic, lockdown struggles concept
Business challenge vector concept with sisyphus pushing stone uphill. Symbol of struggle, strong effort, opportunity, ambition and achievement.
Female fist punching through blue paper background. War, struggle, conflict, feminist concept. Banner with copy space.
Storm sky with lightning and sun on the background silhouette of a man. Concept  of the struggle between good and evil or the theme of medicine (migraine and headache pain ). Health and pain.
Multi-ethnic beauty. Different ethnicity women: African, Asian, Chinese, European, Latin American, Arab. Women different nationalities and cultures. The struggle for rights, independence, equality.
white flower growing on crack street, soft focus, blank text
Business challenge vector concept with businesswoman as sisyphus pushing rock uphill. Symbol of difficulty, ambition, motivation, struggle. Eps10 vector illustration.
A close up and selective focus view of caucasian hands struggling to grip a natural stone face, parallels with real world struggles. With copy space
Businessman pushing huge stone up the hill. Business problem crisis hardship and burden concept. Cartoon Vector Illustration.
Stressed ou black African man feeling neck pain due to emotional struggle
conceptual, businessman tethered and strained by stress, worry, anxiety
Tired young businesswoman struggling to keep working holding head and looking down in office
Tired businessman struggling with project at home
struggle of the rope climb on the rocks

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small tree struggles to grow on a old concrete wall
Silhouette of woman's head with waving hair, back light.
Multitasking businessman working on computer. Concept for overworking people.
Depressed woman sitting with her hands covering her face overwhelmed with emotion
Concept of struggle and strong willpower as a business metaphor for dedication and determination even when facing a heavy load or burden as a composite image.
Trouble concept as a business symbol as a paper boat climbing uphill as a metaphor for struggle and overcoming obstacles and competition strategy.
Hard to climb stairs for obese girl, victory over fatigue for goal achieving
white flower growing on crack street, soft focus, blank text
Multi-ethnic women silhouette. Different ethnicity women: African, Asian, Chinese, European, Arab. Racial equality and anti-racism. The struggle for rights, independence, equality. Multicultural
I need a vacation! Close up top view portrait of tired sick young brunet guy. He is wearing the formalwear, resting at the workplace
Holding on the edge of a cliff
Business man pushing large stone up to hill , Business heavy tasks and problems concept.
The Struggle is Part of the Journey typed on white paper in a conceptual image of inspiration and motivation.
Focus on little green plant growing through from crack of pavement with long shadow of fully grown tree on surface of brick wall background, create idea of Life is a struggle and hopeful concept
Giraffe looks up to a tree on a rock. The concept of accomplishment. This is a 3d render illustration
Boring black american millennial man sitting indoors looking at pc screen feels unwell. Students not interested in studying or employee disinterest in work. African man feeling lack of energy concept
Brave knight or swordsman fighting with dragon against medieval castle on background. Legendary hero struggle against evil monster. Scene from fairytale or legend. Flat cartoon vector illustration.
Unhealthy millennial Indian woman struggle with high temperature measure with thermometer. Sick ill young ethnic female suffer from flu or cold, have covid-19 lying at home. Corona virus concept.
Hands in chains
Rear side view fired employee feels desperate sitting with diverse colleagues. People at group therapy listen story of guy sympathize with him, share personal problems addictions traumas rehab concept
Bull market challenge and stock market struggle and investing volatility in a 3D illustration style.
 plant grows in old wood and symbolizes struggle and restart
the happiness of the person reaching the goal after a determined and patient struggle
Leadership rivalry between two businessmen pushing a boulder against each other to eliminate from competition. Business war concept, opponent liquidation. Political clash, struggle and conflict.
Male hands strongly squeeze and pull metal barbed wire as a rope, symbol of slavery, dependencies, prohibition, liberation from dependence. Hand drawn vector. Concept of the struggle for the right
Sad depressed woman touching her forehead and looking down, stress and exhaustion concept
Struggling businessman, Young asian office man struggle with laptop computer, Frustrated asian business man looking at computer while working at office, Business people struggle with technology
Sad Caucasian millennial girl lying in bed covered with blanket feel bad suffer from sickness or illness, upset young woman relax in bedroom struggle with depression, psychological problem concept
Young girl resting and regretting the made decision.
Concept of stress of a businessman with a big rock
The struggle for independence. Hands breaks through the obstacle for escape. The struggle for independence. Ukraine. Human protest. Copy space for advertising, to insert text or slogan.
Medium shot of a frustrated young mother having a business phone call with crying baby next to her
Fight, close up of two fists hitting each other over dark, dramatic sky
Young female entrepreneur dragging a stone with text of dream big while stepping up on the cliff. Shot at sunset time
Concept of danger and risk with two ends of a frayed worn rope held together by the last strand on the point of snapping, against a dark background with copyspace.
Slavery theme illustration with strong hand clenched fist fighting for freedom against chain, vector logo or tattoo, getting free, struggle for liberty.
Frustrated stressed busy mother in a messy home. Screaming.
Climber, point and line composition, vector illustration.
Woman bondage in angle of abandoned building image blur , stop violence against Women, international women's day
Upset mother forced to work from home as the pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) forces many employees to work from home. Real people. Copy space
Inner conflict flat vector illustrations set. Internal demons metaphor. People listening to inner voice concept. Patients suffering from mental disorders, psychological diseases, schizophrenia.
Team competing in tug of war
Emotional stress.
Sad man and his inner personality holding knife. Concept of internal fight, war, struggle with self, wrestle with depression. Mental breakdown, psychological problem. Modern flat vector illustration.
Trouble, crisis concept, high angle view of businessman crushed by the huge stone on the street with copy space
Sad and unhappy pupil with backpack. Upset toddler boy. problem child. concept for bullying, depression stress or frustration. On school background. Education for small kids.
Young adult male struggling on a morning to wake up, hitting snooze on his alarm.
Picture of European businessman struggling to save environment while pulling a banner with new green city
Businessman with boxing gloves is ready for corporate battle. Man in suit, shirt and a tie is holding combat gloves together. Shot in a boxing gym, concept of relentless struggle and success.
Clenched fists of different colors raised in protest on background with sun rays. Concept of international unity and cooperation. Protest, strength, freedom,  revolution, rebel, revolt symbol.
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