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2017 October 19th Agra ,India :Portrait of Indian poor kid is smiling
A group of happy children safely riding their bicycle on the street while wearing a helmet.
Children go to school, a happy student with a backpack, crosses the road, the concept of education with a child, a place for text
Children working at construction site for world day against child labor concept:
a little girl in a dress with polka dots runs cheerfully in a jump along the park alley on a summer day, back view
LEH, INDIA - SEPTEMBER 08, 2014 : An unidentified beggar girl and boy beg for money from a passerby in Leh. Poverty is a major issue in India
A lonely boy sits on a curb on the right side of a tunnel
Helping Hand with a shadow of an adult hand offering help or therapy to a child in need as an education concept of charity towards needy kids and teacher guidance to students who need tutoring.
Ennore Donbosco Complex, Thiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu in India on 26 January 2021: During the Event of Republic Day Celebration the Muslim Children Playing Various Games in play ground
Black and white photo of Teddy bear laying  on the street with blurry background of school kid carrying school bag,Toy bear was left lying on the street,missing children or kidnap school kids concept
Poverty and poorness on the children face. Sad little girl. Refugee. War results.
Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - December 10, 2018:  Funny Portrait of Slum Kids Together Beautiful Moment Facing Camera Simplicity
Central African Republic-July 17 unidentified children posing for photography at streets of Bangui on July 17, 2014 in Bangui, Central African Republic
Happy cute clever boy in glasses with school bag and book in his hand.  Modern backpack. Child is ready to answer with a blackboard on a background. First time to school. Back to school.
Kolkata, India - July 16, 2017: Street children playing guitar in the road.
Group of cheerful smiling glad children running outdoors in city street on good weather
Blurry shadow of a boy, pigeon and treetops in black and white
CAMBODIA - October 31,2016 : Children in Cambodia begging for money on the roadside in cambodia
A poor kid in India, sitting on the streetside.
Delhi, India - May 16 2020: Delhi based Charity organisation helping poor children with food
Disabled child on wheelchair is play and learn in the outdoor park like other people, Life in the education age of special children, Happy disability kid concept.
RAXAUL, INDIA - NOV 12: Unidentified Indian children on Nov 12, 2013 in Raxaul, Bihar state, India. Bihar is one of the poorest states in India. The per capita income is about 300 dollars.
MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - DEC 29, 2011: Unidentified Mexican children play in the street. 60% of Mexican people belong to the Mestizo ethnic group
JAMMU/INDIA - JUNE 18. Poor Indian children remove debris from city street in market place on June 18, 2015 in Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir, Northern India, Central Asia.
german poverty homeless boy child blonde in the yellow jersey at the garbage dump looking for food
Rajasthan. India. 07-02-2018. Children are drawing at school in a village in the Rajasthan.
Mother and her children crossing road on way to school
children's shoes in the blood under the car wheels
Feet of child in yellow rubber boots jumping over a puddle in the rain
Rajasthan. India. 07-02-2018. Child receiving medical attention by doctor for a problem with his eyes.
Schoolboy crossing road on way to school
Set of boys and girls going to elementary or middle school vector illustration. Happy pupils holding books surrounded by autumn leaves isolated on white. Collection of children with backpack or bag
MUMBAI, INDIA NOVEMBER 2010 - Poverty in India, a child collects garbage in the street of a suburb on November 2010 in Mumbai (India)
Portrait of happy schoolkids talking while going to school
AMRAVATI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, 26 JANUARY 2017 : Unidentified children buying balloon and celebrating the India Republic Day on street of city.
kid playing hopscotch on playground outdoors, children outdoor activities
AMRAVATI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, 27 NOVEMBER 2016: Portrait of unidentified poor children playing at street in a slum area of city.
Authentic African ethnic Young Girl Collecting fresh Water as a drought symbol
Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India - February 13, 2018 Poor homeless children living on street during winter with their families near Parade Ground in Dehradun.
Children at modern kindergarten. Preschool classes having outdoor activities. Kids playing games, having fun at playground, walking, listening to teacher. Flat cartoon colorful vector illustration.
closeup hands poor child begging you for help concept for poverty or hunger people, Human Rights,background text.
street children's games in classics. Selective focus. nature.
Schoolboy standing and waiting at zebra crossing
local kids on a street pose for my picture with ball and tire
The child draws a house and a rainbow on the asphalt with chalk. Selective focus. Kids.
Happy child eating ice-cream in summer cafe outdoors
young homeless boy sleeping on the bridge, poverty, city, street
 8 March 2020, New Delhi, India; Group of a hungry poor children are being feed by social workers in the global pandemic of corona virus. Free food for homeless people, distribution of food.
