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Stressed young African American student of school of economics feeling frustrated while working on diploma project, sitting at coworking space in front of open laptop computer, holding head with hands
Overworked and tired female student working late at night on laptop trying not to fall asleep and making an effort to concentrate and keep on studying. Online University and internet learning concept.
Tired student having too much to do in a library
Worried and sad student female searching information in a laptop on line in a desk at home room
Blonde student worried about exams
Sad student sitting on a bench in a corridor
education, high school, university, learning and people concept - close up of african student girl on lecture
Portrait of troubled girl touching head while preparing for seminar in college library
Unhappy handsome student in pain having a headache in school
Desperate african-american student sitting on stairs outdoors in university campus. Man raised hands to his head. Migraine, education and overworking concept, copy space
Worried African Student Looking At Books On Desk In Library
Female college student stressed about her homework
exam stress / education young female college in class taking notes and using a pencil sitting learning concept stressed student girl asian take the exam final  and sleeping on books
Cute teenage girl with glasses, surrounded by books and school work, looking frustrated
a young man sits at a table with books and looks into a laptop with his head covered in a book. difficulties online work. distance learning. bookcase on the background. emotions.
Young Student Stressed and Overwhelmed asking for Help
Portrait of nervous female college student with textbooks biting her nails looked thinking about her exams
Grunge image of a stressed overworked man studying
Girl crying with hand covering face
education concept - stressed student girl reading books at home
student problem concept and stress
Stressed Student Of High School Sitting At The Library Desk - Shallow Depth Of Field
Lazy young student with laptop on knees
red haired student, business woman lying  asleep on her laptop on a white background
Single student wearing eyeglasses suffering eyestrain while is studying in a park
Sad Student
Young woman with laptop computer for homework. Tired hispanic girl and college education. Female student studying and using pc at home getting headache
Girl, at table, having trouble studying
Tired student with textbooks on white
Young student at home desk reading biting pen studying at night with pile of books and coffee cup preparing exam in university education concept in edgy  light set
Upset teen sitting on the ground against a wall while listening to music.
student have difficult test
Student with lots of books preparing for exams
Young male student is overwhelmed by way too many homework assignments.
Cost of college education. Portrait stressed woman balancing piggy bank in one hand and books in another. Student having trouble paying for academic university degree tuition concept. Face expressions
Tired student having a lot to read in a library
Blonde student worried about exams
Young asian student reading a book under mental pressure
Focused student surrounded by books in a library
sad student  working in library
Bored young african american girl tired of learning sit at home looking at laptop, lazy apathetic black female university student frustrated about study computer work feeling uninterested demotivated
Handsome frustrated student studying his books in library
Stressed asian student having many problems in a classroom
Asian student sitting in huge pile of books. Exhausted student preparing for exam with books. Stressed student reading books. Concept of education. Vector flat design illustration. Square layout.
Young Man Biting Pencil Studyng at Night isolated on black background
Fashion illustration of girl.She was bored reading a lot.Doodle art concept,illustration painting
Lonely sad teenager student cry and hug her knees sitting in the dark corner ,Sad woman Unhappy and stressed student on the campus ,Family problems and education concept
Young student in expensive textbooks concept
Stressed african-american man sitting alone with headache at university on stairs. Black depressed student guy failed exams, expelled from college, copy space
Man tired of studying dreaming over books
I'm through
Stressed Student Of High School Sitting At The Library Desk - Shallow Depth Of Field
 Stressed student doing her homework sitting at the desk
Sleepy college student with bushy hair and dark skin rubbing his eyes with hand while looking into screen of laptop wanting to sleep being tired preparing for final exams. People, lifestyle, education
Student Studying Hard Exam and Sleeping on Books, Tired Girl Read Difficult Book in Library
Pile of books and Overwhelmed student. Too much study. Student's hand drowning in books. Education concept. Vector colorful illustration isolated on white
Stressed Student Of High School Sitting At The Library Desk - Shallow Depth Of Field

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Cute teenage girl with piles of school books looking tired and stressed surrounded by text of her worries.
Thoughtful concept. Woman working on a computer at a cafe while gazing through the window glass.
Unmotivated female student sit at desk distracted form computer work and exam preparation, lazy young girl feel bored when studying using computer reading textbooks preparing for test at home
Illustration depicting a green chalk board with the words 'exam stress' written on it in white chalk.
Student drinking coffee and using tablet computer on couch
young student
The word research against stressed student at desk
depressed man with head in his hands
Frustrated college male student studying poorly at late evening, night before exam, male student with pile of books study hard for exam in high school, tired and bored to study hard for exam
Frustrated teenager doing her homework against white background
Education test concept : Asian boy student studying stressed headaches for exams in classroom, learning lessons doing final exam at high school, Work or learning from Home prevent pandemic covid-19
Student girl studying her lessons at home
Shocked male after checking the time at the train station
stress female student  exhausted after finish homework with laptop and smart-phone and tablet and cross process ,soft flare filter
Worried and bored student
A frustrated and stressed out student looks up at the high pile of textbooks he has to go through to do his homework.
Student studying on the table
upset and confusion of student alert on the dispute of subjects in University Library
College student sitting outside a classroom with a hand on his hair, feeling stressed and upset about his grades
Tired businessman sleeping after hard working day in office interior. Man lying on table with laptop computer on. Business concept.
Sad Teenager with a Books on the Floor by the Wall
Young african student preparing her exams at a local cafeteria
Portrait of a frustrated student being surrounded with piles of books
Young man using tablet computer in cafe
Young depressed lonely female college student sitting in the hallway at her school. Education, Bullying, Depression concept.
Portrait of troubled girl touching forehead while preparing for seminar in college library
Confused college student with formulas on the blackboard and covering her head by textbook. shot at class
education and home concept - stressed student girl with books
Single sad student checking a failed exam sitting on the grass in a park with unfocused people in the background
Asian students exam studying hard worrying sleeping headache in classroom group reading book serious vision eyesight test and tired stress library high school university campus college center
tired student girl with glasses sleeping on the books in the library
Bullying, discrimination or stress concept. Sad teenager crying in school yard. Upset young female student having anxiety. Upset victim of abuse or harassment sitting on stairs outdoors with backbag.
Portrait of a young man leaning on a locker
Young student isolated on the white background
portrait of beautiful tired brunette student girl sitting among the books
Young student on exam
Stressed College Student Studying for his Finals - Isolated Background
Student hand holding pencil writing doing examination in university ,students in uniform attending exam classroom educational school: Young female business writes information from portable net-book
Strong human emotions and feelings. African American guy watching games feeling nervous, panic and shocked, supporting favorite team. Bug-eyed man wearing glasses against white wall with copy space
Student debt
Worried Student Looking At Books On Desk In Library of University. Young Educated People against Blur Bookshelf, Education Thoughtful Concept.
African student concentrated to study the lecture notes at the library
an upset and frustration of the student in disaster of project collapse, project research over limittation of time line submitted, a lot books on table in library
tired young girl college student study at home
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