KATHMANDU, NEPAL - SEPTEMBER 29, 2016 : Young boy and girl going home from school after lessons at the local school in Kathmandu, Nepal
NAIROBI, KENYA - OCTOBER, 2016: Railway to Kibera. Kibera is the largest slum in Nairobi, and the second largest urban slum in Africa.
Recife, Pernambuco/Brazil - March 30 2020: beautiful black homeless girl together in line for food donation in the city of Recife during the covid-19 / coronavirus outbreak
Child boy walking alone on a sidewalk
Children is drawing sun on asphalt in spring park.
SOCOTRA, YEMEN - JAN 15, 2014: Unidentified Yemeni girls play in the street on the Socotra Archipelago. Children on the  Socotra Archipelago grow without education
Two cute little kids, playing football together, summertime. Children playing soccer outdoor
Dublin 1, Dublin City, Ireland, May 23rd 2021,Temple Street Children's University Hospital Sign

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children on a bicycle at asphalt road in early morning
Children crosswalk. Students group with backpacks cross street with adult accompanied, elementary school boys and girls with teacher on urban landscape. Road safety cartoon flat style vector concept
Group of joyful children running down the city street
Careless boy running behind the ball on the road next to cars
New Delhi, India - June 23, 2019: A young poor boy with his bowl of food in the capital city of India. 20% of the population or 220 million people in India are below poverty line
Mumbai, India - February 28, 2016: Unidentified  poor people sleep at the street in Mumbai, India. Over 90 million people in India have than 1 USD per day, setting them below global poverty threshold.
Driving a car. Children crossing ahead warning road sign. School children crossing the road. Flat vector illustration template.
Russia Samara May 2019: children paint with colored chalk on asphalt on a city holiday Last school bell
Three girls riding down the street on scooters and a bike
father holding  the daughter/ child  hand  behind  the traffic lights
GOA, INDIA - NOVEMBER 08, 2011: Unidentified indian children playing and posing at the beach in Goa in India
2017 October 19th Agra ,India :Portrait of Indian poor kid is smiling
Happy with balloons run on the summer city street. High quality photo
PHNOM PHEN, CAMBODIA MARCH 23: Unidentified street children posing on march 23 2013 in Phnom Phen,Cambodia.In Phnom Penh alone there are between 10,000 and 20,000 children live and work on the streets
RAMESWARAM - INDIA - JANUARY 22, 2017: Unidentified children run through the alley of a small fishing village on January 22, 2017 in Rameswaram, India.
Cienfuegos, Cuba 12/8/2015: cuban children playing footbal in the street of Cienfuegos
Little Girl walking down the street with a blue balloon
A sick beggar boy sitting hopelessly in his poverty conditions in India.
Russia Samara May 2019: children paint with colored chalk on asphalt on a city holiday Last school bell
young homeless boy sleeping on the bridge, poverty, city, street
Children next to a car walking through pedestrian crossing to the school
Set of cute children with backpack or bag going to elementary or middle school vector flat illustration. Collection of funny pupils or students isolated on white. Kids friends or classmates
Team of positive kids running in race in the street and laughing outdoors
5 year old Asian little girl stand alone at the street,lonely with her doll.Loneliness is common when kid start pre-school or big life changes.Kid have no friends ,they say that nobody likes them.
RAJASTHAN - INDIA - 20 December 2017. Portrait of a beautiful young girl with her folded hands. Picture taken from a rural village in Rajasthan. India.
three school children crossing the street
TRINIDAD - CUBA / 03.11.2015: Cuban children playing soccer or football in the street in Trinidad, Cuba
young mother holds hand of his little daughter and son and standing near cross road, behind
Jaipur, India - September 20, 2017: Portrait of beautiful group of children, smiling and playing in the street in Jaipur city in India
Children playing skipping rope jumping game and laughing outdoors
Cebu, Philippines - October 01, 2014. Children play in the yard. Everyday life of filipinos
young mother holds hand of his little daughter and son and standing near cross road, behind, black car
Group of running children outdoors
Schoolchildren crossing the road on their way to school
girl on the hopscotch
In the summer on the street at the pedestrian crossing father and son and daughter cross the road. Dad holds little hands with his hands.
Boy on bike on sidewalk
Kolkata, India - August 13 2019:  A child playing in the street with a mask of Goddess Durga makes every day a special children day.
kids cross the road vector illustration
Boys playing football in the street. Guayaquil, Ecuador. 01. 05. 2006
Bad company and street influence, boy smoking cigarette, childrens protest
Cute little girl going home from school, looking well before crossing the street
Zanzibar, Tanzania, Mach 27, 2018 Three African children, a girl and two boys are sitting on the street near the wall and witing in a school notebook
Single Person Walking on Street in the Dark Night
Little child playing on street.
Poor child holding a teddy bear
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